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UC Berkeley Student Government Bans Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.

In an unanimous vote, student senators passed a resolution that stated the word “illegal” is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes” people, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.”

The “resolution in support of drop the I-word campaign” was approved 18 to 0 with one abstention on Oct. 30, according to a copy of the meeting’s minutes obtained by The College Fix.

Its approval marks at least the second time this semester that a public university’s student government has voted to eradicate the phrase. UCLA passed a nearly identical measure in late August.

There are an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in the 10-campus, University of California system, according to UC officials. These students live in “fear” because former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano is now president of the UC system, according to the resolution, which aims to “create a safe campus environment for all students.”

“The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction,” states the resolution, which notes some journalists have stopped using the term.

“No human being is illegal,” the resolution continues. “ ‘Foreign nationals,’ ‘undocumented immigrants,’ ‘immigrants without papers’ and ‘immigrants seeking status’ are examples of terms we can use that do not dehumanize people.”

The resolution also calls for administrators and faculty to attend an “UndocuAlly training workshop.”

Several student senators praised the resolution, the meeting’s minutes state.

Student Sen. Wendy Pacheco said it was not just symbolic, but aimed to shift how people see their “fellow human beings,” that it’s not OK for someone to feel comfortable calling another “illegal,” while student Sen. Sean Tan said discouraging the word will help ease the negative psychological harm undocumented students face by the label.

The lone abstention came from student Sen. Solomon Nwoche.

Nwoche said while he sympathized with the situation, he thinks the resolution does not accomplish anything substantial. He added he was disappointed in how a student who spoke against the resolution at an earlier meeting was treated by student senators, who laughed or had their backs turned when the lone protestor addressed the dais.

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Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter and columnist for a decade in Southern California, and prior to that held editorial positions at The Weekly Standard, Washington Times and FrontPageMagazine. She is also a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship recipient and has contributed to National Review.

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  • Wyck Holland

    How about ILLEGAL ALIEN; that has a nice ring to it. You know people who illegally cross our borders or stay passed the time they have been allowed in the country. Any other nation in the world, including Mexico, would hang them by their thumbs before sending them packing.

    • Oger

      I would sue the school for violation of my 1st amendment right to freedom of speech.

      • Robert Govan

        How about banning our fraud politicians from Hollywood. Obama is the son of Richard Pryor. And Pelosi is JANE F#CKING FONDA (Nice disguise Jane). No joke. That’s just the start see the rest here…….Wellaware1.com

        • Robert Govan

          And check this out. Jimi Hendrix (and others) FAKED his death and became Morgan Freeman. Wellaware1.com/music_legends.shtml

          • Mike_E_V

            I’ve heard Morgan Freeman on guitar, he is no J. Hendrix.

        • crabby

          ha ha ha.

          Would that be like John Goodman playing the part of the Sandy Hook medical examiner?

          ha ha ha.

          • the one

            Crabby, You sure that wasn’t Goodman? lol

      • ArJay

        the college is able to distance itself by letting the students make the “decisions”. empty heads being filled with rubbish!

        • Robert Govan

          Hollywood has taken over the media and part of your government.

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            Voting as an illegal alien is a felony.Perhaps we should permanently ban any illegal-alien voters from obtaining citizenship.

          • Robert Govan

            Its not who votes that counts its who counts the votes dummy. It’s all FIXED. Wellaware1.com

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            Exactly Bob! No need for you to show up on voting day!Glad there’s somebody out there that’s really smart like you!

            PS, I read some of your other posts, do you really believe Jimi Hendrix and Morgan Freeman are the same man?

            I couldn’t find it on your website so mind giving us a ten second rundown on that?

          • Robert Govan

            Yeah same dude. And John Lennon is alive and well too. Check them out here. Wellaware1.com/music_legends.shtml

          • bjs

            I saw Jimi Hendrix when I was 17 and Sir,Morgan Freedman is no Jimi Hendrix !!!…………Manic depression is touching my soul !!!!!

          • Bob in VA

            We couldn’t do THAT! Who would vote for the democrats then, besides all the plantation-bound minorities already suckling at the liberal government teat? No, no, no…that will not do.

        • Joe Bracce

          Rubbish, great old school vocabulary.

          • Robert Govan

            Check this out. Hollywood has taken over the media and part of your government.

          • Robert Govan

            See my next post.

        • Freeland_Dave

          So, if I were to walk onto a publicly owned institution of higher learning, like UC Berkley and decided to talk about illegal aliens or illegal immigrants privately with someone and was overheard by a member of the Berkley Student government, would I be arrested or asked to leave with a threat of trespassing? Yes, empty heads being filled with rubbish by liberal/socialistic educators all working off public monies paid for by California and US LEGAL citizens. And we allow this to happen? Why?

          • Robert Govan

            Find out who is behind all this.

          • sandy

            Obama is behind all of this.

          • Robert Govan

            Obama is the son of Richard Pryor.

          • theidel

            What the hell did Richard Pryor ever do to you? 🙂

          • Robert Govan

            He gave me Obama.

          • Denverskis

            Are you saying that if Dear Leader had a son, he’d look like Richard Pryor’s grandson?

          • TahoeGuy

            They both like crack

          • Robert Govan

            Could of been a hoax. Not sure.

          • rotorhead1871

            Richard Prior is funny….Olama is not..

          • UnknownRider

            Liar liar, face on fire.

          • LisaT

            Obama is the son of communist Frank Marshall Davis.

          • bonnieblue2A

            Progressivism is a cancer and those who spread the virus the enemies of our Constitutional Republic. Look no further than Big Jan, Obama’s former DHS puppet who instructed ICE not toenforce immigration laws currently on the books.

            UC Berkley is placing political correctness above accurate terminology.

          • CitizenBrain

            Progressive = Bolshevik Communist

          • CLAYCE

            = Regressive!

          • SWDC

            “That is what Adolf Hitler has done for German craftsmen. All classes vote on 29 March for freedom, peace and construction.” The text says that German construction expenditures rose from 10.9 billion Marks in 1932 to 14.5 billion in 1935. (1936 referendum)

            propaganda WWII

          • TrampDorena

            it’s not La Raza Blanca.

          • sfb5761

            Of course not. That would be racist.

          • bworei

            Here’s the Berkeley student government email address. Let’s tell them what we think of their desecration of the First Amendment: [email protected]

          • rockribbedrushy

            Actually, we should deluge them with copies of the US Constitution, eh?

            They probably never read it.

          • Mike_E_V

            Probably never heard of it. Worse yet, they don’t care about it.

          • Patick

            They shredded their copy.

          • Feet2Fire

            They won’t read it; they mostly hate USA and its “documents.” They’ve been brainwashed to think California is Northern Mexico and you Gringos are THE PROBLEM.

          • Christian Noel

            Never read it? Hell they probably burned it.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            Why, that added to GLOBAL WARMING!!

          • Robert Johnston

            Hell..what makes you think these dumb-asses can read? Overpriced school for very rich liberals..not smart at all and very overated as an institution.

          • Prelusive007

            They certainly would not recognize it.

          • Feet2Fire

            Think they care? Most of them are probably Hispanics, both legal and illegal, who think California somehow “belongs to them.”

          • LisaT

            Secretariat? That’s a communist govt word. I never could understand why anyone would have named that beautiful horse something like that.

          • Chimes

            That’s easy, dim-witted wet-pantie liberal school administrators and professors.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especially Obama

          • WhatGotUsHere

            The truth is problematic for the Left.

          • SWDC

            “The Reich will never be destroyed if you are united and loyal.” (March 1933 – the last free election)

            propaganda WWII

          • Patick

            The Reich survived in the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • SWDC

            George Soros survived

          • Skydog1

            That’s a shame….

          • ImBackBishes

            He had help from his daddy, the devil.

          • SWDC

            More than that far more and revealing these would benefit USA greatly

          • LisaT

            Because George Soros is a coward. He turned in his own neighbors, family and friends to the Nazi’s to save his own butt. Lowest form of scum there is. A traitor and a coward.

          • SWDC

            Read or listen to his explanation on the 60 minutes interview with Steve Kroft …where he states he has no guilt since after all, had he not done it some else would have just like in the markets. A cringe worthy moment to say the very least watch Steve Kroft too.

          • randykelly

            Did you insult Richard Pryor?

          • Robert Govan

            Only if the truth insults.

          • justme

            time to check your self in to a nut house.

          • Robert Govan

            Aren’t you supposed to be in temple tonight ?

          • mojorisin69

            Robert is off his meds again

            Pills r good Robert

          • migtex1234

            Berkley is the cestpool of anti-american thinking.

          • SWDC

            “No German must freeze. 11.5 million cubic meters of coal have been provided by the Winter Relief. That is 4 times the volume of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. That is one of the Führer’s accomplishments. Give him your vote!” (1936 – referendum)

            propaganda WWII

          • bread

            You forgot Harvard!

          • Robert Govan

            Obama is the son of Richard Pryor. No joke. See my post below.

          • 2nd admendment vs evil govt

            come on……..richard pryor wasnt a homo!

          • the one

            He was also very funny, nothing funny about the O man…

          • AugustineThomas

            And every other American university except for a handful of Christian (especially certain “Catholic” Christian) colleges which buck the recent tradition of state owned universities pushing state sanctioned leftist doctrine and have restored rigorous academic study of the Classics and use of the traditional method of forming men and (after Christians led the movement for their universal education) women–up until a couple generations ago when nonsense was elevated to the level of greatness in the minds of the leftists who took over and, as a result, the wider university system in the West became useless outside of the hard sciences.

          • sfb5761

            Include Hillsdale College on your “good” list.

          • Robert Govan

            Check this out people. Obama is the son of Richard Pryor and Pelosi is JANE F#CKING FONDA. (nice disguise Jane). Hollywood has taken over your media and part of your government. Wellaware1.com .And get this Jimi Hendrix (and others) FAKED his death and is now Morgan Freeman.>>. Wellaware1.com/music_legends.shtml

          • meadowlands

            Put Georgetown & Notre Dame on the bad list

          • ashley

            christian universities are private and aren’t bound under the constitution. public universities like berkeley are bound under the constitution and the 1st amendment because they take government money.

          • DocRambo

            Ashley, you aren’t an English major, are you? But, then again, perhaps you are and you attend UCB.

          • ashley

            no, my degree was of science. you must be a trolling major?

          • 1peevedbob

            So, tell us about global warming!

          • ashley

            its a lie. otherwise, they wouldn’t have had to change the name to climate change, lol.

          • retsub1

            I apologize. I thought you were defending the left and we really do not need more of those.

          • retsub1

            That’s correct. You are exactly right.

          • retsub1

            I see texting sure dumbs down grammar.

          • ashley

            i see the grammar nazis are out in force today.

          • Wolverine Gene

            English major = useless to society

          • Looking4Sanity

            That would be my guess. What a tardling!

          • retsub1

            She’s the product of an over priced brainwashed factory of anti-education dump. The most over educated dumbest generation in the history of USA. A 100K education today, couldn’t pass high school chemistry in the 1940s. They will produce nothing except poverty.

          • James Crowley

            What does the Constitution and first amendment have to do with calling illegal aliens what they are?

          • ashley

            the constitution protects the people from government retaliation for speaking freely. berkeley is an institution that takes government money to operate. therefore berkeley cannot retalliate for people using the term illegal alien. any other questions?

          • James Crowley

            I agree..misunderstood your comment.

          • NormanRockwellAmerican

            Yeah, Berkeley takes money that the government hasn’t even printed yet, or never will print — EBT.

          • ashley

            its also a public university.

          • DT65739

            Do you really think they won’t retaliate? They will have the full force of the city/state/federal governments on their side. Anyone carrying a sign or wearing a shirt would see/feel their retaliation.

          • ashley

            i’m sorry, do i think who won’t retaliate?

          • DT65739

            The so called school, more like a brainwashing center, would retaliate if anyone were to use “illegal Alien” on a sign or t-shirt

          • ashley

            i’m sure. but that’s what the courts are for.

          • ashley

            do i think the school will retalliate? its unconstitutional for a public university to violate someone’s freedom of speech. so, if they do retaliate by punishing someone for using the term illegal alien, then they can be sued. so, if they are smart, no, they won’t retaliate.

          • pjdjmj

            Berkeley is the bastion of the hate America crowd. The Berkeley brainwashed were the first to protest against the VN War. Mario Savio and his pals laid down in front of the troop trains They rioted over and over damaging private and public property and called our men, “Baby killers” but cried when police cleared them out.

          • NormanRockwellAmerican


          • 1peevedbob

            If that is the case, why are these ‘private’ schools being required to provide ‘birth control’ to their employees Under the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT ?

          • ashley

            because we have a corrupt federal government that no longer respects the US constitution. any other questions?

          • Looking4Sanity

            No. Because you’re a stupid gash that doesn’t understand the laws of her own country!

          • JLRice

            I think that birth control ( not contraception) should be something that all responsible Americans support.

          • robotnik


          • aroleflin

            I love your picture of the Lying Marxist Fool. A picture is worth a thousand words.

          • pjdjmj

            Black Alfred E. Neumann.

          • NormanRockwellAmerican

            If they pay for it themselves! Abortion (pregnancy) is preventable.

          • NormanRockwellAmerican

            True. Sandra Fluke needed $3,000 worth of birth control to get through three years of Georgetown Law. Course, I wonder why a lesbian needs birth control, but there are ‘some’ things I don’t understand.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…and THAT is quite the accomplishment! No citizen OR organization is above or outside the Constitution in America.

          • ashley

            oh, really? monday morning when you go to work, go to your boss and tell him to fuck off and see if he can fire you, …dumbass.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Seriously? THAT’S your Constitutional argument? Let me tell you something you little wigger gash…I’ve quit more jobs than you’ll ever have. I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever learn. I’ve probably started more businesses than you’ll ever work for!

            You said…and I quote, “christian universities are private and aren’t bound under the constitution.”

            I’m STILL waiting for you to cite Constitutional LAW to back up that retarded statement!

          • ashley

            the start of the 8th paragraph states “Private institutions are not governed directly by the Constitution.”



            Liberty University banned the democrat party club on campus


          • NormanRockwellAmerican

            You must not know a fella by the name 0bama, according to him.

          • ashley


            Liberty University Democrats: Why They Were Silenced, And What It Means

            Last week, Liberty University – the evangelical Christian mega-college founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell – made the national news when, while implementing a new funding scheme for student organizations, it revoked approval for the campus Democratic organization.

            Liberty’s Young Democrats club – the first in school history – was formed during last fall’s election season, and was given an award for “Up-and-Coming Chapter of the Year” by the Virginia Young Democrats in April. But earlier this month, Liberty VP Mark Hine wrote to club president Brian Diaz that the club’s status was being dropped because it had supported candidates whose views were “contrary to the mission of LU and to Christian doctrine,” even though the club itself was officially pro-life and anti-gay-marriage. Following a maelstrom of criticism, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. offered to reinstate the club, providing it aligns itself with a pro-life, anti-gay Democratic group, and not the Democratic Party in general. (Which is kind of like saying that you’ll allow penguins at your zoo, but not the black-and-white kind that waddle.)

            On one level, reading a news story about a fledgling chapter of the Young Democrats having its club status revoked by Liberty University is completely unsurprising. After all, since its founding in 1971, Liberty’s mission has always been to cultivate generations of conservative Christian voters and activists. Before his death, Rev. Falwell often said that he wanted his school to be the “Harvard of the right,” and to this day, Liberty’s official brochure touts the school’s “strong commitment to political conservatism, total rejection of socialism, and firm support for America’s economic system of free enterprise.”

          • Bill

            Good point, ergo the student senate cannot ban any speech on the campus. Perhaps they just figured it was a way to get their 15 minutes.

          • robotnik

            They’re just playing the Hispanics to get them to sign on to whatever Leftist agenda they have for them. They’re gaming them.

          • pjdjmj

            Our universities and colleges are bound under the US and California Constitutions yet all sorts of treason are out in the open. As a returning student I was in shock. Could have been in Patrice Lumumba U in Moscow or a re-education camp in Vietnam. Recent immigrants from Vietnam thought the propaganda in nearly all classes normal.

          • ashley

            private institutions are not bound by the constitution.

          • wvernon1981

            Christian college. That’s an oxymoron.

          • Jim

            How do you figure, you twit? As very un-religious as I may be, your trying to be smart and clever didn’t work. You musta gone to Berkeley. How about a school like Niagara University, for example? Excellent, excellent college, and a so-called Christian college. Grow up, kid.

          • wvernon1981

            Belief in Christianity or any other religious claims runs counter to the methods with which we actually know things to be true. I cannot count an institution where at least part of the institutional mission is to promote superstition as an institution that is fully dedicated to education. That is why it is an oxymoron.

            Sent from Windows Mail

          • RetiredArmyGuy

            You’re full of $h!t!

            Another babbling, nonsense spewing pseudo-intellectual who perceives themselves to be the smartest person in the room…and isn’t even close!

          • wvernon1981

            Why not try to be more intellectual? Being intellectual isn’t an exclusive club.

          • RetiredArmyGuy

            Obviously you’ve ignored the “pseudo” part.

          • TalosGuy

            Goodness wvernon that’s quite a statement…..
            Tell me, how do you KNOW “the methods with which we actually know things to be true.” are actually true? Do you have some kind of “truth meter” to verify which things are true vs those things that are not? Just curious.

          • wvernon1981

            Ultimately, we all rest our understanding of the world on certain basal assumptions and then build an epistemological system from those assumptions. Religious belief accepts that, via faith, the unknowable, is true in contrast to the means with which we come to believe everything else is true through evidence and reason.

          • Can’tAffordIt

            A shame you chose to limit your mind so much.

          • TalosGuy

            WVernon, I’ve found that faith is required just as much in believing things that science, philosophy, etc. put forth as in believing those put forth by religion. Don’t kid yourself, those of us with religious faith are not all fools, ignorant of the world around us. It’s just that we have a different frame of reference. Thanks though for your input. TG

          • rulierose

            Christianity “runs counter to the methods…we know things to be true”? what does that even MEAN? what “methods”?

            of course, since you refer to religion as superstition, that tells me you’re not really interested in having a discussion. you just want everyone to know that you’re way smarter than, say, Francis Collins, Charles Krauthammer, Pope Francis, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson, just to name a few believers off the top of my head.

            “Christians are stupid.” yawn. say something original.

          • ashley

            jefferson wasn’t a believer, lol. he didn’t believe in the bible at all. thats why he wrote his own. called the jefferson bible


          • Wolverine Gene

            He got the moron (-oxy) part right.

          • robotnik

            Your “method” is deficient. Have a chat with Dr. James R. White. You can contact him through Alpha & Omega Ministries.
            Be polite, and don’t be afraid.

          • wvernon1981

            I’ll take a look.

          • Can’tAffordIt

            Earlier in American history “Christian college” would be called a synonym. Back then, that’s how all colleges started.
            Nowadays, colleges should be looked at like the expression “big oil” or “big labor” or “big pharma”.
            “Big University”- as corrupt a monopolistic group as these others.

          • MacDaddio

            And you’re an oxymoron without the oxy.

          • ElmoS

            If we can wait until these mush heads go into the work force where there aren’t any jobs. They will become wards of the Communists Manifesto. Then and only then will they see the light.

          • Black Magic

            It’s bizarre how skewed your view of history is. Traditionally, Christian but specifically Catholic universities did everything they could to stop hard sciences in favor of scholastics and humanism, the foundation of the modern liberal arts degree. In fact, Catholicism has done more to stifle human thought through its sanctioned propaganda from Corrupt popes in Rome. The state sponsored school you refer to were often the only institutions dedicated to sciences inthe form of land and sea grant colleges like Texas AM and Virginia. The only doctrine I can infer from you is the weird tea party refrain that the evils to America come exclusively from Obama, progressives, and immigrants.

          • Herman Vogel

            And Princeton…Thank God I sent my kids to a Texas University.

          • sfb5761

            Berkeley is worse. Hard to believe, but true.

          • vestamerica

            And Syracuse University!

          • ElmoS

            Yes, Harvard, That’s where or wonderful President came from?

          • Agamemnon7

            Bubbling caldron of self absorbed Asians Bolsheviks and quota babies. Your basic soulless sewer social club

          • Dicky Spader

            What about Columbia University?

          • Clipper

            They give the Pulitzer Prize to the tons of the fake journalists who work a mile south of the fake university.

