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Matt Walsh exposes ‘hilarious leftist plot to infiltrate my speaking event’ at Texas A&M

‘I just really hope they don’t go through with this and call more attention to me and give me more publicity. That would be terrible!’

Progressive activists at Texas A&M University plan to disrupt a speech on campus tonight by conservative pundit Matt Walsh titled “Why gender ideology is poison.”

Only problem is, their written plan of attack was leaked to Walsh, who promptly posted it on Twitter and mocked the would-be protesters in the process.

“Trans activists are planning to disrupt my event at Texas A&M on Wednesday,” Walsh tweeted Monday. “I have a copy of their plan which they decided to write down in detail. I just really hope they don’t go through with this and call more attention to me and give me more publicity. That would be terrible!”

The two-page blueprint to shut down the event used a strategy to infiltrate the auditorium then employ a heckler’s veto. Young America’s Foundation, which is co-hosting the event, reports:

They encourage protestors to wear business casual clothing, “in addition to dressing cisgender and heterosexual-passing.” The document did not clarify what “dressing cisgender” means.

“If you are questioned or draw attention due to your voice, appearance, or gender presentation, explain that you are attending the talk to earn credit for a political science or philosophy class,” the document states.

“Step 5” of the stratagem states that 10 to 20 minutes into Walsh’s speech, activists will blare the “Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries” anthem on loud speakers, at which point the protesters will cover their faces with masks so they cannot be recognized, stand up and raise their fists, yell chants, and file out, leaving enough time to ensure any overflow crowd outside the room had already dispersed so “they cannot take our place when we leave.”

While the activists seem entirely serious, Walsh mocked them on his podcast Tuesday titled: “The Hilarious Leftist Plot To Infiltrate My Speaking Event.”

Referring to protesters’ plans to dress “cisgender” to blend in, Walsh quipped: “I have to say that I am glad these people will be dressing appropriately for once. So that’s nice. … I guess that means leave the fishnet and assless chaps at home. All for the best, I suppose.”

YAF reports that “This isn’t the first time leftists at Texas A&M lost their minds over a conservative speaker coming to campus.”

“In November, anti-free speech activists protested outside of YAF’s Mike Pence event, calling on the school to crack down against conservative speakers and ensure stricter approval processes are in place.”

It’s unclear whether exposure to the protest plans will thwart them. Walsh’s speech will be livestreamed on YouTube.

This is not the first time a Walsh appearance on a campus has sent shockwaves through its left-leaning student population.

In 2019, his pro-marriage talk at the Christian Baylor University was countered by an alternative “Love Feast” event. In 2016 at UC Santa Barbara, a “safe place” was set aside for upset by his campus talk.

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