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‘Is it true?’: Matt Walsh asks the right question about trans ideology at New Mexico State

Transgenderism is not true

Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh asked the right question about transgenderism during a recent speech at New Mexico State University hosted by Young America’s Foundation.

During an exchange with a male who calls himself a woman, Walsh asked the question that should always be at the forefront of any debate about gender ideology and transgenderism.

“Is it true?” Walsh asked about transgenderism.

He said that all the examples about specific gender dysphoric individuals who took hormones and said it helped them or different claims about the benefits of surgeries, such as sterilization, should all be brought back to this question.

“Maybe there’s a man out there who feels happier if we affirm him as a woman, is it true though? Is it actually true? I would say the truth matters first,” Walsh said.

This is correct. There conceivably could be individuals who take puberty blockers who are experiencing depression and then temporarily feel better about themselves once the drugs hit their body. This would not be surprising.

Puberty can bring on a rollercoaster of emotions so it follows that giving someone drugs that blocks it would provide temporary mental relief. This is the same reason I concede to claims that marijuana use can help someone with anxiety – it is a drug, and recreational drugs by their nature help someone feel better, temporarily. That does not mean they are an actual solution to underlying problems.

But no amount of drugs or surgeries can make a man into a woman or a woman into a man. That is the biological fact part of the truth Walsh references. We could also add “is it good?” Is it good to tell a boy who struggles with gender dysphoria that taking hormones or castrating himself is the best option? No, it is not.

Every individual will struggle with emotions and some will unfortunately have it harder than others. Anxiety, depression, grief, sadness and anger are all real emotional issues that are part of human nature.

But the way to address this is not by permanently sterilizing someone’s fertility or making it impossible to breastfeed in the future. Rather, it is through a holistic approach that might include reducing social media consumption (which can drive anxiety and promote feelings of gender dysphoria), exercise, prayer and counseling.

Transgenderism is not true.

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IMAGE: Young America’s Foundation/YouTube

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