          • LisaT

            That’s where the femi-Nazi’s of the eastern US like to go to school. They cranked out Obama and Chelsey Clinton. Yuck!

          • Albert8184

            No. The Left is the cesspool, and they’re plugged into every key institution and power center of American society and culture.

          • Meowhiss

            It is just slightly ahead of all the other colleges. Academia is the Republic’s enemy.

          • Looking4Sanity

            There is no “T” in “cesspool”. You must be attending Berkley.

          • RETUSAF1995

            It’s Mexifornia.

          • MotherScones

            Yes, though I think you meant “cesspool.”

          • Black Magic

            Then what would the south be? It seems that the anti-American thinking was started at Ellis Island, but now I suppose since the immigrants are brown instead of white it changes the calculus of some tea party folks.

          • rmiller

            because America is the land of the meek. Ruled by communists. I pray every day that Texas will secede so others can see what courage really is. Once states are gone from Obama. He will have only these loser types to pay for all his moochers. See how long that would last. Remember we do not need the moochers at all. They produce nothing, make nothing, are nothing. So secede, stop welfare and you will not have moochers and you will have FREEDOM!!

          • HD2007

            Rmiller. I agree.

          • SWDC

            New speak vs Old speak ‘1984’

            “…controlled language created by the totalitarian state…”

            “In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the fictional language Newspeak attempts to eliminate personal thought by restricting the expressiveness of the English language..”

            “A Soviet “nonperson” vanishes: commissar Nikolai Yezhov retouched after falling from favour and being executed in 1940.”

            “A nonperson is a citizen or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society (damnatio memoriae), from a point of view of traceability, documentation, or existence. The term also refers to people whose death is unverifiable and about which inquiries result in a “blank wall” of “nobody knows”. The phrase was coined by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-four.”

          • the one

            War is peace!

          • Mike_E_V

            School boards and state colleges answer to no one. Go to a school board meeting and try to present an opposing viewpoint. There is no opposing viewpoint. These boards are directly controlled by the state government and we all know who is in charge in that circus. In the center ring we have Mr. Moonbeam and friends performing slight of hand with your tax dollars. Watch how amazing amounts of money disappears before your very eyes!

          • RLABruce

            Mark Twain said, “First, God made an idiot for practice. Then he made a school board.” Mark Twain is correct.

          • SWDC

            “Jan 07, 2011 · A US publisher has reprinted an edited version of Mark Twain’s ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ because some original words are deemed offensive…” BBC

          • LisaT

            If Twain has any family left, I hope they sue the publisher! Thank goodness I only buy the old books. That includes old history books that tell the truth and none of that leftist revisionist garbage.

          • SWDC

            “1848: year of revolution …and publication of Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto

            “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.” This ringing battle cry was issued 160 years ago by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto.

            Marx and Engels were commissioned to write this manifesto in 1847 as the programme of the Communist League, the first attempt to build an international workers’ organisation.

            Christian Bunke looks at the conditions which existed in Germany when the Communist Manifesto was published. The Communist League adopted the slogan “Proletarians of all countries unite!” and 1848 saw revolutionary movements across Europe.,,,”

          • Feet2Fire

            Cute, but Mark should’ve reversed the order, because many school boards don’t have the brains of an idiot.

          • Feet2Fire

            Not to mention the new Chancellor…

          • FlotsamSam

            Its a resolution. I thought they were non-binding. I could be wrong. But it wouldn’t matter to me. I would use the phrase anyway, just to piss off some P.C. moron.

          • Christian Noel

            It probably is non-binding. I remember when I was in college the student government types did all kinds of stuff no one really paid attention to. My bigger concern is how they treated the student who argued his case only to be laughed at and ridiculed, Which is by the way is a common liberal response in my experience when they do engage you. It is a elitist attitude., but one that is generally accepted in liberal circles.

          • FlotsamSam

            Agreed. I would be inclined to punch them in the throat.

          • Patick

            Just give California to the Mexicans and be done with it.

          • iamaduck

            Now come on I am doing all I can to get this beach front property back to people that deserve and will take care of it. But, I am alone is a sea of crazy. So please don’t write us off yet.

          • Truth

            Give it to them??? I live here, buddy, and its already theirs. Been to Santa Rosa recently? Billboards in Spanish all over the place. You walk into a Wells Fargo bank and the posters on the walls that advertise their various programs are all in spanish and always with picture of a mom and 4-5 of her children grinning like idiots. Mexican music blasts out of every beater car on the street. It was so bad, I moved further north. They are still here, just not in as great of numbers.

          • exlalady

            I’m in the high desert 25 miles north of Palm Springs and its even getting bad here in this military town. California is finished! Maybe we SHOULD give it to the illegals and go take over Mexico!

          • LisaT

            I recently read that Northern CA wants to secede from CA and become the state of Jefferson. I hope they do it. They’re sick and tired of leftist losers and their communist policies.

          • Dicky Spader

            Yes please do, and give them their debt as well and they can have that Cesspool!

          • Hominid

            Cali is a resource-rich, large part of the US – why should we give it away? Why are you so eager to cede any piece of OUR country to foreign invaders?

          • Patick

            The libs screwed it up and radiation from Fukushima is going to irradiate the whole place, let Mexico pay for the cleanup.

          • Feet2Fire

            WHY? Because it’s Berserk-ley…

          • disqus4u

            Not if I were paying taxes that support this leftist $#it hole.

          • deathmerchant

            Great question!!

          • UnknownRider

            The 60s radicals found out early that politics goes the way of those who show up. Everyone else was working, building, contributing and occasionally laughing at liberal lunacy. Suddenly it isn’t funny.

          • rotorhead1871

            they are students….its the idiot reporters who add credence to their drivel….

          • GoodbyeUSA

            You are over-reacting. You would simply be called before a disciplinary hearing with the likely outcome that you would need to undergo some form of “sensitivity training.” But don’t commit a second offense.

          • Albert8184

            Empty heads aren’t being filled with rubbish. They’re being filled with hatred, fanaticism and focused political attitudes that are bent on the destruction of the Constitution and Western civilization. And we’re letting it happen, year after year after year. For decades now.

          • John (magnum)

            How in the hell can ‘Illegal Immigrant’ be considered racist or anything else but the freaking truth.

            Got it, left wing horses patoots say it is !!

          • Hominid

            Don’t over-react & don’t misstate the truth – of course you can’t be arrested or in any way prohibited from using the term “illegal alien.” They voted not to use the term in THEIR OFFICIAL student government organization. They cannot prohibit the 1st Amendment speech of private citizens. I’m not defending their PC BS – just saying, wacky inferences like yours make you look like a fool and reflect poorly on the political right.

          • Kenya_Diggit

            It starts at the campuses then they carry it with them when they go into politics, and the next thing you know, you have a president that decides to avoid congress and lead by executive order.

          • rennyangel2

            PC is thought police, alias Big Brother.

          • Fred Beloit

            Some always preferred wetback any way, though that was banned long ago. But to say illegal immigrant at an unlite university? What would happen to you lies in an old country song, “I Thought I Heard That Steamboat Whistle Blow”

            I asked the judge what might be my fine
            I asked the judge what might be my fine
            I asked the judge what might be my fine?
            ‘Ninety days, Fred, way on down the line.’

          • krusatyr

            Just walk onto Berkley campus with a sleeping bag and a tent, occupy a nice leafy piece of campus and pee on their lawn, put up placards and hold out a cup for “offerings”. It would dehumanize you to be called an illegal, trespassing, varmint occupier, so put up a cross and get nailed by Berkley’s most disparaging epithet: Christian.

          • sfb5761

            And they’re all just about as tolerant as the “students” at Brown who shouted the NYPD chief off the stage last week.

          • Prelusive007

            You could not be arrested because they could not claim you have done anything that was “illegal”. They have just now declared the term “illegal” to be racist! So . . there is no more “illegal”. 🙂

          • daunt43

            Because it all the rage to let the inmates run the prison.

          • vestamerica

            Because WE ARE STUPID!!!!!!!

          • Nbr 1

            Because Americans have permitted political correctness to become pervasive throughout our society and it cripples their ability to function and think objectively.

          • MacDaddio

            I’ve got a better question .. how about you walk in to a classroom session there, and sit down and demand they include you in all their teachings, and at no charge, simply because you want to be there and participate. See what happens with those hypocritical imbeciles then.

          • SniperFire

            Welcome to neo-Stalinism!

          • Barbaree

            The students should get together and go around the campus using the term “illegal aliens” over and over again for days at a time.

          • Black Magic

            Youwouldknow if you spent any time in higher education that student government folks can’t arrest you. Troll.

        • buutttarpwaerijo

          I find it offensive to call people that attend UC Berkeley “students”. “Drones” would be a better descriptor.

          • Robert Govan

            Check out my next post people. These Hollywood jokers don’t want you to see.

          • Robert Govan

            Check out my next post people that these Hollywood Jokers don’t want you to see………….

          • Liliana Rawks

            I find it offensive to call them Americans.

          • I’d call them undocumented asylum inmates.

        • Bob Jones

          When will they ban the term “Berserkly”?

          • Robert Govan

            Nice try Bob Jones. Go back to your fraud University.

          • Bob Jones

            Did your mom let you back on the computer again? She will never learn. But I’ll keep trying.

          • Robert Govan

            Aren’t you supposed to be in temple tonight ?

          • Bob Jones

            Interesting, I just checked out your profile and past posts. My diagnosis: You are mentally ill. Seek help from a professional, my friend, and seek it quickly. You are not making much sense to anyone these days.

          • Robert Govan

            Why don’t you be a smart Jew and join the winning side. The side of your Savior Joshua (Yahoshua) Christ.

        • Rational_Db8

          Clearly these students haven’t taken a civics course yet – they desperately need to learn about the first amendment. They could also stand to learn that civil violations are still termed illegal.

          So much for education in the USA – no wonder our educational rank internationally keeps dropping.

          • pjdjmj

            Its called brainwashing. Our colleges are no different than the re-education camps of Vietnam.

        • TruthInSpending

          It’s a perfect illustration of the inmates running the asylum.

        • somewhereoutwest

          that’s always been the case at UC Berkeley.

        • Albert8184

          Good cover story. People actually BELIEVE the students are acting on their own instead of as proxies for a radical Leftist shadow authority financed with taxpayer dollars.

        • El_Tigre_Loco

          Letting the inmates run the asylum.

        • Ofnir

          This is how they justified mandatory health coverage at university, including “if you like your current plan you can keep your plan (but not really because we’re going to set the exemption standards so that they’re impossible to meet)”, back in the early 2000’s.

        • Leadrunner

          Clap, clap.

        • sfb5761

          To quote Rush: “Empty skulls full of mush.”

        • Prelusive007

          The blind leading the blind.

        • MayaAyala

          How about “illegal foreign national?” After all, that is EXACTLY what they are. They are foreign nationals who illegally entered and/or remained in this country.

          • Can’tAffordIt

            “Foreign thieves” may be simpler?

      • Brooklyn

        Yes, and it’s the same in Canada! Try to get in to Canada illegally! Not easy

        • Freeland_Dave

          Try the same with Mexico and see what happens to you.

          • Tim Pierre

            To be fair, I don’t know if anyone has actually ever done this lol

          • jeff

            actually a lot of central americans cross thru mexico illegally to get here. if they are caught its five years mandatory in a mexican prison, then they send you back home, if you survive prison (central americans arent particularly liked by mexicans).

      • nw_traveller

        And let each illegal carry two supporters back across the border with them, one under each arm!

      • Feet2Fire

        Yes, and their ILLEGAL driver’s licenses and EBT cards should have a banner across them that reads ILLEGAL ALIEN and/or UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRAT.

      • MalibuJoe

        The wording is hardly nuanced. The liberal world is immersed in the idea of “newspeak” as presented in George Orwell’s “1984.” For instance, “gay” was a word meaning “light-hearted” or frivolous. Homosexuals used it originally as an ironic appellation. Now, the original meaning is totally lost — to the extent that one school has substituted the word “fun” for “gay” in a famous song. To the extent this stuff is important, that is the extent to which we accelerate our decline.

      • Tim Bos

        Oger, while I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, as well as their basis in the rule of law- I think you’re setting yourself up for unneeded opposition by insisting on deportation.

        Simply enforcing current laws, coupled with imposing penalties on employers who aid and abet illegal invaders, has proven to be very effective in the wonderful concept and reality of self-deportation.

        These people are here for the money, and when it’s unavailable, most willingly head for the border and don’t bother coming back.

      • Doc Lem

        Deport them “American liberal communists as well, to anywhere ASAP!

      • strongmind

        during the past month, the mexican police have been busy rounding up cubans and deporting them. Mexico is not stupid. They do not want “poor people from other countries” coming across the border, taking citizens jobs etc. But I guess their leadership is not composed of self-righteous, guilt ridden white progressives!

      • Dicky Spader

        You would loose!

      • UnknownRider

        Free speech on a government college campus; now that’s a laugh.

      • rotorhead1871

        well said…

      • ManOnPoint

        YES!!! Because the identity theft and illegal entry are now considered felonies instead of silly misdemeanors…

      • Albert8184

        Without strenuous civil disobedience, this Leftist tyranny is not going to be stopped or arrested and we’re going to lose the country. There’s a soft revolution going on now in its 5th decade. We can’t take much more of this. And it won’t be much longer before the Left doesn’t have to go through the pretense of democracy anymore. You know, they can’t wait for the day when they don’t need your votes anymore.

        • the one

          And The Fifth Column marches on!!!

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Hey, if the ILLEGAL ALIENS voted Republican, they would be gone tomorrow.

      • mrbill

        these are the people who will be running the government. youcan only pray now.

      • Tmos

        I suggest that we apply the laws of each immigrant’s home country to them as it pertains to being in the country illegally.

      • ElmoS

        President Obama is behind all this Immigration push, this will be his legacy to grant all illegal’s amnesty. The Affordable Care Act is just a ruse to get our minds off the Illegal Immigration reform.

      • beagal

        Liberals and communists LOVE their double speak!!

      • LisbethGyrl ®

        but, if Mexico was up to their ass in debt; they would welcome cheap ass labor….

      • right_on

        Try to work in Mexico without a Work Visa. Try to leave Mexico as a lawful resident IF you are in debt. Try to own a business, or own property in Mexico without having to partner with a Mexican citizen. Try to take YOUR property over the Border back in to the U.S. WITHOUT having to pay a bribe, gratuity, or “tax.”

        Why wouldn’t they want to come to America…we GIVE them anything they need to survive here…no strings attached?

      • Black Magic

        This is good, let’s have the same standard for ethics that mexico shows the people that come to their country illegally.

    • sterchus

      How about “WETBACK” as in “Operation WETBACK” applied in the early 1950’s during the Eisenhower administration by Attorney General Herbert Brownell.
      This, by the way, was a very successful program which forced a reverse migration by vigorously enforcing the existing laws barring employment of “WETBACKS” by severely punishing the employers of “WETBACKS”.
      Google it for about 82,000 results.

      • John Bball

        Watch old Green Acres shows….the term Wetback is used repeatedly.

      • Jason

        keep living in your own little world.

        • HalfMoments

          I guess the sky is just green in your world, raining other peoples money on everyone.

      • mirted

        But now, you would never see that because the people who are motivated to employ illegal aliens are hungry for cheap labor and big stock options, or more farm “profit”.
        Big Tech doesn’t want the majority of “illegal aliens”. They want the highly educated, motivated grads from Asia and elsewhere. They are willing to support legalization of the many for their obtaining the “few” HB 1 qualifed types they want. They are behind all the funding and buying of politics as well as the progressive activist groups.

        If they really wanted to right some wrongs, like legalizing children of illegals who have been here and have been productive for many years, a law doing that would be acceptable. That’s not what they want. That would require some real work on their part, and the willingness to accept less money from special interests.

        • HalfMoments

          More criminals.

        • Daddyeaux

          Those HB1 types built the ACA website. You get what you pay for.

      • labillyboy

        As the Krats are now allowing wetbacks to vote, we should start counting their votes as negative 1. Every wetback vote for a Demokrat would reduce their vote count by 1. How much you wanna bet all 12 million of them would be deported and the borders sealed tight before the next election if this was the way it worked….?

      • Freeland_Dave

        In Southwest Texas, during periods of drought, they are called Sandy Feet as they walk across the Rio Grand.

        The students of Jerkeley don’t have the remotest idea of what they are giving up because, largely, we have allowed them to be the product of liberal/socialized education unfettered by basic common sense. Note: The students are really not to blame in this. It’s their parents and the enabling voters, AKA We the People” who have created this situation.

    • guest

      Exactly what I was thinking, as illegal alien is the correct term. An immigrant (in US history) is a term used for someone who legally came to this country. An alien is someone here illegally. So illegal alien is the correct term. Thanks UC Berkeley for clearing this up for us, we will now only use the term ILLEGAL ALIEN!!

      • strayaway

        Correct. US residents are either citizens or aliens, the legal term for non-citizens. Aliens come in two varieties; legal and illegal. The term “illegal immigrant” is totally fuzzy Newspeak. It means nothing. Was Mohammed Atta and most of his crews’ members “immigrants” because they had overstayed their visas? In Newspeak, “immigrant” apparently includes everyone who gets into or stays in this Country illegally. Newspeak is here so we can’t think straight.

        • Tim

          Whether you say “immigrant” or “alien”, it doesn’t matter. The word “illegal” is what these lefty authoritarians are targeting and they want to destroy our national sovereignty.

          • strayaway

            I disagree. First these pc types got rid of the word “alien”. Now they are after “illegal”. “Alien” is a concise legal term. “Immigrant” can mean just about anything. I realize that “undocumented” has the same relationship to “illegal”. It is fuzzier. Bank robbers caught in bank vaults should be reclassified as “undocumented patrons” and be given proper bank accounts i suppose.

      • Carolina Johnny

        I will edit my playbook to “Illegal alien”

    • Jack 63

      I guess Undocumented Democrat would be closer to the truth these days anyway.

      • gzizzle

        The word criminal is now derogatory. Wow.. So what do we call people who break the law now? Misunderstood?

        • Jack 63


        • Baub Knaub

          The president.

          • grassy knoll

            beat me to it!

        • DesertStormVet1


        • grassy knoll


        • RT72

          Unindicted co-conspirators with their enablers.

          • bonnieblue2A

            Fellow Travelers in training by the Progressive Left.

        • bonesrd

          Well, a politician who outright lies is now deemed to have “mis-spoke”! LOL

        • militant

          Democrat larvae.

          • Carolina Johnny

            I like that

          • uselogic19

            former Cal Berkley students

        • Carolina Johnny


        • James V.


        • Jim Muhs

          POTUS did not lie. He MISSPOKE. Lawbreakers mis-acted.

        • Brian Astby

          You can break any law, unless that law specifically protects gays.

        • Freeland_Dave

          Mistaken! But more importantly, what do we call the people who allow this to happen? You know, We the People who continue to elect them to office all the while knowing of their character? I call those people STUPID.

          Guess what, that pretty much surmises the character/condition of the American Citizen today. If it were not true people like Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Obama, Christe, and far to many to name, wouldn’t continue to be re-elected to office.

          The comic strip character “POGO” said it best, “I has seed da enemy an dai is us.”

          In the computer industry there is a term GIGO which means garbage in, garbage out. If we elect garbage to rule over us then garbage will rule over us. It’s really that simple. Make better decisions on who runs and is ultimately elected to office and things will start to get better. We haven’t done that in many decades and the result of that stupidity is self evident all around us today.

          • the one

            Good luck with that election stuff. I hope it goes well for you. Who counts the vote anyway?

        • xExekut3x


      • Eric

        I see I don’t need to write the same thing Jack…

      • oilcanp

        Undocumented demarxist.

      • militant

        But not “un-voting” democrat in many localities.

      • Carolina Johnny


      • exlalady

        Well-stated, Jack!!

      • EarnIt

        Undocumented Democratic Voter

      • koedo

        That’s great!

      • RobC2010


    • Pepe

      They’re not undocumented. It’s just that their documents are stolen or fake I.D.’s!

    • markybel

      How about “foreign invaders.” That’s much more accurate

      • David Ivey

        I guess the term “wetback” is out of the question.

        • markybel

          The term is a bit dated and not entirely accurate, we need something more creative and inclusive. Barry’s illegal aunt and uncle didn’t have to cross any rivers, they arrived from Africa on a plane, nice and dry. They just overstayed their welcome and went on public assistance.

