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Move over snowflakes and crybullies, here’s …

What?! We’re hoping you can tell us.

The College Fix is looking for new adjectives to describe college students who demand to get their way by either: claiming to be traumatized by opinions counter to their own; accusing others of being racist, homophobic bigots in an attempt to shut them up; or forcefully shutting down events or speakers with which they disagree in the name of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

Whoever coined the term “precious snowflakes,” they were on to something, and it quickly caught on. The moniker refers to meltdowns many college students have when confronted with ideas such as:

life begins at conception and abortion is murder;

it’s empowering to be a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom, and it’s really empowering to be a homeschooling mom;

the campus rape crisis is overblown;

global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on the American people by social progressives who want to control what you eat and what car you drive;

guns don’t kill people — people kill people;

the Founding Fathers actually paved the way to end slavery by creating a country founded on equality and liberty;

Reagan was a great president and communism/socialism is evil;

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that actually treats women as equal to men;

and microaggressions are no big deal and don’t require counseling.

But here’s the problem with the term snowflakes, it doesn’t factor in how they use aggression, demands, name-calling and brute force to get their way. In other words, they are not so snow-flaky after all. That Yale gal who had a massive temper-tantrum last fall because someone told her to take a chill pill on culturally appropriated Halloween costumes was no wilting daisy. They use claims of trauma, pain, racism and more to get their way.

That’s why the term crybullies is so spot on. It really encapsulates their true nature.

But what else can we call them? Let’s get creative, come up with more clever terms. He who controls the language controls the debate, right? What are additional adjectives and terms that can correctly paint the picture of what’s going on on American campuses today?

That’s where you come in. Think of some and send them our way, either in the comments section below, or on Facebook messaging, or in an email. Perhaps your term describes a certain type of crybully – throw in a definition. Once we have compiled a good list of nicknames, we’ll publish them for the world to chew on and either swallow or spit out.

Sound good? Then challenge accepted? Let’s hear your ideas. Go!

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