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New video of Harvard race protesters interrupting Law School dean honored for … race relations

Back in February, members of Reclaim Harvard Law — who have been “occupying” Harvard’s Caspersen Student Center (and have “renamed” it “Belinda Hall”) — traveled to Brandeis University to protest Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow.

Ironically, Minow was being honored for her “scholarship on race relations and legal issues.”

Recently, the group put up a video of their demonstration, titled “Belinda Hall goes to Brandeis.” The video description reads

On Feb. 25, 2016, a group of Harvard Law School students fighting for racial justice traveled to Brandeis University to voice their objections to HLS Dean Martha Minow, for her inaction and condescension on racial-justice issues. Using raw video of the event, a couple of us have created this video because we feel our Brandeis protest has been mischaracterized by the HLS administration, and in the media […]

Our video likewise corrects the record regarding our Feb. 25 protest against Dean Minow at Brandeis. Our protest was forceful, but respectful and concise, and closely tied to current events at HLS bearing on the subject of Dean Minow’s speech — and much calmer than many protests on college campuses during the past several decades dealing with much less important matters.

Belinda Hall goes to Brandeis and speaks truth to power from Belinda Hall HLS on Vimeo.

“Respectful” is certainly debatable as Reclaim interrupts Minow near the beginning of her remarks instead of waiting until the end. (Reclaim actually comes out and stands with banners during Anita Hill’s introduction speech, but begin their chant antics a couple of minutes into the dean’s comments.)

Brandeis’s full video of the ceremony confirms the sequence of events. Reclaim’s interruption of Dean Minow comes at around the 13:35 mark.

The repeat-after-me chant hijinks include “This is hypocrisy!” “This is a travesty!” “Your school is racist!” and “Your school is not inclusive!”

h/t to Ed Whelan.

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