          • PlatosAllegoryoftheCave


        • JIm G

          Use the Mexican word for wetback — mojado !

        • USAFVet2010

          Some of my friends and family from the SW have noted (accurately) that the Rio Grande has lost so much water they can no longer be referred to as “wetbacks”. Apparently, their new term is “dusty-butts”.

    • sigh

    • sigh


    • n_slash_a

      I prefer the term illegal foreign invader.

    • 8644

      Berkeley Student = Dumbass

    • whoodoo

      But, your suggestion doesn’t satisfy current standards of liberal “linguistic relativism” which bends the language in an attempt to make the dull-witted think in ways that precludes arguments against their agenda (of destroying rational U.S. immigration policy in this case). Major media outlets (lead by the NYT, and news networks) have joined this deception by modifying their style guides. Even Fox Latino and Clear Channel radio routinely participate in the hoax.

      The term “aliens, illegally resident” is the best substitution that retains the proper legal terminology (aliens, being the proper designation for foreign nationals on U.S. soil while, simultaneously, avoiding the (bogus) argument that no one can be “illegal”.
      See how nice that works?

      • the one

        Oh please stop using facts and logic here. We are trying to create hyperbole and hysteria… The liberals will become, confused and angry.

    • Pegleg Pinelli

      How about PENDING DEMOCRATS.

    • Liliana Rawks

      Illegal alien is, indeed, the term used in the immigration law.

    • Anonymous

      Criminal Alien, Crimanal Immigrant, Illegal Visitor, Violent Invader, all pretty much the same thing. What we need at the border is the DIE policy (Detain, Interogate, Execute). This is the only way to stem the tide of illegal immigrants.

    • Twoiron

      I prefer “illegal alien invader felon squatters”, myself. Why mince words?

    • RESIST

      From the birthplace of The Free Speech Movement!

    • pjdjmj

      How about “Wetback”? And, anyone who refuses to enforce the law of the land should be punished. Offenders include college administrators, teachers, congress, pols at every level, et.al.

      • slave2liberty

        trolling for racists?

        • pjdjmj

          slave/fanatic. Alinsky disciples need not comment on my posts.

    • sherlock32555

      The American people have let this go on for decades. Now we have so many illegals that have had children its nearly impossible to deport any, so now we have to pay the price for letting this continue this long. Best learn Spanish because in about 20 years this will be the only language that is spoken in the U.S. Here in N.O. we had none until Katrina and now that is all I here in the stores, so now we are having the problems that the rest of the country is having. Sorry to see this once great nation go the way of the toilet.

    • pat roberts

      Well said.

    • If they crossed the border illegaly, they should be called WAR CRIMINALS.

    • TheLibertyDefender

      “Illegal alien” is technically the official term anyways.

    • theidel

      I think we just go with “Escaped Mexicans”. It works with “Escaped Prisoners” and we all know prisoners are humans too.

    • truthteller13

      How about diseased, turd world illegal alien anchor baby moochers???

    • Femghazi

      Invaders, criminals, future demonrat voters, anchor baby pushers, welfare consumers and drug pushers.

      • LuppersMom


    • TahoeGuy

      I prefer the terms dirtbag beaner, thief, brown bum, leach, deadbeat, crook, anchor baby maker, etc….

    • bjs

      “Civil Infraction”….indeed !

    • TomfromWB

      Alien is the operative word… there are 31 reasons to get a visa besides immigration…student tourist,medical, etc… Federal law as it is printed defines you as an “illegal alien” if you lack a proper visa.

    • disqus4u

      I personally find the term”Affirmative Action” repulsive and
      discriminatory against the majority of America’s population while
      primarily favoring just one race who constitute a very small percentage
      of our population. No other minority in our nation is so unfairly favored and so ungrateful.

    • jrford

      I’ve never used the term, illegal immigrant, it’s always been illegal alien or wetback.

    • Dicky Spader

      They are criminal foreign invaders, carrying disease. We don’t need mexico’s criminals and unskilled workers, we have plenty of unskilled workers here already who are ready to work for peanuts, do to our Islamic president!

    • Ed Blitzhenbaumsteinbergvich

      Thats still ok because you never know when the Greys from Planet X will arrive. You can’t really call interstellar space travelers “Immigrants”

    • Hominid

      Anyone for ‘criminal invaders’?

    • 50gary

      Thank-you, that’s my term (and spot on) for the invaders. If they wore uniforms they’d be considered a conquering army there’s that many of them.
      The first amendment guarantees the right to say those words.
      What an oppressive atmosphere there seems to be at Berkeley, odd (not really) that they would be so Nazi like?

    • Jill

      That’s why Berkeley is called “Little Cuba by the Bay”
      Too bad they don’t send these bored little privileged children down there.
      I’m sure they would fit in just fine 😉

    • Deryni1

      Absolutely, I agree illegal immigrant is factually incorrect. Illegal Alien is much better.

    • Crozetian

      I would like to ban the word “Berkeley.” I think UC Broccoli has a nicer ring — and a much better fit for for those leftist mush heads.

    • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

      My favorite Halloween costume – the illegal Alien!

    • BobbiM

      “…racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”? How about not racist, accurate, fair, and true? The student government is a bunch of pc morons.

    • Jerry

      I demand people quit calling me a drug dealer. I’m offended by this derogatory label. I prefer to be called a recreational pharmaceutical salesman.

    • Reno Jac

      I’m with you. I’m American of Mexican descent and this politically correct crap kills me! If they’re “illegal” and “alien”, not from this country what’s the F’n problem with sayin’ so?! It’s not like they’re being called beaners or fly-catchers….both of which I don’t like being called.

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      Illegal alien — that’s my term for it.

    • Ryan Mouk

      HA!!!! Over a thousand approvals on this comment, and a grand total of 2 that dis-approve. Paints a clear picture on what the actual citizens of this country think of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    • David Weeks

      This shows how completely indoctrinated the students are at this liberal school. When Americans can no longer call something what it is. When we as a country cannot even defend our own boarder due to political correctness and spineless pandering politicians our country has been lost.

    • Marco127

      What closed-minded control-freak jerks! There was once a day when a college campus was a place for free thinking and the exchange of ideas. Now it appears to be a place (at least at Berkeley) where accurate descriptors are the most unwelcome of terms. Shame on them.

    • GoneApe

      When this situation becomes catastrophic as it will, the people that decided to do this should be forced to live in the Barrio for life, no parole.

    • Ima American

      These days the only people that are racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory are those Americans who try and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  • Sven79

    Countless others who have been mutilated, robbed, and stabbed to death in hate crimes across the United States? After each terrorist attack, there are countless immediate reminders that not all Muslims are bad, and that those attacking Muslims will be harshly prosecuted, but very few attacks themselves. I do know of a good number of Muslims that were mutilated, but those were women that were attacked in stupid “honor killings” by idiotic members of their own families, i.e. other Muslims.

  • buffmuffin

    UC Berkeley is a communist stain on America.

    That place should be shut down, everyone involved with it imprisoned for life with no possibility of parole, and the facility razed to the ground and a monument to the constitution built on top of it’s ashes.

    • larryl212

      THANK YOU!!! You made my weekend!!! PS: While we’re at it… how about Georgetown University… Duke… ah hell… take ’em all down. The public schools and universities are nothing more than indoctrination centers. The concept of “education” has been gone for decades. “Forget how to think. Here’s what we want you to think.” RIP America. Peace.

    • sterchus

      UC Jerkeley is a monument to stupidity – a very dangerous one, but a colossal monument to STUPIDITY nonetheless.

      • TAmerican

        Yeah, I want to know how do I opt out my tax dollars so that I DO NOT have to pay for this ridiculous horse shit!? I DO NOT want to fund college educations that teach the how to unravel our Nation !

    • Peter Cohen

      AMEN TO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hawkdriver1961

      The skid mark on the underwear of the country is more like it….

    • Carolina Johnny

      Couldnt have said it better

    • LaRaza

      I love the way you dream. too bad it’s just a dream

  • Fritz Von

    Banning mere words is closed minded.

    • bloodaxe

      But it feels so good.

    • gil4321

      Maybe they can find some books to burn while they are at it.

    • Brad

      But it’s all Hopey and Changey.

    • KevTuck

      I’m sure they’d ban our thoughts too….if they could.

    • uselogic19

      I think hilarious that some lefty troll down-voted your innocuous statement.

      • Fritz Von

        Nothing is less liberal than a Liberal.

  • GozieBoy

    OK, The proper term is actually ILLEGAL ALIEN.

  • Stacey g

    next Berkeley will hold a book burning party, burning books they don’t agree with…sigh FU Berkeley

  • Jaycee


  • CitizenBrain

    Fine. Border Jumping Felons works too.

    • guest

      It is only a misdemeanor to jump the border, but most of them probably commit felonies once here. Especially those who give false information (like fake S.S. numbers) to get a job or steal welfare or get free school lunches that are meant for OUR kids or etc.. which is probably 100% of them. Actually, knowing that they are illegal obama voters, it is probably 104% of them that commits a felony.

  • caligula

    LOL. who lets the weenie thought police dictate what is appropriate or not? i sure don’t. the illegal immigrants are in fact “illegal” and “immigrants”. just keep calling them what they are, and let the PC libtards spiral into lower orbit. who cares what they think?

  • FireBlogger

    Once these kids grow up and look around they will understand how foolish their ideals were back then.

    • Hawgz Wylde

      Maybe, by then it’ll be all they know. This country is barely recognizable compared to what it was a few short decades ago. The only way out is to purge the progressive socialists from our education and governance systems. And it will take a very long time to fix the damage they have done…

    • exlalady

      With due respect, I beg to differ. These kids will have grown up in this new Marxist, Progressive society that supports them and encourages them in every aspect of their lives. Threfore, being a non-thinking, government-dependent sycophant will be all they know. Critical thinking is not part of their curriculum.

  • Jerry Fischer

    The schools. This is where the left has infested the thinking of the population.

  • JoeBroe

    Racism is what the black people endured and still endure in some areas.
    When you water down a term it loses meaning.
    Anyone on US Soil, in violation of federal laws, are committing a crime-hence, illegal.
    You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

    • Jeebus

      I reckon that f*ckwit Wendy see “illegal drug use” as racist, too.

    • Lola Guin

      Black people are not the only people to endure racism. I agree on the rest of your statement though. I just disagree about blacks and the term racism. If anyone’s watered that term down, it’s black people.

  • Remove From List

    Next they will ban the Constitution as a racist document.

  • caligula

    hahahaha…..but if you go to the illegal immigrants’ countries of origin illegally, their governments will indeed call you a..((((drum roll please)))))…illegal immigrant.
    *rim shot*

  • In a related vote, the council voted 18-0 to bury their heads in the sand until the problem goes away, although one vows to hold her breath instead.

    Is this what colleges are teaching our young people now? Changing the name solves the problem? What is a murderer… an “undocumented mortician?” Reminds me of Romans 1:22

    Liberals… the “well documented morons” of this generation.

  • August West

    while you were at work I broke into your home, but I did mow your lawn and do the dishes …now I demand right to live in your home, and guess what? next week I’m bringing my entire family

  • GenoMN

    So glad to know they don’t have any other issues to worry about. So glad I don’t have kids that have to grow up in this country.

  • disqus_HXPuP9E9zS

    The UC Berkeley student government should hasten to ban all grades below B- so that no student should feel demeaned and all could be above average, like the folks in Lake Woebegone.

  • big_bubba63

    What happen to free speech?

    • caligula

      freedom costs a buck o’ five, but Americans are broke.

    • Remove From List

      It was bought and paid for with handouts.

  • Craigo

    Undocumented Demonrats!

  • bendover

    I find negating the Constitution to be offensive, unfair and derogatory.

  • peteyone

    I too, prefer the term ILLEGAL ALIENS. It gets right to the point! That’s what they’ll always be known as because it’s what they are! FU Berzerkley!

    • Jeebus

      I still prefer wetback.

  • Wontcostadime

    Berkeley: Institution of Lower Learning.

    The Berkeley police allow vagrants to defecate on public sidewalks (Shattuck Avenue) while students step over stool to wade through ultimate Horse Sht just to attend a class.

    What the Prius Parade of Fools needs to learn (about reality) is that Job Security does not entail opening the borders for benefit of the almighty, foreign dollar…

  • thinkfirst

    These people are beyond silly. There’s nothing “racist” or “dehumanizing” about describing something or someone in the most accurate of terms. There are immigrants who came here legally, and then there are those who came here via illegal means. We call them, you guessed it, illegal immigrants. PC culture run absolutely amok. Seems like what they’re really trying to do is play with the language to try and convince people that those who broke countless laws to get and stay in this country have really done nothing wrong and are victims. As the son of people who had to spend years of their time and lots of money to get here the legal way, this is a complete insult.

  • bloodaxe

    How about “Conquistador”? That sounds pretty good, don’tcha think? Is that OK with you Bolsheviks? All these leftist fools should be required to take in a few wets as houseguests until the little darlings can get a job. These stupid liberal imbeciles have no idea what’s coming into the country. I do. I was a Border Patrol Agent in San Diego for 20 years and saw vast hordes of ignorant, illiterate 3rd world losers who hate us come swarming across the border. There are probably over 30 million of them here now.

  • manure2

    It is outrageous that we violate Americans rights by calling foreign intruders “immigrants.” They aspire to be immigrants here, but it is essential we remember they are foreign people who have legitimate home countries. The word “foreign” is essential. So I suggest “foreign intruder.”

  • kevinstroup

    I much prefer illegal invader anyway.

  • Marco127

    Well, we see who does NOT support freedom of speech and open discourse… no surprise there, though. Most closed-minded people in the world today are liberals.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Illegal means not allowed by law. therefore UK Berkley actions are illegal unto their own charter. Illegal Aliens will always be Illegal.

  • GreyGeek77

    When political correctness runs amok the 1st Amendment is the first victim.

    Berkeley. An insane asylum.

    • jon doe

      Yep. Its a straight up communist indoctrination factory. Same as Chapel Hill, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, ect. Practically every school in the country now is going down this path. Freedom is all but dead now. Its only a matter of time before this country goes down the collectivist path of misery.

  • Falsk Konto

    From one of the most left-wing schools in the country? I’m only surprised it took this long

  • John

    Criminal aliens.

    It might be just a civil infraction to be here without authorization, but it’s nonetheless illegal. Our next move should be to make being here illegally a criminal offense, not a civil infraction.

  • Kevin Jones

    SMOKE MORE CRACK COLLEGE KIDS> Illegal is what they are. NOT LEGALLY DOCUMENTED IN AMERICA. This Country is full on politically correct fags.

  • Al Meyer

    If Illegal Alien is racist, which race exactly is an illegal alien? Are they Hispanic ? Caucasian? Asian? African? The answer is of course all of the above. This puts the lie to the statement that the phrase is racist. But when the left has lost the rational and practical argument, they can always scream RACIST.

  • zonable

    Berkeley, how does “stealth invaders” work for ya?

  • Martin Weiss

    And murderers will now be called undocumented life-terminators, rapists will be called undocumented sexual partners and the UC Berkeley student government will now be called arrogant pieces of garbage.

  • jimbo96

    The “indoctrinated” students attempt practicing “Thought Control”…and you know what, they don’t understand what “free speech” is all about…and seeing how it’s Berkeley and UC that had riots in the 60’s for free speech…so what is their rational for censoring the accurate term “illegal alien”…they are “illegally present” because they don’t have federal government authorization to be here by visa or Green Card…they broke immigration law by “illegally” entering the United States…they are “aliens” because they are not “citizens” of the United States, but in most cases they are citizens and lawful residents of Mexico. The facts are the facts and no attempt at altering them to fit your preconceived notions will change them into something they aren’t.

  • SuperBean

    they can have their little meetings as long as they pay for their share of the Obamacare they ushered in… can’t wait to hear the yowling when the fit hits the shan

  • gatekeeper96740

    You expect all Americans to comply with the new Obama Care laws, the libs scream “It’s the law you have to obey the law…..really.”???
    They then turn around and let illegals run around with signs that say undocumented and unafraid. They open the national mall , build them a stage and rent porta- potties for these illegals.
    Mexico shoots people who cross their borders illegally. And they arrest foreigners for speaking out against their politics.
    You arrest these people first, before you start talking to me about THE LAW. Stop supporting Bezerkly .

  • GetReal

    Dear Mom and Dad: College is great, no time to talk, hard at work voting on our student senate, please send money. Gotta go. Luv and yay. Your little dimwit. (P.S. don’t forget to pay my iPhone bill).

  • ReaganFan

    It’s nice how these smarty pants college students completely disregard how one of the things that allows a nation to be a nation is sovereignty.

    I think these do-gooders should go set up shop in Mexico and see how it can make that country better, instead of trying to destroy ours.

  • Jeebus

    Student Sen. Wendy Pacheco said it was not just symbolic, but aimed to shift how people see their “fellow human beings”

    Hm. Okay. I see Wendy as a libtarded f*ckwit, as is most of the population of california. Fall off into the ocean already, and take all the f*ckwits like Wendy along for the ride.

    • Jeebus

      They are called ILLEGAL for a reason, Wendy. Just as you are a f*ckwit.

  • Guest

    No Mr police officer I wasn’t trespassing because UC Berkely says no human is illegal. I’m an undocumented guest.

  • Mike

    UC Berkeley. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Maybe there will be a more isolated California earthquake just around their campus? Fingers crossed.

  • Michael Klindt

    No Mr police officer I wasn’t trespassing because UC Berkeley says no human is illegal. I’m an undocumented guest.

  • lysosome

    Leave it to college students (especially at an extreme liberal university) to FAIL to understand the econominc and cultural problems regarding unfettered illegal immigration. It’s all about dehumanizing these people. What about the damage they do to the job market for CITIZENS? What about the welfare and entitlement corruption in which they are involved? What about the crime? Is it fair to dehumanize the rest of us for that?

  • Stupid student. Now there’s a label we can all appreciate.

  • Maud St James

    You’d think that colleges would understand that words have meaning. Illegal means against the law, something that breaks the law. We have laws against people entering this country without our sanction, When they enter without sanction, they are breaking the law – hence, illegal. Of course, there is another term that applies equally well – criminals. Call it as it is.

  • Chris King

    progs love censorship

  • ReaganFan

    UC Berkley…producing tomorrows lawyers, activists, and politicians.

  • wjo

    “There is an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in the…” Another editor’s gem.

  • peckerwood

    I prefer “wetback,” myself

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    hehehehe….what a bunch of dummies. The next generation of self-loathing, hand-wringing apologist liberals being trained for life without personal responsibility.

  • Tootrue4you

    U.C. Big Brother paging George Orwell.

  • janderson4795

    Just change it to Criminal.

  • Lance Combs

    That’s right, they’re not IMMIGRANTS at all. They are ALIENS. They are INVADERS. Let’s call them that.

  • mdavis223

    So what term would you use to describe illegal aliens in this country. Undocumented future democratic voters? You libertards make me want to puke. Don’t ever f’ing come to Texas. We’ll cut your balls off and feed them to the cattle.

  • jmatt55

    Because when you can’t make a cogent argument, simply make the discussion verboten.

    These people will grow up to be good little Democrats.

  • Paul Richard


    • TheOracle


    • sterchus

      Concise, accurate, cathartic indeed.

      • KevTuck

        Actually, wetback only applies to Texas. Rio Grande River.

  • Cogsys

    So we go from the Berkeley Free Speech Movement to this, and the adherents see nothing odd about it. Interesting how the Left has come to this.

  • disqus_rhGhEfUHvy

    If someone has been deported and then illegally enters the US again that is a felony and no longer a civil issue.

  • nhbuckeye

    Who needs the First Amendment anyway?!

  • Robert Chambers

    There is nothing racist about the term Illegal Immigrant. This does not associate color or race. This could be a white person from Canada or Poland and has nothing to do with race or color

  • 10Megatons

    If I lived anywhere near the craphole known as California, I would walk around their campus shouting ‘illegal immigrant’ just to throw it back in their faces. It is amazing how the left loves freedom of speech, yet wants to ban words/phrases it does not like. If they don’t like the term ‘illegal immigrant’, I guess they will really get upset with ‘we+back’.


    While they’re at it, they might as well ban common sense.

    • sterchus

      They have.

  • 10Megatons


  • Jason

    I think it’s safe to assume these kids have never read the book 1984.

    • Lloyd Hargett

      But they’re experts on Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Mao’s “Little Red Book”.

