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At SDSU, a dozen student government reps quit because they didn’t get their way

About a dozen San Diego State student government leaders have resigned their posts in protest of the recent vote 14-12 to keep the Aztec mascot.

The quitters spouted the usual complaints in explaining why, telling the Daily Aztec that keeping the mascot disrespects students of color, disregards others’ feelings, is proof of racism.

Ten associated student government reps resigned, and two more from the diversity commission walked away as well.

But the overwhelming response to the story on the resignations is: good riddance, according to most of the 75 Facebook comments under the article.

Welcome to the real world people. Just because things don’t go your way you can’t just quit! What are they going to do when things don’t go their way in life? Quit too! Good luck with that. AZTEC for Life!

Don’t let the door hit ‘ya, where the good lord split ya’… They definitely were serving their own narrow and selfish interests, and we have enough of those sorts of politicians around these days already. I do however, appreciate their passion, but their position is CLEARLY one of an extreme minority.

Good riddance to you whiny little gasbags! You certainly don’t have the guts or the demeanor to hold any form of public office, so you’re making the right decision by stomping away from your “owie.”

When did including the minority become a requirement to exclude the majority, or the democratic process?

Sad that these elected officials can’t take a loss. They would never survive the real world of politics.

Adios snowflakes. Aztecs for life!

When these kids enter the “real world” may God have mercy on their souls. Do they really think they can just quit when things don’t go the way they want them to? Are they going to quit their career when they’re struggling? How about their families when things get tough? Welcome to real-life where the “safe space” does not exist!

Other posters were less brutal, just telling the kids they should have stayed and fought from the inside.

Full disclosure, as an SDSU alum I also posted a Facebook comment on this article, saying: “See ya! Glad you resigned. You don’t represent the tens of thousands of alumni who love our mascot!”

At the end of the day, a small but vocal minority have tried for years, decades really, to shame the mascot and get it changed. But the Aztec warrior is a fun, fearless and exciting mascot and 90 percent-plus of students and alumni love it.

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