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Ohio State urges students to call the cops if they see peers hanging with friends

Even off campus

Ohio taxpayers are funding the recruitment of the next generation of rat finks.

In a Tuesday email (below) to Ohio State University students, forwarded to The College Fix, campus and city law enforcement warned that “gatherings of any kind” likely violated Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s “Stay at Home” executive order and could get students both written up by OSU and criminally charged.

Guess what constitutes a gathering:

The usual guidance on partying smart does not apply to this pandemic. Parties or gatherings of any type, where anyone other than family or household members are present, are extremely risky and completely avoidable. Please stay home and stay safe. …

To report gatherings on or near campus or other behavior you witness that is counter to Ohio’s Stay at Home order, please call CPD (311) or OSUPD (614-292-2121).

Students whose peers fink on them may be subject to “citations, fines and criminal charges” as well as Office for Student Life Student Conduct disciplinary action, said the email, signed by OSU Chief of Police Kimberly Spears-McNatt and Columbus Chief of Police Thomas Quinlan.

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The non-experts in public health claimed without citing a source that “social distancing and other [unspecified] measures” are “proven ways to protect the broader community.”

In fact, some experts in public health have warned that medically vulnerable and elderly people are at greater risk when they are forced to share a residence with people at low risk for COVID-19 complications.

This has happened across the country as colleges kick students off campus, where they have little chance of infecting people at high risk, and they go home to newly multigenerational households with high-risk occupants.


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