      • Jason

        The use of language control is one of the central themes of the book.
        Maybe I’m wrong…maybe they read it twice and took notes!

  • Iris Lynch

    How about colleges STOP thinking they are DICTATORS with POWER they DO NOT have. Seems to be no problem saying FU every chance they get. Poor things, No SELF power and they then long for POWER OVER OTHER PEOPLE (short version: POOP.)

  • moron

    http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/illegal‎not allowed by the law : not legal. : not allowed by the rules in a game. Full Definition of ILLEGAL. : not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit;

  • JOCB

    Drug Dealers will now be known as Undocumented Pharmacists.

  • walterc

    Are they also going to ban the terms murderer, thief, rapist, car jacker and terrorist? Those names are also demeaning, unfair and derogatory.

    Wondering why one crime is ok and another isn’t.

  • Tang

    Liberals banning speech. America, are you watching?

  • tHEaNTIdEM!!

    Great! Now they can go back to using the proper term, “Illegal Alien”. Especially since “immigrant” implies legality, which we all know is not the case.

  • tdvann

    I agree, the correct term is Foreign Invaders

    • Lloyd Hargett

      In a perfect world, they would be known as deportees.

  • elwoodmcgillicuddy

    Its Berzerkly.

  • moron

    Everyone know wetback is the politically correct term.

  • daibutsu

    Is “Parasito Latino” ok? It’s more accurate!!

  • grumpyolguy

    George Orwell would have appreciated this story. It’s a clear picture of the totalitarian mentality.

  • socialistsSUK

    It is Berkley, WHO CARES! I deem the school racist and offensive, as well as MOST OF AMERICA! I bet I can go on campus and call an illegal, an illegal…and their is not a damn thing you libs can do about it! FREEDOM OF SPEECH….HOMOS!

  • Melvin Leppla

    UC Berkeley Student Government, ill educated and ill mannered pompous little fascists.

  • olddog

    Kalifornica..(D)elusional (D)em-wits on (D)isplay 24/7….65 years there..(D)ung-Holes turned PRARDISE into a FKNG PIG PEN…Habla Espanol??? No??..No Buena GRINGO…(D)ISGUSTNG…FU you miserable Mutant (D)NA MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lloyd Hargett

    I have banned the term “UC Berkeley” in my home. We prefer the more descriptive term “those fucking idiots from Berzerkly”.

  • Dan

    My father immigrated the US from Mexico LEGALLY and this is complete nonsense.

    The political correct police LOVE illegal immigrants because they don’t pay taxes and always vote Demonrat.

  • bubba in SC

    I do like: WETBACK, FENCE-JUMPER, BORDER-VIOLATOR OR DOPE MULE. Let’s have a national contest to come up with a new descriptive name. It could start with the late night comedians -TOP TEN NEW NAMES TO REPLACE “Illegal Immigrant.”

    • Lloyd Hargett

      Greaser, taco bender, chili chomper.

  • Ron

    a #2 is a #2 no matter what you try to call it. If you don’t want to be called illegal then quit committing crimes and become legal. I am a legal citizen all others are legal immigrants or their illegal period.

  • JanG

    when people bring up that their kids go to ‘Cal’, to try to position themselves in an enlightened and accomplished sort of way, I feel very sad for them

  • Jum1801

    Bravo! I congratulate the UC Berkeley SGA for their innate morality, their keen sense of justice and their wisdom. And as long as they’ve taken it on themselves to become the arbiters of the English language, and have chosen to determine what words and even concepts are “good” and which are “bad”, I’d like to suggest a few additions as well.

    First, let’s dispense with the insanely inappropriate word “Democratic” in the political party of that name. Nothing about them is democratic. And as long as we’re being accurate and truthful, let’s replace it with something much more appropos. I suggest any of these: “Stalinist”, “Statist”, “Socialist”, “Totalitarian”, “Alinskyite”….oh, you get the drift.

    Oh, and let’s deal with how it is we address the President. See, we have this tradition of speaking of the President as “The Honorable…” in certain circumstances. And since we’re in this truthy mood, we just can’t let this horrendous error go any longer. Because our President of the moment has not one thing about him which qualifies for the title. So let’s fix it with more truthful and accurate descriptions of the man. Okay, there’s “Marxist”, “Terrorist-trained”, “Weatherman-mentored”, “Traitorous”….

  • phil_in_san_diego

    UC Berkeley. Home of the free speech movement. Limits free speech. Ah, the irony is precious. I am certain the activists feel all smug for their moral superiority. Well done, students you just proved to the world that you are not free thinkers, but are automatons of the state. So sad that at the best public uni, you have so willingly given up on independent thought.

    • exlalady

      Well- stated, Phil. My thoughts EXACTLY!!

  • Inducer of Truth

    illegal immigrant…illegal immigrant…illegal immigrant…..illegal immigrant….illegal immigrant…..

    “No human being is illegal,” the resolution continues
    If you break the law that is an illegal act….

  • Roy

    I personally like the term “Illegal Alien” also. As in “Criminal”. AS IN THEY ARE BREAKING OUR EFFING LAWS !!!! You Marxist morons!!!!!

  • Kullikoff

    Good old UC Freakly…

  • Tangair

    Berkeley is right…”Immigrant” is a term of art meant to lend an air of legal intent to the person or group in question. The more appropriate and legally relevant term is, of course, “ILLEGAL”!

  • shmu

    Let’s swap UC Berkeley for Cabo.

  • Lloyd Hargett

    If you call a pig a duck, it is still a pig.

  • Todd Zeigler

    pretty bad when a higher education institution has no regard for the laws of the land that allow them to teach. pretty simple,you can ban a phrase all you want but against the law is still illegal period.

  • LawReader

    Most amusing! Sounds like it’s time to ban the term ‘Educated for CA college students…

    It’s not as if we didn’t already know California is the national Granola bowl – what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes…

    And West Coasties wonder why actual intelligent people are fleeing the state like a sinking ship full of rats…

  • 10Megatons

    Hopefully, a big earthquake will hit Berkely and the whole place, along with all the stinking liberals there, will fall into a giant hole, preserving the future gene pool.

  • GarandFan

    Berserkly – home of the original ‘doublespeak’. Somewhere George Orwell is laughing his ass off. Of course the elite liberal intelligentsia of Berserkly probably don’t even know who George Orwell is.

  • oceanluvr30

    So much for FREE SPEECH! What a bunch of hypocritical morons! Interesting in the fact that no one seems to notice that the most liberal state and most liberal party is responsible for enacting more restrictions on people than the republicans. They are only liberal IF it suits their ideology and if not, freedom be damned. I suggest simply opening the borders and granting every one of the ILLEGALLY entering immigrants or aliens California residency and other states can ship their ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to California as well. Sooner or later this state will be on its knees, unable to support the massive entitlements that flow to people who BROKE OUR LAWS to enter this country. I also suggest that any business owner in California allow ILLEGAL ALIENS to take what they want for FREE, EAT FOR FREE, go to the MOVIES FOR FREE…after all we don’t want to OFFEND lawbreakers.

  • ReaganFan

    So this is what they’ve been working on since their “Free Bradley Manning Sit Ins”

  • Miguel Saavadera

    I’d go with “Outlaw” since the are on the wrong side of the law (as in outside it). Illegal Alien (as in alien to this society works also),
    Isn’t it interesting how useful idiots can come with this stuff … members of the society who have yet to participate in that society can ‘ban’ words in the larger/greater society itself?

  • Dunnyveg

    Yes, this is part of post-American liberalism’s war on the traditional American nation. The intent behind this is to make any distinctions between American and foreigners into Orwellian crimethink. Americans need to stand up to the post-Americans who are doing their best to eradicate our nation by refusing and resisting–to borrow one of their terms.

    When it comes to PC, just say NO!

  • CharlesKaye

    Criminal Trespasser

    Problem solved.

    Oh, and to those at UC Berk – GFY

  • 10Megatons

    I wonder what percentage of these morons voted for obama…..

    • CharlesKaye


      • 10Megatons

        So true. I can’t wait untll these spoiled liberal brats find out that after they graduate, they will have to shell out thousands of dollars a year to buy mandatory healthcare insurance thanks to that loser obama.

    • avconsumer2

      Oh gawd… @ Berkeley?! 200%.

  • abaton7

    Illegal is NOT a race.

  • AZWarrior

    My, my, my. The children running Berkley these days sure hate free speech. Bet they think this is all so important and I wish I could watch them in their first real job after this liberalism. Would be funny to watch their idealism crushed like so many walnut shells in the capitalist system.

  • Lloyd Hargett

    In a related decision, bank robbery will henceforth be known as an undocumented withdrawal, and drug dealers will be called undocumented pharmacists.

  • PenelopeAnne

    Ah, the capitol of the free speech movement now bans words. My, my, how far you have fallen…..

  • WBC

    In other news, the University banned use of the word “syphilis” and substituted the term “happy blisters,” thereby solving the STD crisis in all of Southern California.

  • jon doe

    Now they are banning speech. How far behind can thought crime prosecution be? And these same progressives still think that they are the voice of reason and enlightenment, fighting the forces of oppression. These are dangerously stupid people.

  • MWhite

    Like typical over-indulged, elitist, pseudo-intellectuals with daddy paying their bills, these children remind me of the deluded, petulent little girl who insists that when she takes her glasses off, she becomes invisible so she can get away with anything and not have to be accountable.

    This “student government’ couldn’t run a garage sale.

    Banning words at the so-called bastion of free speech and expression…hypocrasy at its best.

  • George Washington

    I’m not surprised by this. Thank the idiotic instructors up there for supporting this crap. Good luck and I want you all to know that I rarely talk to Obama supporters like these sutdents but when I do I ask for large fries.

  • Ge_off

    Does Berkley even matter? maybe as an example of what disconnected, elitist bedwetting douche bags can come up with to appease their own self-loathing.

  • Oh, please…

    How about CRIMINAL PARASITES? Do these Marxist pukes realize that renaming someone an “undocumented penetrator” does not improve the status of a rapist?

  • akabillybob


    Who’s jobs will they take?
    The young Americans.

    Who’s entry level housing will they take?
    The young Americans.

    Who’s future will they destroy?
    The young Americans.

    Those with life experience are horrified how the young Americans are destroying their own future.

  • CharlesKaye

    As an employer, I urge anyone else in hiring positions to immediately dismiss any job applicants that went to UC Berkley. Let’s see how these pukes like it in the unemployment line.

    • Jack 63

      Actually since they don’t like working for a living in the first place, they are right at home on the unemployment line.

  • Dan76

    They broke the law but breaking the law in America is not really breaking the law because calling someone who is here illegally is now “racist”. How about felon?

    It is these folks who grow up, become parents and don’t raise their children.Then those “kids” go out and hurt people all because they can’t be disciplined because it might “hurt” their feelings.

  • ancientemplar

    how about “wetback” in stead?

    • Bob Forsberg

      Operation Wetback was the official name for deporting Mexican illegals during the Eisenhower administration. If you google “Operation Wetback” you will see how America rightfully protected itself from illegal invaders in the past.

  • Right

    I don’t even understand why we call them “liberals” anymore — today’s progressives are so anti-liberal. In the heart of every progressive is a totalitarian streak. They’re all in favor of freedom of speech that they agree with; otherwise, not so much. In the UK, a lounge singer was arrested and thrown in jail for the crime of singing “Kung Fu Fighting” as a Chinese couple happened to be walking by on the street outside. Here in the US, invite a conservative to speak on a college campus, and all hell breaks loose. Leftist students will rip down flyers, steal student newspapers that promote the event, and do anything they can to block the person from speaking. They justify this by branding any opinion they disagree with “hate speech” — like something straight out of “1984”.

    • CharlesKaye

      They’re communists in liberal disguise.

  • mitchie124

    That’s because they’re really ILLEGAL ALIENS! Hey, P.C. thought police. Eat $h1t!

  • Peter Hobson

    If an American is caught in Mexico being an illegal alien, he isn’t there long enough to be given any name at all. And he isn’t flown out of the county via commerical jet either..
    UC Berkley is the same student body who took over their OWN academic buildings and set them on fire during the Vietnam war demonstrations…..real brain power.

  • byron allen

    Another bunch of left wing nut cases who have no sense of reality. Illegal immigrants are violators of the law, criminals and need to be deported.

  • Bill

    Kids training to be future communist. Learning to make decisions for for everyone else And what if someone does say illegal immigrant? Are they going to call the brown shirts to throw them into camps?

  • P_Ang

    How about Criminal Alien? Make sure and tell the criminals at the school instituting this program that THEY JUST CREATED A LOOPHOLE. So, lawbreakers no longer are called “illegal.” But I don’t have to obey your insipid fifth grader rules because nothing is illegal! Don’t they bother to make sure these students graduate middle school before admitting their money to college any longer?

  • John Galt

    In an unanimous vote, student senators passed a resolution that stated the word “illegal” is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes” people, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.”

    So when Hitler’s troops went into Poland they should have been called German army guys instead of Nazi invaders?

    • JDS

      Great analogy – poor central americans immigrating to the United States to lift themselves out of poverty are exactly like Nazis invading Poland! Who typed this for you, because you’re clearly too intellectually challenged to use a computer?

      • John Galt

        Think of the stigma “Invading Nazi” must carry with it. They were just trying to make the world a better place, lift their country out of poverty induced by WW I reparations. Makes as much sense as your argument. Get em signed up and let em in, otherwise they are invaders pure and simple.
        I know it is hard for you to hear this from someone so much dumber than you are Mr. self appointed intellectual.
        You don’t want to see it, but those who come here uninvited and sneak in are invaders. There is a program for those who want to come here legally. OH? Takes too long? Not so with proof.
        You have that liberal tendency to give things a nice name and ignore the fact it might not be nice.
        Affordable care act. How nice. What are you going to do with your $2,500.00 savings?
        Undocumented immigrants? How nice.
        Oh, by the way not all of them are here to lift themselves up out of poverty. Many of them cost us millions and millions. Many of them rape and murder. Many are robbers and gang members.
        I don’t care who comes through the system but if they sneak in they are exactly the same as any other invader from history.

        • JDS

          OK, so aside from the fact that the Germans rolled 60 divisions and 3000 tanks (and the Soviets pretty much matched them) and killed hundreds of thousands of Poles, it’s a pretty good comparison.

          Did your ancestors immigrate to America “legally”? Mine didn’t, because there were no significant restrictions on Europeans that wanted to immigrate here until the 1920s.

          I’m not saying that I advocate a no-restrictions immigration policy, or that the current system should be chucked wily-nily. I bring this up just to point out that for a large part of our nation’s history there was a much less restricted flow of immigrants, and I believe that made the country richer, more diverse, and admired across the world.

          I believe there is plenty of middle ground to be explored in this complex debate, and that either / or thinking is not helpful. I think we can figure out a way to offer amnesty and a path to citizenship to illegals that have demonstrated a capacity to work and no criminal history (outside of breaking immigration laws, and the various and sundry deceits necessary for survival), and that we have a moral obligation to do so. As did George W. Bush.

          I also believe that US employers that hire illegals under the table are the real villains in this story if you’re upset about the lost tax revenue and downward pressure on wages that this practice brings.

          A little perspective and compassion wouldn’t kill you, would it?

          • John Galt

            “A little perspective and compassion wouldn’t kill you, would it?”
            How silly to assume anyone who doe not share your views would lack perspective and compassion.
            I’d like to see people immigrate legally and that makes me a narrow minded bigot.
            You are a funny person.

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    Liberal thought control is fascism, plain and simple. Hitler was a fascist. These kids are no different.

  • Marge3

    What a bunch of idiot students. Maybe they will learn something when they are replaced my more illegal aliens who are given “opportunities” and “funding” paid for by US taxpayers.

  • JumpyGathers

    These are the grand kids of the 60’s sex,drugs & rock-and-roll California hippies who now control the Dem Party in California, and have brought that state to the verge of financial ruin. Why would anybody expect them to be anything else but bleeding heart, leftist radical lunatics.

  • bnfl

    This is why I hate liberals, they are a bunch of brain dead idiots!!!!!!! We should bus all the illegals out with the libtards.

  • stoney

    Actually, under 8 U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code – Section 1325, breaking into the U.S. Illegally is a FEDERAL offense, not a civil offense.

  • Oh, please…

    I get a little joy knowing these jackholes will soon graduate into a job market their messiah has worked to destroy for the last five years. As they find themselves unemployable, they will simultaneously be punished for failing to sign on to the Obumblecare website (still not functioning) and for not purchasing health care that they do not want and cannot afford. Suffer, fools. You own it. Maybe Mexico will take you with their much lower unemployment rate.

  • justus brother

    UC Berkeley needs to be banned period.

  • lowflyer


  • bnfl

    Libtards do not care about our country!!!!!!! libtards suck!!!!!!!

  • Gary Pifer

    How about, Mexican Citizens: example, The California Citizens taxpayers are paying for Mexican Citizens to got to Berkley or The Mexican Citizens are mad because they want California Citizens to pay more.

    • rrgg

      This is great. Just start using “Mexican Citizen.” It’s such a bland term it works.

  • David J.

    How about ‘Foreign Invader’? That term is appropriate given they climb over our border fences. The bigger issue here of course is that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to ban the use of a phrase in the United States. Only Fascists would reach out to defend ILLEGAL aliens and punish CITIZENS for calling them what they are!

  • Branden Sloan

    UC JERKELEY is bound to turn out the stupidest graduates possible. They can’t think for themselves, they need a group of small-brained liberals to do their thinking for them. They should marry these ILLEGAL IMMIGRUNTS and suffer the results of taking on lawless idiots sneaking into the Country. I would not hire anyone who I found who had associated with these criminals.

  • rrgg

    What kind of academic environment is it when they basically have thought police running things with no room for debate or differing opinions?

    • LudicrousSextus

      It’s called the ‘US *Federal* public school system…

      You know – the one that supplanted the best educational system in the world with third-world politically correct teacher’s unions…

  • Sir

    What do these kids know? LOL.

  • Casey Brown-Myers

    I love how liberals try to ban anything they don’t like. Illegal immigrants are called illegal because they’re in our country illegally.

  • J Wolfe

    THE SAD IRONY IS……..this is a university and they can’t even correctly apply definitions to words.

    Seriously, look up the word “immigrant” in the dictionary. Then look up the words, “invader, squatter, occupier, grifter, drug-dealer, and kidnapper, etc.”. Then, tell me which definitions more aptly apply to these criminals?

  • dw323

    In California a bank robbery is now referred to as an “Unauthorized Withdrawal”.

  • Jack

    How about instead we ban the use of the word IMMIGRANT when talking about people who come here illegally? As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t come here through the front door (i.e., legally), then this country should you to be truly interested in being an immigrant. An immigrant is someone that comes here legally on a work visa and goes through the process to apply for legal residency. This is something people do all the time from all over the world, including (gasp!) “people of color”. The term immigrant should not apply to people that simply jump a fence.



    No one gives a damn what those Liberal Loozahs “ban.” ROFLMAO

  • Bob Cooper

    I prefer criminal alien anyway; it’s more accurate.

  • Branden Sloan

    They are illegal aliens, illegal wetbacks, illegal border sneakers, they are illegal just about everything. There are so many ways to describe these intruder/criminals that you ban one way and another easily comes to mind.

    Quit trying to deny to your students the freedom of free speech. It is also illegal.

  • Don Yaxley

    This action carries absolutely no weight in any segment of society, except a left coast liberal campus. Who cares what to hell those a**holes think?

  • Larry

    “Traveling Latino”, OK?

  • Paul

    ‘…a student who spoke against the resolution at an earlier meeting was
    treated by student senators, who laughed or had their backs turned when
    the lone protestor addressed the dais’.
    The fascist students are not interested in dissent, and have been trained to marginalize and deride anyone that opposes them. Like their ideological Brown Shirt predecessors, they are staying true to their mission…

    • paperpushermj

      Such is the nature of the Left. They used to just put a Bullet in the Brain Pan of Dissenters, maybe we should be grateful that out of power, they now have to resort to mockery and derision… for the time being.

  • Realright

    Pretty soon there will be only 3 words allowed to be spoken on the campus of this ridiculous excuse for a school: Obama, gay, and liberal!

    • avconsumer2

      Gay seems harsh – calling it now… heterosexually challenged.

