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Obama Refuses To Release College Transcripts

Critics have been calling for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns to the public. President Obama also faced questions about disclosure today. Ed Henry of Fox News asked White House press secretary Jay Carney why the president will not release his college transcripts to the public.

Instead, Carney directed his answer back to the topic of tax returns:

I don’t know how many years, maybe you do, George Romney released of his college transcripts but Republicans like to complain that the President has not released his college transcripts, what is the stated reason for that?
I would refer you to the campaign.
I think we’ve answered this a bunch. The tradition of releasing income tax records for serious potential nominees and nominees of the two parties is well established. Its not a law. But its well established. It’s one this President abided by when he was a Senator. It’s one numerous Republicans and Democrats have abided by and we think its a good idea.

Job applicants are often asked to provide their college transcripts to potential employers. Last we checked, being leader of the free world was the most important job there is. Shouldn’t the president be willing to provide the public with his academic records?

What possible reason could he have to hide these documents from the public?

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