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Obama’s education secretary: Boycott school until gun legislation is passed

Acting more like a “Secretary of Activism” than a former Secretary of Education, former Barack Obama flunky Arne Duncan tweeted on Friday that parents should keep their kids away from school … “until gun laws [are] changed.”

Duncan elucidated further on MSNBC: “Well I think we have to create attention that hasn’t existed yet and I think only that kind of creative tension can push people to confront an issue that they’d been able to run away from, to hide from, for so long.”

The Daily Caller reports Duncan added “Either this body count, this loss of life, the killing of innocent children, is acceptable or it’s not.” He “also said that he believes this is a necessary course of action ‘because everything we’ve done before has been a failure.’”

Peter Cunningham, the assistant secretary for communications and outreach under Duncan, and now executive director of Education Post, chimed in by advocating parents keep their kids home on September 4 “until Congress passed ‘background checks for all gun purchases, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and funding.'”

Duncan praised his former colleague’s idea as “brilliant and tragically necessary.”

The secretary also tweeted “3 important and widely supported policy changes: Require background checks for all gun purchases[,] Ban assault weapons[,] Restore federal funding for gun research” in response to someone informing him that “gun control will NOT keep evil from getting guns.”

Of course, Duncan’s proposals would not have prevented the recent Texas school shooting … nor others unless, along with a (new) ban on so-called “assault” weapons, those already in circulation are forcibly confiscated.

Earlier today, Duncan appeared on CNN to promote his, as “New Day” host Chris Cuomo says, “provocative” proposal:

If history is a guide, Duncan should be one of the last people to look to for advice given his daft stances on school discipline policies and standardized testing … not to mention his ridiculous hypocrisy.

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