  • Sissel Byington

    Good lord. No human being is illegal. Duh. Their action of immigration is. Illegal immigration; therefore illegal immigrant. Pat yourself on the back Berkeley. Huge humanitarian effort here. And when your parents are finished footing the bill for you, you can foot the bill for those undocumented immigrants without papers.

  • paperpushermj

    “The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction,

    The Left loves redefining Words because they have found that gives them power and Control over that word in debates on the subject. They love do that because it puts the Moral High Ground at their back .

  • Bob Forsberg

    Agreed…illegal immigrant is not descriptive….illegal invader, is.

  • Nick Weller

    How’s about CRIMINALS then, you Liberal f’n PIG’S!!!

  • Sissel Byington

    Next we will be defining “is” again.

  • D B

    Hell, I didn’t go to college, but I know that
    the adverb illegal acts on the verb Immigrate,
    defining it, not inferring the person is illegal.
    Kind of makes these Student Senators sound like morons.

  • red_fez

    Okay by me… simply referring to them as ‘illegals’ will do just fine.

  • Dawn

    They said they live in fear because of our former Big Sis on campus?! They just proved their political ignorance right there!

  • avconsumer2

    Rhetoric. Empty, politically charged rhetoric. If “illegal” is “racially charged”, it’s simply because someone perceives it as such and obviously has a racism (in this case, negative racism or blatant stereotyping,) problem themselves. This is simply a fact. I don’t give a crap if they’re 7 shades whiter than bleached white rice, they are not here legally – therefore – they are here illegally. They entered the country illegally, and are immigrants. They, by definition, are illegal immigrants. Also… Merriam-Webster would like a word.

  • John McCurdy

    “Nwoche said while he sympathized with the situation, he thinks the resolution does not accomplish anything substantial. He added he was disappointed in how a student who spoke against the resolution at an earlier meeting was treated by student senators, who laughed or had their backs turned when the lone protestor addressed the dais.”

    What’s more dehumanizing–the behavior described in this quote, or correctly describing the status of a foreign national living illegally in this country?

  • Realright

    How about illegal wetbacks? But I repeat myself!

  • J Wolfe

    How about “Progressive Chess Piece” used to replace blacks on the Democrat Plantation?

  • BeanerECMO

    Is not UC Berkley a public university subsidized by government (taxpayer) funds; therefore a government entity? Consequently, banning of any language unless it incites riots is unconstitutional; to wit: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. In several cases, the courts have held that congress also includes any government entity.

  • sfcmac

    The liberal turds at Berkeley refuse to acknowledge our immigration laws (Title 8 US Code sections 1324, 1325) which clearly state that any foreigner entering the U.S. without proper authorization is doing so ILLEGALLY and is classified as a FELON. That also goes for the slugs who aid, abet, harbor, and hire them.

  • StevenNewsom

    That’s nice and all, but they simply don’t have the power to ban a word any word.


    Until they go back home, get an line and follow the rules they are and always will be an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.

    • J Wolfe

      You mean alien.

      • StevenNewsom

        No I mean ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, they immigrated here illegally.

        • ComSenseWiz

          They did not immigrate but invaded our country without permission. As such, the legal term is ILLEGAL ALIEN.

  • bnfl

    The Obama administration!!!!! If we legalize 15 million Mexicans this will create jobs. Oh my God!!!!! these people are so sick, our poor kids are going to pay for all the bulls hit the liberal jer koffs push on us.

  • KStacey

    Ooh! The thought police are out checking our words again. Warm fuzzy time.

  • sesame

    – undocumented immigrant …

    other undocumented cases

    – undocumented driver – a vehicle driver without a license (no problem)
    – undocumented and uninsured driver – a driver without license and without insurance
    – undocumented doctor – a person without a license performing an abortion, or breast implant
    – undocumented dentist – a person without a license extracting your teeth
    – undocumented pilot – a person climbing into a plane and trying to fly
    – undocumented gun owner – a person buying a gun and starting shooting
    – undocumented spouse (spouses) – a person requesting benefits on behalf of his roommate
    – undocumented PHD berkeley graduate – a janitor coming at a job interview claiming he graduated from uc berkeley

  • Illegal alien foreign nationals are NOT “immigrants”. Those alien foreign nationals that apply for “immigration visas” ARE “immigrants” that have followed the “legal process” for entry into the U.S.

    “illegal immigrant” is an oxymoron dreamed up by the likes of ‘berkley-morons”.

  • Mr. Twitch

    Total [email protected]!!
    Someone tell the Berkeley student government that ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ have been under-bidding our middle class jobs for decades. Our real-wage and standard of living has been in decline for decades! The problem is that these ‘jerkeleys’ are just emulating our Fed/State government and the immigration policies they have carried out for decades. Nothing new, Berkeley. Sad.
    Our government wants illegal immigration otherwise they could have stopped it in its track in a matter of days!

  • KStacey

    Good to know when I have civil infractions, I can just tell the judge it cannot be considered “illegal”.

  • ComSenseWiz

    The LEGAL TERM for these people is ILLEGAL ALIEN and under no circumstances will I ever refer to them any other way. I have completely severed any relationship with my alma mater and because of the ridiculous environment at Cal, my eldest daughter, who got in both Cal & UCLA, blew them off for Stanford partly due to this delusional thinking. My youngest, a senior in HS, will not even be applying to this cesspool of liberal thinking.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Useless tools.

  • renojim_2000

    Nobody cares about the berkeley circus. The rest of us don’t use ‘illegal immigrant’ anway – we say f***in’ illegals, the proper term.

  • Pepe

    Hitler, Stalin and Mao are smiling from HeII.
    They’re not undocumented. They have stolen I.D’s.
    Say “NO” to amnesty for illegal immigrants (aliens)!!

  • Peter Cohen

    Ya Ya Ya……. let politically correct run this great nation & see how far the sewer canals it will flow…..
    Don’t kidd yourselves — they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS …….. try sneaking into Mehiko through the fences & see what awaits you………..

  • Robert

    The term “illegal immigrant” should be changed to the more politically correct term: border challenged.

  • LordPeckerwoodThree

    “No human being is illegal,”

    No, but the WAY they are trying to immigrate is illegal

  • tkdblkblt

    So the first amendment no longer applies to the university, Way to go lefty.

  • hurling

    Berkeley out of the US!!!

  • Matt

    Very interesting. I thought liberalism was about being open and speaking your mind and blah blah. Well apparently it is not about honest. An illegal immigrant is a term of truth. A criminal alien who broke the law to break into America. Liberalism is a disease.

  • baxter999

    Students whose education is heavily subsidized by legal Americans at one of our top universities show themselves to be fascist thought police trying to control the speech of anyone who dares to think differently. When will they start wearing swastika armbands and fining and imprisoning Christians? Get out of KKKalifornia while you still can.

  • Edward Owen

    Hmmm..Isnt the ex-Homeland SECURITY Chief now the head of UC Berkely, Janet Napolitano..To think she was in chrage of our borders, Gun Running in Fast and Furious, she NOW sits as head of Education and Schools…saying: Ther is NO such thing as an “illegal Alien”….She now is teaching a New Generation the art of Anrachy and Marxist propaganda…Obamas Crew is still working hard to “transform” this nation into a communistic controlled State….”The king sits smiling as he ruins our country…The peasants laugh while they are being shackled”…Bread and Circus’s”

  • NotTheSheeple

    Those student “senators” should all be shot.

  • bikeromany

    Berkeley liberals are the definition of the word sophomoric; educated but too foolish to understand. The best you can hope for with these privileged, intellectually lazy morons is that someday they’ll wonder how the world came to be as it is, but they’ll never attribute any blame to themselves. And those 900 “undocumented” students who “live in fear”? How do they compare to the 900 legal (excuse me, documented) students who were denied entry to the college because their place was illegally filled?

  • Hattie Nuff

    They don’t call it Berserkeley for nuthin’.

  • bnfl

    All wet backs and liberal retards get out you bunch of losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Craigo

    Christie responds….

  • livingami

    1984 New-speak – Keep changing and forcing people to change the conversation until it makes it okay. Also, make any conversation that opposes your view illegal. I guess it now can be Illegal Conversations, since we no longer have illegal aliens.

  • sea ray

    ok, we’ll use ILLEGAL INVADER

    • Mr-Butcher

      Unlawful Invader…

  • tkayvegas

    I think I am more disturbed by how they treated the loan dissenting opinion than their stupid ruling. Laughed and turned their backs on the person? Seriously? Pure evil…

  • downton

    Berkeley student government couldn’t be more obnoxious. Monkeys all.

  • Shereel

    This is stupid and a form of communism. Student’s should not adhere to this. Folks gotta start standing up to this stuff. It’s called ‘civil disobedience’.

  • Huh

    The People’s Republik of Berkley is on acid – If you enter this country illegally, then you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN. I find the phrase ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT to mild since it implies immigrant status when in fact they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • News Reporter

    Please post the names of these college students who voted to ban the phrase. They need to be placed in the spotlight and not clumped into some anonymous “UC Berkeley student government”. They need to be held accountable and not allowed to hide behind an organization name.

  • Brad


  • David Wilkinson

    Berzerkly cranks out whackos faster than fleas, and just about as irritating.

  • Defiant

    LOL! UC Berkeley. I mean, do we expect any less from the morons on the West Coast? This doesn’t shock me, but I do feel bad for the parents working so hard to afford this school for their kids. Talk about poison for the mind.

  • Clay Lovett

    Right! Because the correct term is illegal alien!

  • agreatsign

    Then I guess this would mean the term “illegal alien invader” would be out then?

  • Reader11722

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:


  • Yonderthehill

    Do not employ anyone from UCB. If these people from UCB loves “illegal immigrants” so much, they should let them into their dorms and their own parents’ homes and live off them.

  • Kage McClued

    That pesky 1st Amendment has no meaning to those morons, obviously.

    But I agree to a certain extent: the term ISN’T “illegal immigrant,” which was a somewhat more polite term for the scum breaking our laws.

    The term they’re searching for is “illegal alien.”

    I got their “ban” hanging.

  • LibsAreCommies

    Only in Crazy Backwards Liberal World.

  • bernie

    This is no surprise from Berkeley. The term will never go away as long as Illegal Aliens are criminals. Prudent people, regardless of ideology, are more concerned with their safety and security than criminal illegal aliens.

  • RedPill

    Oh yes. You didnt illegally take that, you stole it. You didnt illegally take a life, you killed. You didnt illegally cross the border, you are looking for a better life or hand outs. Yeah it makes sense.

  • Ramona

    Illegal immigrant should be banned. The correct term is illegal alien.

  • johnsmith500

    Ban this!

    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant

  • Billy Bob

    Amazing that the university which gave birth to the “Free Speech Movement” when the school paper, “The Berkely Barb”, wanted to be able to use f**k. Now that same university is banning words and expressions of truth. An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant is an illegal alien!

  • pbtruth

    It is so obvious that this is a socialist quasi-school that does not believe in the first amendment of the constitution and hates this country.

  • Hoptop

    This just in. All Berkley undergraduates are hereby ordered to refer to each other as Comrade.

  • Baub Knaub

    Good job progressives! Nothing like obliterating the 1st. amendment, but seeing how you really don’t like the constitution, why would anyone be surprised. Go back to sleep people, nothing to see here.

  • MarcB1969

    Are they going to ban “resident alien” as an offensive word as well at these bastions of free speech? PC is the method of controlling the language so that Cultural Marxists can frame and control the discourse. It has nothing at all to do with being a substitute for good manners.

  • jamesben

    Ridiculous CHILDREN “playing adult,” wait until one of these MORONS gets RAPED or ASSAULTED by an ILLEGAL ALIEN piece of trash.

  • Friedrich

    Another arrogant decision by a taxpayer funded entity.

  • Defiant

    How can a college allow folks…kids…to think you can “ban” a word? If somone with a brain decided they ought to ban the word “progressive”, the halls of UCB would look like the inside of the Lucerne particle accelerator! The last guy to ban words also burned books, didn’t he?

  • sickofmisinfo

    Ok, back to calling them wetbacks.

  • White Dude

    To hell with the neo-Marxist MultiKult and their Orwellian baby talk bull shit!

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Name the only nation in the world that millions can enter illegally, influence elections, display their home country’s flag, selectively flout the law, impose their language and culture, accuse their hosts of racism, stage mass protests, form government funded seditious organizations, get preferential treatment ahead of citizens, demand citizenship before legal applicants and receive free food, housing, education, transportation and healthcare. Answer: The Obama Nation

    • maandrews213

      Only people directly affected by this really see the long tern implications. The rest of the USA has been blinded by the bleeding heart main stream media and Progressives pandering to Illegal Aliens to bolster their numbers against U.S. Citizens who want the Border secured against the next 20 million illegally entering and the next !!

    • exlalady

      Very well-stated, sir!!!

  • ultimate1red1

    Arrest the aiders and abettors of the invasion of our homeland.

    Federal Immigration and Nationality Act

    Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

    “Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . .
    knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . .
    in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in
    respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . .
    imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

  • FL_Stingray

    Let’s just call them taco wetbacks instead

  • Robert Rios

    What dehumanize people, is progressive liberalism, they think that by changing a word it also changes the meaning. With that logic we can change a lot of things, like a stabbing could be… the improper use of an eating utensil or a burglary could be…the unauthorize entry of a home or facility or the definition of a college student……a financial asset in need of a liberal brain transplant.

    • Eileen Wright

      Spot on. Generation after generation of being on the dole. No education. No work ethic. No values. The government teet has disocuraged familes from saving, producing and prospering. No wealth (even a small amount) is ever passed on to the next generation. We have created 50 years of folks who have no reason to contribute.

      • Robert Rios

        You just discribed 50 years of democratic party rule in Detroit. The politicians believe that giving poor people someone elses money it would solve the problem. In Detroit they ran out of someone elses money. Working for your money never crossed their mind.

  • strick9

    We certainly wouldn’t want free speech to break out at UC Berkeley. Liberal oppression is needed to prevent unpopular views from being expressed on campus. Seems like they had a free speech movement at UC Berkeley in the 1960s. Now that Liberals are in control they’re ending it.

  • paprtowl

    whatever happened to “the truth will set you free”

  • Mexihole is a nasty country

    I am so sorry if they are offended at being called illegal – because thats what they are – illegal. the student council should quit college and try something easier, like welfare.

  • malb

    Leftists must ban things.

  • Jason

    I’m so proud of CA. they’re setting the example to shape this nation to a better immigrant friendly nation. VA and NYC just showed the tea bagger they better be careful if they steer their ship too much. at these rate the red states will be disappearing gradually

    • Mexihole is a nasty country

      these immigrants are here illegally, unlike me, who is here legally. Screw them, and you.

    • Texasdav

      CA is officially a lost state.

      • Jason

        true! the 12th largest economy in the world!

        • Rotorwash

          Just a few short years ago, California was the 7th largest economy.
          That Socialism is really working out.

          Again, head on back to your “World of Warcraft” game in mom’s basement.

        • Texasdav

          Great economy? CA–even with ridiculous illegal immigration rates–is suffering net losses in population annually.

          • Jason

            you’re stuck in 2009 and 2010 my friend. we are in 2013

    • bnfl

      Jason your a libtard with no common sense, how about NJ idiot

    • ultimate1red1

      Not before we toss your sorry commie butt into the sea.

    • Rotorwash

      Proud of California?
      You are so ignorant you cannot see the grand-scale failure of Socialism.

      Go back to your-porn and your pot in your mothers basement.

      • Jason

        don’t worry 10 -15 years from now you will not even be here so why worry?

        • ultimate1red1

          How bout you go out on the street and spew your commie crap in person. Odds are you won’t be here next week.

          • Rotorwash

            Not going to happen.
            Jason is only Internet-tough.

            He is a big deal in his “Command Center”, also known as his mothers unfinished basement.

    • Eileen Wright

      The US is the most immigrant friendly nation on the face of the earth. Try again.

      • Jason

        not with people like you. but again this is only the drudge report. I’m not surprised about all these comments. I knew and I was warned about all you lunatic old fart right wing baby boomers

        • Eileen Wright

          Name calling. No substance, just emotion. BTW, I’m 44. Try again.

          • Jason

            the name calling I learned it from you guys. I started commenting in a very healthy way about my views, then I had all these retards calling me names. so don’t complain, I just treat you the same way you treat me

          • Rotorwash

            You started out with the Tea Bagger comment.

            Get a job, pay rent, pay taxes, stop smoking pot…
            and in about 15 years we producers of the country may be interested in what you have to say.

            Go away little kid.

    • Baub Knaub

      Va and NYC are your examples?! NYC city elected a commie to replace a lib Repub, wow big surprise! Va Mcauliffe almost lost when the topic of Obamacare was presented finally, while having a paid off 3rd party to siphon off conservative votes. Sorry comrade, turn your keyboard in. You Fail

      • Jason

        you know the funny thing even VA having so many pro gun supporters in rural areas and the NRA rating McAuliffe with an F he still won. truth hurts

        • Baub Knaub

          Yes, the funny thing that the DC suburbs are rife with new federal workers. Funny how that works out when the population centers are majority Democrat. That’s where the handouts are.

  • bnfl

    Republicans should boycott that liberal idiot Time Warner!!!!! It is a disgrace what they did to Christie. Fuc k that jew!!!!!!!

  • Texasdav

    Liberals are always playing with semantics. Re-labeling Global Warming to Climate Change, which will soon be reduced to “The Weather.”

    • ultimate1red1

      Ironically, the same $#!t-for-brains are for opening our border to tens of millions of carbon belchers.

    • Rotorwash

      “Climate Change”…
      What normal humans refer to as “The Four Seasons”.

  • Rotorwash

    This is a prime example of why we producers in the US should not give a-damn what some snot-nosed college brats have to say on anything.

    The reason you are in college is because you are inexperienced in life and ignorant on most things outside of smoking pot and orgies.

    Graduate, get a job, pay a mortgage, pay taxes, don’t go to jail…
    and maybe in 15 years we producers will care what you think.

    Until then, stop worrying about Illegal Aliens and get your noses in a book.

  • Rodney Mann

    Let’s see this all happens shortly after Janet Napolitano takes the helm at UC Berkley, pretty indicative of her time and attitude at DHS and leaves little doubt as to why are borders went unsecure during her tenure and further proves the total disregard those in the Obama administration have for our constitution.
    Maybe most disturbing of all is the fact that these so call student senators would not even listen respectfully to a dissenting opinion (last paragraph). Guess they all belong to the party of tolerance.

  • Rocketman

    Then rapists shouldn’t be called rapists. Murders shouldn’t be called murderers. Thieves shouldn’t be called thieves. Mexicans shouldn’t be called Mexicans. And Democrats shouldn’t be called Leaders. It’s “racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”

  • Laurence Goldkamp

    Ileagal immigrant!!!!!!!!!!! Haha! I said it. This is a great article that shows how free discourse is now illegal in Berkely. Whatever happened to being open minded? These students are very controlling and the only thing they should be I charge of is managing a supermarket.

  • News Reporter

    List of UC Berkeley Student Government Traitors to the Constitution of the United States:

    Group # 1

    DeeJay Pepito – ASUC President

    Nolan Pack – ASUC Executive Vice President

    Safeena Leila Mecklai – ASUC External Affairs Vice President

    Valerie Jameson – ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President

    Timofey Semenov – ASUC Student Advocate

  • News Reporter

    List of UC Berkeley Student Government Traitors to the Constitution of the United States:

    Group # 2

    Courtney Chow – Senator

    Katherine Chung – Senator

    Grant Fineman – Senator

    Destiny Iwuoma – Senator

    Justin Kong – Senator

  • delong

    First off, this “resolution”, as state action by an organ of a public university, is a blatant “illegal” restriction of speech under the First Amendment. It is not a content-neutral restriction on speech, and “illegal immigrant” is not a fighting word traditionally understood.
    It is doubly ironic that students are now the organs of totalitarian thought control, restricting the free speech on a public campus, at a university that 50 years ago was the home of the “Free Speech Movement.” America’s campuses are now the very epicenter of liberal fascism.

  • News Reporter

    List of UC Berkeley Student Government Traitors to the Constitution of the United States:

    Group # 3

    Karen Lee – Senator

    Naweed Mohabbat – Senator

    Briana Mullen – Senator

    Solomon Nwoche – Senator

    Wendy Pacheco – Senator

  • News Reporter

    List of UC Berkeley Student Government Traitors to the Constitution of the United States:

    Group # 4

    Sahil Pandya – Senator

    Caitlin Quinn – Senator

    Liza Raffi – Senator

    Quinn Z Shen – Senator

    Sevly Snguon – Senator

  • News Reporter

    List of UC Berkeley Student Government Traitors to the Constitution of the United States:

    Group # 5

    Sean Tan – Senator

    Emily Truax – Senator

    Pavan Upadhyayula – Senator

    Lauren Week – Senator

    Eric Wu – Senator

  • Fred Smith

    I like the French term, “sans papiers”. Papers please! Don’t have any? Go to Virginia and get them at the DMV office in Fairfax!

  • Warmac9999

    There is no way to fix stupid. While ignorance can be corrected, stupid is forever and that is why progressives are mentally deranged.

  • MIchael Erway

    Go Berkeley! You have to admit that institution is light years ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to expending energy on meaningless politically correct drivel. Of course, illegals should be referred to as the worker. The proletariat. “Proletarians of all countries unite!” as the famous Soviet slogan went. It’s not hard to see the parallel between the USSR and Berkeley.

  • markmark1

    We worry about liberals attacking the 2nd Amendment. What is truly frightening is how they trample the 1st Amendment with impunity.

  • DesertStormVet1

    Typical Berkeley socialists. Perhaps these morons can pay for their taxes and welfare.

    Its no wonder why the People’s Republic of California is going belly-up.

    Tell you what Comrades: Trade you hard-working individuls to us in the red states who believe hard work and the US Constitution should be the basis for how the country runs and we will give you our progressives to make a true socialist state.

  • DontJudgeMeMonkey

    They are correct the term should be illegal alien. A new batch of lemmings will be graduating in a few months from that school; maybe they can find work in Mexico? I guess you could say they are global illegal alien deniers.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Witness the fall of yet another Civilization as it implodes on itself. These kids who at 19-20 something years of age already know better than the rest of the country and their elders. These are going to be the first btw to be hauled away when a Banana Republic dictator rises up and with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens as a large part of his civilian force, that’s just as well armed and just as well funded as the military….History shows that people with education are the first to die….Keep it up geniuses…

  • southcst1

    How about PRICS . . . Persons Residing In Criminal Status

  • W. Bales

    So now we call illegals “WOP’s” (without papers)?
    Students are simple kids with lots of big stupid ideas, especially coming from such a liberal institution.

  • Bayrider

    I know, when you see UC Berkley on a resume…don’t hire them. If I see a liberal college on an application, I exersize my rights by not hiring the idiots.

  • Robert

    I’m not against reforming our immigration system and make it easier for people to become AMERICAN citizens but I’m totally against anyone telling me that I can not use any language I want to when I speak or write. Much less a college where freedom of expression is supposed to be the norm. College has become a joke. You are only free to speak your mind when, and only when, it agrees with what those in power (like a student body organization). When you teach those in college that it perfectly alright to put your foot on others neck and hold them down if they differ from you, then it becomes correct to go back to the practice of enslaving minorities. If anything needs to be outlawed, it’s political correctness.

  • spitefull troll

    “No human being is illegal,” the resolution continues. “ ‘Foreign nationals,’ ‘undocumented immigrants,’ ‘immigrants without papers’ and ‘immigrants seeking status’ are examples of terms we can use that do not dehumanize people.” So can we call them iWops?

  • mirted

    Will we see the students rally to a “Free Speech Movement”, similar to what came about
    in the early 60’s….Don’t hold your breath. PC has been an accepted way of hiding from fact for a long time in the indoctrination halls of the Ivory Tower of Tenure. Don’t you just love how they have adopted the word “hater” to try and marginalize anyone who has an opposing point of view? “Higher Education”? Joke.

  • So this supposed bastion of free speech is banning words? This is what totalitarian states do. Read 1984.

  • Shaun Buck

    at it’s most basic illegal entry into this country could, at the least,
    be considered trespassing, you know, entering a property where you
    LEGALLY are not allowed to be. And guess what? That’s CRIMINAL!! As a
    matter of fact, in a number of countries around the world (most of them)
    it is a sufficiently “illegal” offense to get you arrested and
    imprisoned. Hell, in some it is even enough to get your illegal alien
    ass shot!!

  • bkhuna

    Give California back to Mexico and build a wall to keep the it’s residents from fouling up America proper.

  • Douglas Boehme

    That’s fine, I ban my children from going to your worthless school. Let the dollars do the talking.

    • Baub Knaub

      While that’s a fine gesture it will not help. If you live in California, you already are giving them money through taxes.

      • Douglas Boehme

        Also easy – don’t live there. I’ve had many options to move there and turned everyone one of them down.

        • Baub Knaub

          Exactly! I live in Arizona which has been the beneficiary of many companies fleeing this communist state.

  • James Williams

    While Rome burns these lemmings worry about devising new ways to tell others how to think and what to say. What a waste of education/taxpayer dollars?

  • oilcanp

    The dumb Berkeley grads will be replaced with illegals. Usful idiots.

  • Baub Knaub

    In 2008 Jesus Navarro-Montes, an “immigrant without papers” intentionally ran over Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar as he was placing stop strips in the Imperial sand dunes. He was practicing his “import and export pharmaceutical business” when this “oppressive federal agent” attempted to close his business. Then the “incorruptible friendly neighbor country” blocked all attempts for a year so that our “oppressive neo-nazi state” could not “oppress” this “immigrant without papers” . Wow, its awesome to live with rose colored glasses on!

  • Dana Garcia

    Every one of those illegal alien students is taking a slot that should go to an American kid, particularly Californians whose parents’ taxes have financed the UC system.

    There are fine colleges in Mexico and elsewhere. It’s racist to think otherwise.

  • OracleJones

    In the elitist parallel universe known as “Academia” having any meaningful life experience, common sense or adherance to unfashionable laws is strictly forbidden. The illegal aliens have been referred to as “non-traditional settlers” by some academic elitists. If that is an accurate description then thieves, muggers and looters must be “non-traditional shoppers” and car thieves are “non-traditional commuters”.

  • kctruth

    In a related ruling, UC Berkeley announced that the word “turd” will be replaced by “organic reprocessed food derivative.”

  • Quid Pro Quo

    I totally agree with this. Good for Berkeley.
    Accuracy iis important and to that end, let’s be accurate when descrbing these “people”- ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER SCUM

  • Guest

    Hey, UCB:
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant
    Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant Illegal Immigrant

  • Northwestdad

    Guess they no longer consider their campus a bastion of free speech.

  • Pouncekitty

    When they start banning words, you know Liberalism is in the death spiral. Their fascist roots are starting to show.

  • George Washington

    Reminder to never hire anyone with Berkeley on their resume!

  • Hopeless Future

    I have stopped being surprised at how racist liberals are. They claim the definitional correct term of illegal immigrant is racist because of its racially overtones. Who ever said illegals are only people of color. We have illegals here from England, France, Germany…every European country. It is the liberals who believe only people of color are illegal and therefore are the ones breaking the law. They are too narrow-minded to see their own racism yet see racism in everyone else, where it doesn’t exist.

  • bytchwhoknits

    I say we adopt Mexico’s immigration policy….and then no one can complain! If you have never read it….you should. It is eye opening!

  • Jeremy Meister

    This is a violation of the 1st Amendment.

    Governments (even student ones) can’t ban speech they don’t like.

    Oh **** it, no one’s listening……………:(

  • cranky_1970

    Many Italians were immigrants without papers in the late 19th C. That’s why they were called WOPs.

    Don’t get exercised folks. The Berkeley student govt never used the term anyway, and 20 years ago they banned nuclear weapons on campus.

  • Sara Lee

    Just goes to show how very OUT OF TOUCH of REALITY these Students really are.

  • joe

    liberal insanity.

    illegal = not according to or authorized by law
    immigrant = a person who comes to a country to live there

    If you came to the country to live but are not authorized by law to do so, that would make you? An illegal immigrant!

  • Joe

    SCREW you pigressives! They are here ILLEGALLY and they are ALIENS.

    Thus ILLEGAL ALIENS! This PC is creeping fascism from the left.

  • bytchwhoknits

    All this from a bunch of kids who were raised as far away from illegal aliens as possible. It is not cheap to go to Berkeley!

  • malcom

    can we ban Berkeley? those traitors make me sick.

    • cranky_1970

      UC Berkeley is just a Chinese diploma mill payed for by round eye tax payers.

  • Sam

    Whatever. Let one of the little pc police try sneaking into any other country in the world and see what happens. That should give them a broader world view of the situation.

  • malcom

    liberals and democrats are traitors to America. ESPECIALLY WHITE LIBERALS.

  • Moon Conspiracy

    Illegal immigrant? The right term is illegal alien. Go back to your country.

  • Buck Bagaw

    How about ‘displaced beaner’?

  • enfant2002

    Increasingly it is clear to the rest of the world that US college students are some of the most inept inexperienced people in the world. They get out of college more ignorant than when they entered. We recruite and hire and are starting to place american applicants from the liberal colleges on the bottom of the stack.

  • YouWontLikeIt

    Invading Felon sounds better …

  • SickOfLiberalCrap

    Well they can’t ban me from saying it. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrant.

  • Paul Richard

    THese kids will be on EBT while the illegals will hold the pittance jobs.

  • MekongDelta69

    Bezerkeley is correct…

    It should be, illegal alien

  • Paul Thode

    as a grad who supported the ‘free speech’ movement, I find this deplorable, they are not here legally and while I support an amnesty program of some sort, I think the repression of free speech is not the right way to go

  • grassy knoll

    they passed this rule because theyre all illegal immigrants. deport berkely!

  • JJnTX

    Berkeley physically creates mental illnesses with its curriculum. This is amazing.

    They are illegal, and they are immigrants. The phrase fits. It is accurate. It is not racist. This has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the rule of law.

    California is doomed to become a very large Detroit. Ever heard of the Second Amendment, bozos? That school is worthless.

    • Ned

      No, they are misplaced foreign voters.

  • Ned

    What are they worried about? Janet loves illegal immigrants, I mean misplaced foreign voters.
    What they really need to be scared of are the anal cavity, I mean recessed human IED concealment searches coming their way via the TSA.

  • Thatsanee Chimphleephan

    Fortunately they forgot to ban the term “Stupid Students”

  • 10ACUS1

    Good. Newspeak should be eliminated at our places of higher learning. They are not “illegal immigrants”. They’re not “undocumented workers”. They are FOREIGN INVADERS.

  • 1crazymf

    And now the worm has turned, Do good liberals morphing from free love freedom peace love down with the man are now becoming the good little authoritarians they supposedly rallied against for the last forty years, whaling like children about rights and now banning freedom of speech, how loving enjoy the flower in your hair

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Hey young unknowing baby ass wipes. You can ban all the words and phrases you want but it won’t make a damn bit of difference when California secedes from the USA and you get your young butts booted out of Greater Northern Mexico because you are not Mexican citizens. So the student government that is supposed to be so enlightened is censoring speech, how special. I guess they figure they’ll get special treatment when the poop hits the fan when whole system comes crashing down around their poor little heads. And they call themselves adults. You youngins better wake up to the real world cause it’s not a pretty place.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    We’re going to ban the term “Logical Democrat”.

  • A question from the real world meritocracy:
    What happens if you are caught using the term “illegal alien”?

    • DontJudgeMeMonkey

      You are either sent to a re-education camp or deported to Mexico.

    • JJnTX

      Expulsion from the Kool Kids’ Klub.

  • Jim

    You can force people to call a Siht burger a hamburger..but its still tastes the same..Silly collage..

  • Joseph Friday

    Illegal Alien is not a good descriptor for the situation anyway. These criminals who invade our country, breaking our immigration laws and sneaking across the border to obtain jobs, have kids to tie them here, stealing government handouts not established for non citizens and many commiting drug and human trafficking laws are nothing mor or less than CRIMINAL INVADERS and should be repelled at the border and those who infiltrated should, with their families, be rounded up and sent packing back to their country of origin and the foreign aid provided by us to that country reduced by what those round up and deportation costs are as well as recoupment for any welfare and medical aid provided. Illegal immigrants, not! Immigrant implies they immigrated properly and it is time to start calling a spade a spade for wht these individuals really are, CRIMINAL INVADERS, period!

  • caiusKeys

    Can’t we just make the whole “problem” illegal?

  • 1crazymf

    The resolution also calls for administrators and faculty to attend an “UndocuAlly training workshop.”
    sounds like a re-education camp to me

  • DontJudgeMeMonkey

    They use to burn books and now they have taken censorship to a whole new level. I wonder what these children think they can ban next. Coming soon the UC Berkeley campus the new and approved dictionary for the like-minded you can only tolerate. They walk alike, they talk alike sometimes they even squawk alike; you can lose your mind when UC Berkeley start telling you what should be a crime. Isn’t it wonderful to see the natural evolution of things, the student has now become the teacher and the teacher is a fascist; money well spent mom and dad, money well spent.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    When you ban the word “illegal”, it just gives the president a pass.

  • RichPorardo

    “Newspeak”. 2+2=5

  • JJnTX

    What the heck happened to Disqus? This is now a college Halloween article?

  • beefrank

    Changing the name does not change the fact these humans are breaking the law and using the liberal climate to cheat the system and steal from the taxpayers. What’s next? Pediophiles as ‘lovers of immaturity’? Rapists as ‘victims of miscommunication’?

  • MarySue5813

    They are not illegal immigrants. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • scarey2

    This is what happens when the Socialist State of California hires a Socialist like Nepolitano to run Cal University system… The slope is getting very slippery,,, and I fell embarrassed about being a resident of this state…

  • Joey the bull

    Got out of bed, wasn’t feeling too good
    With my wallet and my passport, a new pair of shoes
    The sun is shining so I head for the park
    With a bottle of tequila, and a new pack of cigarettes

    I got a cousin and she got a friend
    Who thought that her aunt knew a man who could help
    At his apartment I knocked on the door
    He wouldn’t come out until he got paid

    Now don’t tell anybody what I wanna do
    If they find out you know that they’ll never let me through, ‘cos

    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, no
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien

    Down at the office had to fill out the forms
    A pink one, a red one, the colors you choose
    Up to the counter to see what they think
    They said it doesn’t count man, it ain’t written in ink
    I don’t trust anybody, least not around here, ‘cos

    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, I tell ya
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, no no no no no
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, I mean it when I tell ya that
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien
    An illegal alien, okay

    Consideration for your fellow man
    Would not hurt anybody, it sure fits in with my plan
    Over the border, there lies the promised land
    Where everything comes easy, you just hold out your hand

    Keep your suspicions, I’ve seen that look before
    But I ain’t done nothing wrong now, is that such a surprise
    But I’ve got a sister who’d be willing to oblige
    She will do anything now to help me get to the outside

    So don’t tell anybody what I wanna do
    If they find out you know that they’ll never let me through, ‘cos

    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, I tell ya
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, and it’s getting me down
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, no, no, no, no, no
    It’s no fun being an illegal alien, yeah yeah yeah

    Read more: Genesis – Illegal Alien Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • Texas


    • Jim

      Well….Under Obamas rule..It makes us Americans criminal and “them” Mexican varmint have more rights than” We The People”

  • Lance1234

    A person who is not a citizen of the USA is by definition an “Alien” when present in the USA. That “Alien” is present in the USA either legally, having complied with our immigration law, or is here illegally having not complied with our immigration laws. If that Alien has complied with our law, they are a “Legal Alien”. If they have not complied with law, they are an “Illegal Alien”. Reality does not yield to emotions. Any questions?

    • 1crazymf

      Law only applies to the Stanford side of the bay. The authoritarians in Berkley are just trying to change reality.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    “Compassion”, dressed as violent overthrow.

  • JJnTX

    Can North Korea just nuke California already? We all know Obama wouldn’t mind anyway.

  • DJ

    Nothing more than young, liberal robots mindlessly repeating their programming. Ho hum.

  • Guardian67

    So, if it is now illegal to use the term illegal; am I illegal if I call people from other countries (aliens, in common parlance) who come into this country in opposition to the proscription of existing law illegal aliens?

  • Hank Vreeland

    The correct term should be criminal alien.

  • don duck

    how about calling a spade a spade….idiots

  • disturbed

    What a bunch of wussy beaners. Get the hell out of here if youre gonna influence our politics you worthless vermin! We dont want u here. you ruined california, youve practically taken over the west coast, what more do you cockroaches want?

  • Guardian67

    Also, I remember a time when Berkeley was the center of freedom of speech rights specifically including the public use of the basest of vulgarities. I guess the fascist Brown Shirts are now in countrol at Cal.

  • Horrendus

    Then they need to make it a felony to be an undocumented immigrants

  • worthywalking

    A robber making an “undocumented withdraw” from a bank is still a robber.

  • Nosmo

    Just call them ‘future democrat voters’….

    • ocnj3469

      Best line of the day, 100% agree. If the illegal would vote the GOP, then the word ILLEGAL will be everywhere

  • edbarbar

    Call them IAs (aye As). It sounds spanish, too.

    Illegal Immigrant, on the other hand, has no connotation of race or country of origin, other than what the facts are.

  • MarkJ

    What’s the difference between the Nazi Reichstag and the UC Berkeley Student Senate?

    Actually nothing, except the Berkeley students don’t wear uniforms…at least not yet.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    For some stupid reason, these lefties believe that these “illegals” are incapable of “improving the planet”, from their own home towns.

  • yea_right

    a resolution passed by the STUDENT government. it means nothing.

  • Tipi Rick

    As a ’74 Graduate of UCB, M.Arch., I could not be more disgusted with my alma mater, the self-important, ill-liberal, regressive lot that only in its mind thinks it’s worthy of ANY respect. And they keep sending me requests for support. Not happening.

  • wsmith1213

    at this point, you would have to be a complete idiot to want to attend UC Berkley

  • Fastgirl

    Censorship at a liberal college. Hard to believe. Just because the college choses to censor certain words doesn’t change the fact of what these people who are in this country illegally really are, They are illegal immigrants plain and simple.

  • Don

    Uncivil immigrant…there, that’s better!

  • tom_ma

    Is calling an criminal alien from Ireland an illegal immigrant racist?

    • MerphisEllis

      No, the true is the true, the crying shame is the person that aids this illegal activity will not be charged for there crime!

  • David Goldman

    The irony, of course, is that UCB has no problem branding as “illegal” the “occupation of territory unfairly seized during the 1846 invasion of peaceful Mexico by imperialist America.” The California school system is now an official branch of La Raza and MEChA.

  • jcd0101

    hmm i have an answer for this one..
    From peanut..
    Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, illegal..
    Hmm so will they ban Youtube next?

  • hunterson

    Nothing like our modern self-declared “progressives” to remind us of how “progressivism” is not only cowardly and illiberal, but anti-thetical to a free America.
    “Illegal Alien” is exactly the correct term for aliens who came here illegally.

  • MJ

    I would like to congratulate the California University on the new achievement in Splitting Hairs. I will grudgingly give you that it is a persons actions or lack of action that makes them illegal. But to say that something is not illegal because it is civil and not criminal. A civil case is still a violation of the law. We are talking about a federal felony to be in the country without proper documentation. This meets the definition of being illegal. As in violation of a law. Is the next step to ban the dictionary from campus because it contains words that you feel are derogatory.

    • CCBanks

      WRONG. It’s basic ENGLISH which is probably why these morons struggle with it. In the phrase “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” the word “IMMIGRANT” is the NOUN which refers to the PERSON. The word “ILLEGAL” is an ADJECTIVE which describes the TYPE of NOUN in this case the type of “IMMIGRANT”. And “illegal” one as opposed to an “undocumented” one who’s paperwork was forgotten , destroyed or eaten by the family pet. The word “illegal” NEVER is the PERSON in English but rather the TYPE of person. It’s like saying the BLUE CAR, no one is calling the word BLUE a CAR, rather it is the CAR that is BLUE.

  • tramky

    This is precisely why the change to the Constitution that permitted 18-year-old children to vote was terribly misguided. The qualifications to vote in America should be identical to those required by the Constituion to be President of the United States. That alone would rectify many problems in our government dysfunction.

  • PJParks

    You can call them buttercups if you like, that will not change the fact they are illegal aliens.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    When it has been determined that a terrorist weapon has been delivered through our porous border and then set off, these same people will defend the action an exercise of their First Amendment right.

  • Bill

    illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant illegal immigrant …. times 11 million

  • erkel2013

    I agree, they are not aliens… they are ILLEGAL INTRUDERS !

  • elizabethrc

    “Bans”??? They can’t do that. It’s anti-Constitutional. They can try, but what are they going to do when two people are in conversation on campus and use the term illegal immigrant? Arrest them? Throw them out of school? Can you imagine the lawsuits the school will open itself up to?

    • erkel2013

      Typical of the fascist punks at Berkeley to try and suppress free speech.

  • Craig Maize

    nothing new coming from berkley

  • ex dem

    How about these people are idiots? The fact is if you come here without permission you are an illegal immigrant no matter what these leftists say. If your first act upon entering our country is to break the law, we don’t want you. Respect goes both ways.
    Generations of new Americans came here legally, and from far worse conditions. What right do these people have to break our laws and then demand benefits. Screw them all and their democrat supporters.

  • CraxyD

    OK, fine. “Illegal alien” works better anyway.

  • markybel

    The Berkeley student government finding that they still had way too much time on their hands decided that calling someone a “burglar” is racist and therefore these people shall hence be known as “surprise guests.” Likewise a “home invasion” is a racist term that shall now be known as “unannounced home visits”.

  • tsandco

    Fascist Liberalism.

    WE know better than you, lowly peasant. WE determine what you can say, can’t say.
    WE determine what healthcare insurance plan you can pay for. WE determine what coverage you MUST have.

    WE determined that your current health plan must include abortions, gender change surgeries, maternity care (especially if you are a male).

    YOU will do what we say or YOU are a racist

  • Ben Gauzzi

    I call my Yugo a Ferrari, but it’s still an ugly, environment destroying, undependable, costly ride to hell.

    • Mr. Twitch

      Ben Gauzzi

      what an effin’ h @ m @ you are!!!!!!!!

      Who gives a crap about Benghazi!? It is just a ruse to go after the ‘puppet in chief’.

      Before 9/11 they tried to look into terrorists in FL learning to fly jet liners but not interested in learning to land them. But you are butt hurt about 4 people dying in a shythole place they should not even have been in. Up yours!
      I’m yer niggaberry

  • T F

    Illegal alien.

  • smokehouse56

    Who gives a rap what these mush-head 19 years old students do.

  • Wally

    UC Berkley … trash heap of empty minds bent on destroying what makes this a great country at any cost!!!!!!!

  • CrashFroelich

    How about “uneducated, disease-ridden, border-jumping, criminal” instead?

  • NSA Snooper

    Banning speech, what a wonderful day for Nazis and Commies.

    • T F

      In a place that should harvest the most free speech due to the learning environment that should be created individually.

  • Les Paul

    How about just using the word Mexican?

  • sea ray

    How about we call them Disease Spreaders

  • JimmyMac6778

    And these morons are supposed to be “educated”. As with all liberals, they fear and strive to appease people who wouldn’t think twice about hitting them in the face with a hammer. Eventually, some of them might grow frontal lobes and actually read & understand the Bill of Rights, regretting the day when they voted to circumvent the Constitution. By then, it’ll be too late.

  • Noreaster20

    Imagine getting pulled over by a traffic cop and they ask you for your driver’s license…. you say “I don’t have a driver’s license”, the cop says “you are driving illegally and must receive a summons”… you tell the cop “no I’m not driving illegally, I’m driving undocumented”…. do you think the cop will write the summons?…. damn right he will.

    • tsandco

      Yes means No, Wrong means Right, Illegal means Misunderstood

  • pdx73

    Illegal is what they are and illegal is what they shall continue to be called. You don’t like it, tough shit. No motley collection of student fascists can prevent American citizens from using language they choose. It’s called free speech, cretins, get used to it.

  • RT72

    Now this is a perfect example of 1. a government entity restricting free speech in contravention of the 1st Amendment. 2. Liberal institutions attempting to mold the discussion in a way that does not recognize reality. If you are not legally in the US you are by definition breaking our law. There for you are an illegal alien.

  • John Stanton

    The left always wants to impose speech controls.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    I call my president “honorable”, but it doesn’t change the facts.

  • Corpseman57

    You can ban your “useful idiot” students and administration from using that phrase, but to most American’s, they are still ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    They should be punished according to the current law. Anyone helping them to stay here should be charged with aiding and abetting criminals.

  • tsandco

    Liberal Fascism

    “Nwoche said while he sympathized with the situation, he thinks the resolution does not accomplish anything substantial. He added he was disappointed in how a student who spoke against the resolution at an earlier meeting was treated by student senators, who laughed or had their backs turned when the lone protester addressed the dais.”

  • Good move. That clears the way for a return to “wetback.” It’s fewer keystrokes, anyway.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    The spirit of Thomas Bowdler is alive and well at Berkeley.

    He who controls the definitions of words, wins the argument …. he thinks.

    • tsandco

      Sorry had to look that up…

      The verb bowdlerise (or bowdlerize)[2] has associated his name with the censorship not only of literature but also of motion pictures and television programmes.

  • rtc_amesbury

    I love it when a hotbed of liberalism bans free speech!

    • tsandco

      Liberal Fascism

  • sea ray

    How about we Ban the UC Berkeley student government

  • sciencebob

    Wetback is the old school term. But since they are not legal, then they must be illegal.

    • tsandco

      I would guess the term is outdated as many illegal immigrants don’t use the Rio Grande to illegally enter the US.

      Most use fake IDs, tunnels, vehicles

      How Mexico deals with Illegal Immigrant Guatemalans when they illegally cross the boarder into Mexico from Guatemala.

      “Foreigners” and “Outsiders”?

      “The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” How’s that for racial and ethnic profiling?”

      “If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Neither are those who show “contempt against national sovereignty or security.” They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care.”

  • tgcrawford

    Any student in the country illegally has broken the law, and needs to be sent back to their country, where they can apply for entry, just like the 300,000 LEGAL entrants who abide by our laws. No excuse. Who cares what an idiot student at Berkeley imagines. The world has laws, period.

  • southcst1

    This is your future generation of community organizers / free world leaders

  • militant

    Great moments in “academic freedom” here.

  • DontJudgeMeMonkey

    By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.

  • Ben Gauzzi

    Send these students south of the border so they can get a crash course in discrimination.

  • ok, now they will be dubbed “criminal aliens”

  • Morey Ladini

    ILLEGAL ALIEN IS the legally correct term for most of them.

    If they were actual “IMMIGRANTS” they would have been accounted for at the border in some LEGAL way.

    Hence, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • Commieobamie


  • 6x=2p

    Bezerkely is a pathetic communist wannabe Ivy.

  • dagnytaggart

    So….IWOPS then…?

  • SGinNC

    Calling all Tea Party members White old men or terrorist is “racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.” Calling an uninvited foreign national an Illegal Alien is an accurate description. I understand that this nation is looking more like the society in the book “1984” but do we also have to incorporate the “Newspeak” and lack of freedom of speech?

  • Tim

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    Anytime an institution wants to punish you for speaking truth, then it’s time to stand up to that institution or they will take this thought crime control as far as they can. Yell the phrase “Illegal Immigrant”, CHANT it at protests and shove it in their faces.

    “you cannot destroy truth by burning pages” – Obsolete Man

  • coachbeef

    For supposedly educated kids, you are a bunch of bedwetting idiots. The words “illegal” and “immigrant” mean things that are completely devoid of race, creed, or sexual misorientation. When you slugs get out of that hellhole of indoctrination, you will be about as prepared to deal with the real world as a poodle dropped in the Amazon. That’s exactly what your milquetoast parents and grandparents have done, bred you into animals ill equipped to survive in a competitive world. You will always need to be cared for, because you are dependent, whiny, spoiled beggars. Cute, soft, fat, but useless other than to make fun of.

  • VanceJ

    What part of illegal don’t these idiots understand ?

  • John Schilling

    Yeah, I’ve always preferred “CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADER” to that other thing.

  • Interurbaner

    Right so now the Marxist tell the mainstream it is Illegal to say Illegal. Just as it will be racist and illegal to say Undocumented and at the risk of sounding naive how can anyone actually be undocumented? No birth cert? No Mexican Food Stamps?

  • sfcmac

    I dropped a line to Wendy. I guarantee she won’t like what I sent. Here’s her email: [email protected]

  • Ben Gauzzi

    Maybe if they ban enough words we can get these people to shut the hell up.

  • So, then … What do we call a guy who forces his way into your home? Is he a home-invasion robber or an undocumented guest? Berkeley is only contributing to killing the language by proscribing certain words and phrases.

  • John Right

    How about telling it like it is and just start calling them CRIMINAL INVADERS. Who really cares what the Prissy Pants Fascists at UC Berkely think?

  • VHG1

    LOL! Liberals love words! They aren’t “immigrants” in the first place! They’re illegal alien law breaking welfare seeking scum! Chew on that college kid!

  • Bdad

    So a public university, using public funds tells people that the use of certain words in a certain order are no longer tolerated and banned. So they have then told everyone that free speech is no longer the law of their land.

  • Greg Williams

    Call them “Future Democratic Voters”

    • outlawgodsucks

      Democratic terrorists

    • Corpseman57

      You think illegal aliens aren’t voting multiple times in current and past elections?

  • giatny

    This is still the United States of America. You don’t get to BAN words no matter how offensive to some.

  • John Schilling


  • Jeff Hamilton

    Banning words is the same as banning thoughts. No matter your thoughts on immigration NO ONE is able to tell what you may or may not say. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and alumni should be ashamed at what this means for free speech.

    • One must have enough brain cells to feel shame before they can feel ashamed.

  • John Schilling


  • Gabriel

    Wow. So now we have brainwashed teenagers telling us how to think and what to say? News Flash: UP is still up , Down is still down. And the freaking LEFT is out of its freaking minds! IF you like the English language…you can keep it.

  • Noindex

    Ever heard of a little thing called the first ammendment?

    • Corpseman57

      Lib-progs pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they will acknowledge. Free speech only applies to what the lib-progs want to say.

  • John Byrum

    Typical of an ultra-left wing school like UCB to take away a basic civil right while defending something that isn’t even a right. What don’t those morons understand about the word “illegal”? It is what they are. They are here illegally and they are aliens in this country. It doesn’t matter where they are from. It is what it is.

  • mrbill59

    They have banned the word education it is now indoctrination!

  • exlalady

    Wasn’t it at UC Berkeley that Mario Savio started the free speach movement back in the ’60s? I guess free speach is a thing of the past on that campus now. These people are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and that is a fact.

  • libknocker

    The new term is undocumented DEMOCRATS. Big sis is going to do to UC Berkeley what she did for the Border Patrol.

  • Edward Gein

    In Arizona we use the phrase “Illegal Alien”, but I just call them criminals.

  • jumper297

    These people are insane. I don’t expect much less from UC Berkeley… but what concerns me is their irrational justification and the utter lack of critical thinking skills by anyone in the student body.

  • Jim Hunter


    Obviously you can see how these “Useful Idiots” swayed my way of thinking.

    Message to all Brain Dead Berkeley jerks: Drink More KOOL-AID

    • outlawgodsucks

      Too bad Jim Jones isnt the mixologist of that Kool Aid

  • Dutch Riggins

    Hey Liberals! How about starting your bonfire for some book burning? How about invoking the Chairman (Mao) and his term “cultural revolution”–where 50mm+ people were “purged” (meaning killed, for those liberals who can’t translate)? How about the old Soviet Union and its crackdown on “Western” influences in dress, music, movies, etc.? Or simply, how about just forgetting the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment?

    In simple English, illegal means breaking the law–this is what is being done every time a citizen of another country enters the U.S. illegally. Or, if you’re into Webster: “Illegal=Forbidden by law or statute. Alien=A person born in and possessing the citizenship of a country other than the one in which he or she currently lives.”

  • gegsr1

    I like the word “Crimalien” in this PC world of short to the point rhetoric.

  • wboehmer

    The UC Berkeley student government deemis the term illegal immigrant to be “racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”
    I guess it doesn’t matter to them that the term is true & accurate.

  • outlawgodsucks

    Liberals routinely invent
    extra-Constitutional rights in order to further their agenda (i.e.
    abortion, gender and racial preferences, etc.) and routinely invent
    “repressed groups” in order to expand the power of the State (i.e.
    homosexuals, minorities, illegal immigrants, etc.) or to subvert the
    power of established institutions (i.e. the Church, family, nationalism,

  • gAWD

    Of course they do.

  • akjim99

    They’ve also banned the phrase “common sense,” and the words “educated,” “knowledgeable,” and “patriot.”

  • Shulman

    I imagine, then, that none of these students has a passport and, when traveling across borders, simply explains to the kind immigration officers that he is merely a human passing through in a non-criminal way. I also don’t understand the civil/criminal distinction. I understand “illegal” to mean “not legal,” as in “against the law.” It is irrelevant whether the law metes out civil or criminal punishment to an offender — it’s still a law, and breaking it is still illegal. Sad that these are ostensibly accomplished students and future politicians.

    • clifferd

      Shulman, You’re dead on here. Unfortunately, you’ve overlooked that democrats’ main tool in making “progress” is to keep people uninformed. In other words, by obfuscating the fact that illegal means, simply, “against the law,” whether civil or criminal penalties apply, they make their point. To the sheeple and/or uninformed masses that are the democrat party, when they say illegal entry into the country is a civil offense, democrats have said all they need to say, because they know “their” people will investigate no further. Just like ObaMao: so I have said it, so it shall be done……you know, that sort of dictatorial stuff…….

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Maybe we should call them what legitimate Mexican-Americans that are displaced by these illegal intruders call them: Mojado.

  • jonnkuuk

    Fu,,kin commies. Illegal aliens! That is what they are you dumb asss spoiled and ignorant robots!

  • Interurbaner

    Leftist Newspeak English they are limiting and constantly shifting mainstream vocabulary. Any synonyms or antonyms, along with undesirable concepts are to be eradicated. The goal is for everyone to be speaking this language by the year 2050. (according to 1984)

  • Major Remington

    They’re now to be called undocumented democrats.

    • Or worse “Soon to be documented Democrats”… 🙁

  • Gabriel

    Anyone else getting tired of old hippie profs groping their daughters and filling their heads full of leftist garbage????

  • Tom Roberts

    Call them a filthy Mexican like everyone else does.

  • Carolina Johnny

    Tea Party bans use of word “Berkeley” due to its Marxist and socialist stance against America.

  • jonnkuuk

    Illegal aliens! Sing it loud and proud Americans!

  • Willy

    The supercilious and so intrepid “boys and girls” of the student government should start with a night-time tour of the south side of Chicago. Those remaining should try an illegal visit to Mexico to argue their cause. (Oh, I’m sorry. I meant undocumented excursion). That would truly be the college fix.

  • Dee L McKee

    From now on, “drug dealers” will be known as “unlicensed pharmacists”.


    You got to love these liberal pukes. The term “illegal immigrant” is racist? When I think of illegal aliens of think of people from all corners of the world who are here illegally. Apparently in the mind of a liberal the term “illegal immigrant” is synonymous with Mexican. Sounds to me like the students of Berkeley are the racists. Note to Berkeley graduates: don’t bother applying to my company for a job. Resumes for graduates from notoriously liberal schools go straight into the trash. I’d much prefer to hire a hard-working LEGAL immigrant than a liberal skumbag from Berkeley.

  • Paul Sanders

    Foreign Invaders!

  • Denny Crane

    I prefer the term “Illegal Alien Invader”. They are breaking our laws, invading our nation, and are legally of alien status. I don’t care what bleeding heart liberals want. Those are the facts, they are legally accurate and that is the phrase I will use.

  • jabusse

    It is not illegal immigrant anyway. According to the definitions in the US code it is illegal alien and according to the law the fed has total control over them, not CAL. Don’t they read the US law? Of course it was Berkley that was the loan vote not to go to war against Japan in WWII and it was UC Berkley’s work on Eugenics that led to Hitlers cleansing of Europe. So one wonders why anything Berkley does or says is worth much.

  • firstladyfinger

    Yes Illegal Alien is much better, Civil Criminals, Nasty Invaders, Welfare Leech, Anchor Baby Downloaders, Too Cowardly to Fix my own EFFing country -that’s why I invade yours, Democrat Wannabes, McCains Millions, etc. etc. You students are offensive to me panty waist PC fools. There is already a process for legal immigration, use it, enforce it, respect it.

  • jonnkuuk

    You parents should be ashamed at how stupid and ignorant your liberal spawn are.

  • freeinpa

    “deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”

    Even worse its factually correct– that is what they really hate.

    Maybe we should out law the term crack dealer and instead call them unlicensed pharmacists

  • Corpseman57

    Cockroaches, bedbugs and rats invaded my home. Their numbers grew and grew. I called in the exterminator who refused to get rid of them, saying they were here before I was.

    Get rid of the vermin now. No new immigration law will stop even more of these criminal parasites from coming in.

  • Mahlon Manson

    It is what it is, an illegal alien does not become legal just by not saying it.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    This country is nothing more than an open air asylum.

  • sciencebob

    Close to a third of the entire population of Mexican now live in the United States. At what point do we just add their entire country to the US and just call it a day? BTW, 20 years ago Canadians were thinking of joining the USA if Quebec pulled away.

  • DZicyB

    Wrong on every count. The term is racially neutral: what race is implicated? It correctly describes the status of a resident who has entered this country in violation of our immigrations laws. Banning speech in an institution that receives any federal funds or State funds violates both the 5th and 14th Amendments. Berkeley should be decertified. Obviously its students do not learn very much.

  • firstladyfinger

    Just wish we could Mandate a Tax on their azz. What a sorry state of affairs.

  • tzinser

    Apparently, the books of George Orwell are no longer standard ciriculum. If i were a UC Berkeley student, i would make sure none of the ‘yeah’ voters were ever elected again.

  • Commonsense58

    It is not “I” that will have to deal with the illegal immigrants it is “YOU”. I do not compete with them for a job, however “YOU” will. When you finish your indoctrination at UC Berkeley you can take your worthless degree and shove it in your dresser drawer and see 75% of your earnings withheld by State, local and federal government! Have fun with it suckers! and remember “YOU” brought cheap competition for jobs to YOUR job market! “Addios you dumb liberal’s!”

  • White & Proud

    tell me to my face I can’t use the words ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! OR ILLEGAL COMMUNIST IMMIGRANTS!!!! someone needs to burn down that cesspool called berkley!!!!!!!!!

    • DNR would have a fit with all that stinky poop burning, dontcha know 🙂

  • erkel2013

    (hope your tuition skyrockets you little commie punks)

    • John Schilling

      They’re all sponging off their parents; none of these berzerkeleypunx have any idea of work or the value of a dollar. It’s all someone else’s money…a lifetime mindset.

  • Albert Chambers

    When can we ban the racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory term “UC Berkeley”? It gives other colleges a bad name.

  • cindy

    OMG. Will we continue to outlaw words that gain meanings that we don’t agree with? Is this for the greater good?

  • Patriothog

    I’m so proud of the young people of Berkeley. They are maintaining the tradition of lunacy on that campus. Typically unlawful and illegal are interchangeable. I propose they be called unlawful immigrants on that campus.

  • Amos2

    More PC junk coming out of Academia. These people live in a unreal world, an ivory tower, where they believe all their punditry has value and the rest of mankind should bow down to their superior intelligence. Eventually the real world rises up in their faces and confronts them with its harsh reality. Then, they either run home to Mom and Pop or become the flotsam and jetsam of society know as the Occupy detritus.

  • erkel2013

    How about you all stop saying ‘teabaggers’.

  • flying_coaster

    This is like getting mad at a dog for barking, or a chicken for clucking. So what, if it makes them happy to thought police their own little leftist utopia… whatever.

    About half of them will grow up, actually read news not linked to on huffpo, find themselves jobless and in violation of the law because they can’t pay their health premiums, then rethink their politics…and realize the error of their ways.

    The rest will be too rich (from family money) to have an accurate perspective, or be too well stymied by gov’t hand-outs to be able to choose political change… and they will no they were right.

    Either way getting incensed is wasted energy.

    We are circling the drain faster and faster.

    • erkel2013

      i hate barking dogs too!

  • BK Martin

    That’s ok children of the school counsel, I banned UC Berkley from my property years ago…

  • Le_Grand_Schtroumpf

    They are right – Criminal Mexican is a much better term.

    • Corpseman57

      There are more than just Mexicans coming across the border.

  • X_Capt_Obvious_X

    Book burnings are not far away.

  • I-Defy

    You ever notice liberals like to change the definition of words to fit their agenda? Why do we have to respect someone who is breaking the law? No one ever answers that?

  • ounceoflogic

    900 illegally enrolled students… HAH!

  • TedCrunch

    Okay, so now they’re IWOPs. Immigrants WithOut Papers. 🙂

    • Be kinda risky Ted, IHOP & a whole lot of Italians would probably want your hide 🙂

  • Robert Govan

    We should ban our fraud politicians from Hollywood. Pelosi is JANE F#CKING FONDA. And obama is the son of Richard Pryor. No joke. Wellaware1.com

  • I-Defy

    Just call em what they are “law breakers”

    • erkel2013

      Criminal Intruders

  • jonnkuuk

    You dumb kids are not being educated, you are being brain washed! Your parents should pull you out of that zoo and demand their money back! These are the people that spit on the U.S? Military during the Vietnam war. You were not worth dying for then, you are not worth dying for now!

  • The Voice of Reason

    The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal
    immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive,
    unfair and derogatory.

    Let’s break this down into some words.

    Illegal means the individual has done something illegal. Illegal could mean driving without a license, voting in an election without being registered, stealing a book from the Berkeley Library or maybe sneaking across a border.

    All the above actions are race neutral because anyone can do them. Thus, the first word illegal should have no offense to anyone as to race.

    Offensive is when you say something to someone that may offend them. What these Left wing nut jobs of a student body are doing is offensive to me. It is taking away my right to call a spade a spade. The feeling of offensive is in the eye of the beholder and everything can be offensive. For example, your in McDonald’s with a fat friend and you are ordering for him, if you ask him if he wants his meal super-sized would that be offensive? Maybe McDonald’s should ban the word Super-size.

    The word unfair is always used by liberals because its an adjective that describes another sate of mine about ones feelings. My kids would always tell me that going to bed at 7:00 PM was unfair when they were little. But, parents decide what is fair, not the child.

    Derogatory is the same as fair.

    So what do we call a person who sneaks across the border, which is a Federal crime, earns their income under the table, which is a crime, doesn’t report their income on a tax return, which is a crime, drives without a license and no insurance, has a baby but doesn’t reveal the name of the known father so they qualify for free services, which is also a crime, buys weapons without registration, which is a crime, and the list goes on and on?

    I think the word Illegal Immigrant is actually too lenient and forgiving.

  • ArJay

    “invading foreign nationals”

  • ounceoflogic

    May i suggest the terms “Uninvited Guests” or “Pre-Amnesty Citizens”?

  • labillyboy

    Berkley ceased to be respected many years ago… the place is a joke. Try getting a job with a diploma from this freak asylum… I trash any resume that comes across my desk with a Berkley degree on it.

    Funny how intolerant the far left socialist Demokrats have become in this country.

  • scarlet pimpernel

    I give up; you are correct – no more “illegal aliens.”
    I will just call them, “CRIMINALS.”

  • Tpm Gilbert

    Only in California — Isn’t PCness a wonderful thing????

  • M_J_S

    LOL…the mental patients don’t like the words they use….we need some SWAT teams to remove these liberal tyrants

  • erkel2013


  • Bobbie_Z

    Berkeley, the home of the leftist free speech movement, but now the leftists are running the show.

  • SpendusMaximus

    “illegal immigrant” “illegal immigrant” “illegal immigrant” “illegal immigrant” ….. may your taxes rise above your income and let us know if you still believe “illegal immigrant”.

  • Jesus Christ, it’s Allah !

    When are they banning the Phrase
    “AIDS infected campus Idiot ”

    Drug testing the losers …….is a start ….
    Any campus idiot failing the drug test is cut off student welfare….

  • OLdkat

    Berkley That says it all. Anyone expect anything different.

  • noodles5

    Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigrant

    • rdlynn

      They are not immigrants.

  • DavidL

    So they’ve made it illegal to say “illegal immigrant?”

    What will they do to people who use the phrase? Eject them from the room? Yell and scream? Take away their student id?

    RIP Berkley Free Speech Movement.

  • doncalls

    This is why myself and many alumni stopped giving to our college.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    LOL – college punks who don’t know enough to wipe themselves deem illegal immigrants to be an offensive of illegal immigrants. One cannot make up this chit. Well keep making rules Berkeley – someone under the influence is bound to follow them.

  • Bdad

    In case anyone wants to make the effort to share your thoughts with the student “senators” you can write to: [email protected] OR you can go to their web site: http://asuc.org/ and identify individuals and send email’s to any or all of them.

  • There is this silly little thing called Freedom of Speech that illegal alien apologists gloss over in their hurry to be PC.

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    OK. We’ll go back to calling them wetbacks.

  • Jason

    I am a citizen of Earth.

  • erkel2013

    You punks have lost grip on reality.
    What’s next, your physics department denies the law of gravity?
    put the bongs down and study something worthwhile.

    • gardengnome132

      You mean Black Lesbian Atheist Socialist Haircut Studies isn’t worthwhile???

  • the_logician

    Ok, fine. I preferred ‘Illegal Alien’ anyway, so we’re back to using that then!

  • binthere222

    Before conducting such a vote, all participants should be required to attend a special seminar.

    Here is the location : The admissions office at Universidad de Xochicalcomore in Tijuana just across the border.
    After attempting to enroll in a class there, the participants will be required to pay off the local police and judges if they ever want to get back home again following their arrest and beating by the police on the spot. If on the other hand, they are beaten too severely, they will be required to also pay the bill at the local (free only to Mexican citizens) socialized medicine clinic. THEN they will be jailed until someone on this side of the border sends them enough bribe money. They will also be obligated to hire local attorneys there and pay their own jail expenses for the time they are in jail. They will also be riding the bus home because their cars will be stolen by the local police and judges.
    Only after that, should they be allowed to vote on being NICE to these people.

  • Middletown

    just goes to show that 2ndary ed is not about learning anymore.

  • gardengnome132

    It’s funny how the oh-so-tolerant liberals love to ban free speech, I’m sure the indoctrinated drones are thrilled with this latest “resolution”.

    Sieg heil!

  • dudley litz

    War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery

    • rdlynn

      You forgot Obama is not a British Subject.

  • GJ

    Does the US Berkley Student Government have the right to hamper the freedom of speech? There is nothing wrong with using words within the English language within their proper context. For example, the word illegal does not refer to the personhood of the individual. The Student Government is correct. No person is illegal. However, crossing the boarder, without the proper permissions from the United States, does place the individual into an illegal status. Let’s stop manipulated the issue and have a real honest discussion. Reducing the phrase “Illegal Alien” down to the “I” word is ludicrous. I does not stop being a word, nor does it get removed from the English language just because you wish it away.

  • William McCormick

    I don’t understand why if this is the true belief of these people why they don’t scream about the murderers and rapist and child molesters being locked up after all they just did something illegal thats all.

  • erkel2013

    I hearby ban the term – BERKELEY EDUCATED
    (as fraudulant)

  • another_engineer

    For a supposed bastion of higher learning you would think these birkenstock wearing morons would know that ” illegal” is not an ethnicity.

  • aggietx2

    It sure is racist of them to decide that the term ILLEGAL applies to only one race.

    • rdlynn

      What race are you talking about? Do races really exist or is there just one human race? Come on you scientists.

  • tom_ma

    Is calling a criminal alien from Ireland an illegal immigrant r.a.c.i.s.t?

    • aggietx2

      Hey. They are Berkeley students. You can’t expect them to be educated.

  • USAFVet2010

    Yeah, they aren’t Illegal Immigrants… they’re Undocumented Future Democrats!

    • erkel2013

      and thieves, rapists and murders

  • We shoulda never let that Kenyan get elected, look what it’s started.

  • Fallbrookdude

    How about calling them criminal immigrants? Law breaker immigrants. If you want to be a student senator your first qualification must be that you’re a complete idiot. The brainwashing continues. K-12 and beyond. No hope for these fools.

  • Nevadavoter1

    These student Senators learned at the knee of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Alinski that if you change the description of an individual, you change his persona. When the illegals flock to the UC Berkeley campus and the incidence of theft, battery, rape and killings rise, they will have a new name for the thugs that will be politically correct but morally wrong. These kids are a product of the politicized K-12 education system and while ‘educated’ are dumb as a bag of rocks. We used to have a name for them in Texas… all hat and no cattle!

  • nn55nn

    These students are utter morons !
    They are only making drama and chaos and solving nothing.
    ie they are useless and vain people

  • Mr Magoo

    Come on Folks, where is your compassion for some poor soul who escapes from a Mexican prison and sneeks into the U.S. to sell drugs and commit murder. These folks shouldn’t be called illegal aliens they should be called what the current party in power wants to call them “Unregistered Democrats”!

  • another_engineer

    Berkeley = public school.. they are not their own god’s they are beholding to the taxpayers.

  • Hucklberryhound

    Here is the politically correct way to say it “Legally challenged immigrant”.

  • Troll

    Get that “freedom of speech” stuff out of here.

  • John Schilling

    Liberals&Jews are the most perfect economic and political barometer! I use them frequently…nay, I DEPEND on them. Here’s how: Just listen to what they say and what they want and how they recommend voting. Then, do the diametrical opposite — 180 degrees — and you’ll be doing what’s best for America. This strategy has NEVER failed me, and I’ve been around a bit.

  • Tyronne Bettancourt

    How can it be racist? The term does not refer to any race or grouping of people.

  • M. R Kruger

    Well we still use it here in the state of Tennessee. You can call them what you want. But how about starting with “lawbreaker” and work your BS up from that

  • dont_bring_me_down

    fascism at berkley. what a surprise.

  • Joseph McLinden

    Suppose a person is an “alien” and is here “illegally”? Berkley…education?

    Karl Marx said, “Control their language. Make it work in your favor and work against them.” So, what’s new here?

  • rdlynn

    I agree, criminal or illegal alien is more correct. Illegal immigrant is an Alinskyite abuse of the language.

  • Comrade Jerry Brown

    Good. Start calling them “Lawbreaking Invaders” instead. Or, to borrow a term from Al Sharpton, “Brown Interlopers”.

  • tonyburke

    I don’t really care what those nuts cases at Berkley (and overall California) say…they are here illegally and granted immigrant status, so to me, well….they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. That’s vice waiting in line like others who want to immigrate here legally. Libs, always trying to control everything about your life…thoughts, speech, health insurance, what you eat….and the list keeps on growing.

  • PlatosAllegoryoftheCave

    They aren’t immigrating, they are invading. They are enemy combatants waiting for the opportunity to strike back. Look at their organizations, La Raza is a perfectly good one to highlight. Their stated goal is the reacquisition of California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. When they marched in LA 5 or so years ago doing yet another one of their “immigrant rights” bs they were ALL waving Mexican flags, it wasn’t until the news vans showed up that organizers ran around handing out US Flags.

    The only good mexican is a dead mexican.

  • patriot2947

    How about, “Phuck You”? Ban THAT you Communists. How in Gods name did this student government become elected? That’s a rhetorical question, in case one of you morons are reading this. Pardon me for insulting morons. I meant idiots, because they are at the bottom of the heap.

  • fitzzz

    A rose by any other name is still a rose

  • Chuhyona

    The path to US citizenship has always been available to anyone who seeks it. Illegally crossing our border or overstaying your visa is not one of the options to becoming a US citizen.

    Much like US immigration law. Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

    The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.

    “This sounds like the kind of law that a rational nation would have to protect itself against illegal immigrants — that would stop and punish the very people who are violating the law,” .

  • James V.

    How abut ILLEGAL COCK-A-ROACH? UC Berkely is s Liberal Cess Pool. Defund it.

    • John Schilling

      I don’t know, their Science and Engineering programs are pretty good. They have a kick-ass Library, too…the Bancroft. Let’s just cut out the bad parts, namely anything that has “student” in it, as well as doing midnight hits on agitators who don’t even attend the university or live in the B.

  • Oscar D

    What happened to Freedom of Speech at Berkeley?

    • PlatosAllegoryoftheCave

      The only freedom of speech in Obama’s America is when you are begging for him to pound you in the backside some more. Anything other than that and you are a terrorist, a traitor, and fodder.

  • mikemoair2

    so can we call them criminals?

  • mikemoair2

    hey remember 6 years ago when the “n-word” was given a funeral?

  • mikemoair2

    but Obama is sorry that YOU believed HIS exact words

  • Tommy Shelton

    Ban it all you want it does not change the status of what they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS you don’t need a college degree to figure that out

  • USAFVet2010

    For those who do not realize it… Free Speech is a thing of the past. Liberals and government officials now require that American people pay for anything they say.

  • gman213

    How about “criminal from another country”?

  • Yukiko

    I hope they haven’t banned ‘idiotic student’ and ‘moronic professor’ yet. These two terms fit 99% of the population of the Berkeley campus.

    • USAFVet2010

      I can see the signs now… “We are the 99%”… wait, actually that’s kind of fitting! 🙂

  • mikemoair2

    and I care china has a plan to nuke California WHY?

  • Vasco DeGama
  • Incredulous

    More censorship in the UC system. This is another reminder why I don’t contribute to my UC alma mater. This is par for the course. Non-leftist ideas and speech are banned from UC campuses. Now, accurate terminology is being banned in favor of euphemisms. Don’t even think about speaking on a UC campus if you’re a non-leftist independent thinker. Protests will usually result in revocation of an invitation to speak and if they don’t, you will be shouted down, interrupted or even physically threatened while trying to speak. The former Harvard President, Larry Summers, found this out when he was invited to speak at UC Davis.

  • Doug USMC 67-71

    How about just call them criminals.

  • JeffreyPtr

    Silly, call them what you please, it doesn’t change their status one way or the other.


    If only they could make a dunce cap large enough to fit over Berzerkly.

  • mikemoair2

    17.4 TRILLION IN DEBT!!!!! party on wayne

  • John Fantasin

    Someone who enters the country illegally is not an illegal alien? This is a term that best describes that which it is. College campuses have become bastions of anti-free speech fascists. They often more resemble a cult, than institutions of higher learning.

  • Bodhisattva

    “Illegal alien” is a 100% accurate description of a person who A) has entered the United States illegally (or broken the law by entering legally but staying beyond their legal limit according to what they agreed when they entered), in direct and flagrant violation of existing law and B) is not a U.S. resident, i.e. is an alien, under our laws.

  • TDubin

    Banning the term for something does not make it cease to exist.

    • stine

      No, it is just one of the steps along the way.

  • mikemoair2

    even comedians don’t make fun of Berkeley, its too easy

  • maross600

    illegal immigrant is a nice way to say illegal alien, how can you ban the truth? its like banning the term murderer, thief, sex offender, or drug dealer. this country is going down hill faster than i ever thought possible.

  • Brooklyn

    I like ILLEGAL ALIEN best! The reality of the situation is that the group of people labeld “illegal aliens” are in the U.S. I L L E G A L L Y – Hello, Berkeley people? What reality are you living in?!

  • SofaKingCool1

    Ahhh yes, UC Berkeley……molding the minds of our future squatters/Occupiers.


    As a UC Berkeley alum and licensed attorney in California i’d just like to note..
    When I went to Cal I was pretty liberal.. Now that i’m 32 years old and have been making my own way in the world for a decade, I’d like to say.. it’s not “illegal immigrant” .. it’s “foreign illegal criminal invader”

  • Unbelievable

    Fine… than call them what they really are… CRIMINALS!!!

  • mikemoair2

    I like “drain, sponge” better

  • OracleJones

    This makes as much sense as the Seattle Democrat that proposed banning the word “citizen” because of its racial and xenophobic connotations: Absurdity 101.

  • rogern1967

    Perhaps Berkeley should begin some weekly book burnings in front of Sproul Hall. Week One: All titles by Rush Limbaugh. Week Two: Hayek. Week Three: The Constitution, Federalist Papers, and The Declaration of Independence.

    • Ned

      Don’t give these freedom and justice loving rock heads any ideas.
      These are your highly educated college students that couldn’t tell an interviewer who the Vice President is.

  • Jeffrey Davis

    What a sewer faqafronia is.

  • mikemoair2

    if muslims can be the key to a successful NASA, then why not this?

  • L_Dave

    “The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction,” How can this possibly be true, if the penalties include being jailed and deported?

  • Joker

    This is a college, I thought it was a communist indoctrination center!

  • DaGeek

    These are supposed to be our best and brightest?? Dumb as boxes of rocks. PC speech gone wild, that’s what this is. They are “immigrants” and their being here unlawfully is, in fact, “illegal.” So “illegal immigrant” is 100% accurate. But it doesn’t sound as good as “welcome guests from the south” or whatever trash people are supposed to use now. What a joke these kids are.

  • mikemoair2

    how will that dolphins football player react?

  • Patriot77

    This is not a new idea. Hitler used it in Germany. He called the Jews “undesirable elements” and put them in concentration camps along with all the “criminals, homosexuals, and Romani people(gypsies).” That worked out pretty good, didn’t it?

  • stine

    It is very disturbing that a well known university so overwhelmingly supports censorship and the limitation of our first amendment rights. It is appaling that they have achieved this level of education and do not recognize that speech that everyone supports is not what needs protection; it is speech that we find difficult to hear that is most in need of protection – otherwise, why the need to protect? I believe, as a country, we have come to desperate straights if our best and brightest fail to understand and support our basic rights.

  • deathbyliberals

    ah, the irony…claiming “illegal” is racially charged is in itself, racially charged. liberals are such dimwits


    If we had called border hoppers “noble warrior freedom dreamers” from the get-go that would be the term they were banning right now. It’s the people and their tendencies that tainted the term “illegal alien” .. not vice-versa.

  • mikemoair2

    unemployment moved from 7.2 to 7.3 this week, all is well, groovy…….unemployment under bush 4.8% boo, hiss, its a depression!!!! funny how that works

  • L_Dave

    An machine gun located in the U.S. without proper licensing is an “illegal gun”; a vile of cocaine located in the U.S. without proper pharmaceuticals registration is an “illegal drug”; a person located in the U.S without authorization is an “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant”.

  • Cupric

    The term “Immigrant’ describes the status of a person in their present environment. As such, it isn’t derogatory in any fashion. When one “immigrates” to another country, one does so either legally or illegally. I can excuse students from not knowing this but there’s no excuse for journalists.

  • Frank Segesman

    I agree. It is a racist term. Let’s call them FELONS instead.

  • BusProf

    Instead of illegal alien, they simply call them “Free Stuff Takers.”

  • Brian Astby

    I thought that Screwels were supposed to be open-minded to enhance the learning experience.

  • mikemoair2

    does anybody really know what time it is? does anybody really care?

  • reagan2012

    yeah, but they can call me a cracker all they want

    • nowon_yuno

      yah but cracker will never ever sting as bad as nigger or spic does. So I just laugh when I get called a cracker.

      • reagan2012

        why would it sting any more or less? n’s, s’s, h’s, m’s, k’s, k’s, d’s, h’s, c’s, h’s. I belong to a few of those groups and I find it less than genteel to address my membership in the group but I’m not lame enough to try to get a speech code against it. I’m nether proud nor embarrassed to be identified as such. The only way that I could find it to sting is if I agreed that I was somehow inferior for being part of some group. I guess all of the ‘feel good about me no matter what a failure I am’ crap isn’t working so well…. or, maybe it is just about money and government favor hmmmm

    • BusProf

      A cracker is a person that raised cattle in Florida. They herded the cattle using a whip – hence the term cracker.

  • Brian Astby

    Why doesn’t MSM EVER do a report on how Mexico handles their illegals?

  • azdiamondbax

    I live in the Bay Area. Activism at this campus is legendary-and unintentionally comical. Know this: At the epicenter of the birth of the PC movement, this is the most intolerant, diversely-void population on planet Earth. Groupthink Sheeple. Baaa.

    • I-Defy

      They dont want to live with the people they enable

  • LysolMotorola

    Maybe we should just return to “wetback”.

  • JJnTX

    One of the many liberal institutions of “higher learning” where bright kids enter and indoctrinated liberal voters leave, 50-60 IQ points worse than when they arrived.

  • Carlmann

    Lay off Berkeley, its the epicenter of tolerance for freedom of speech.

  • pinkneck

    This is the dumbing down and indoctrination of our gulllible kids. “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” are all valid terms and they are only racist to the Communist race baiters. They should be dehumanized as they are not abiding by the laws of land.

    immigrant noun ˈi-mə-grənt
    : a person who comes to a country to live there

    alien noun
    : a person who was born in a different country and is not a citizen of the country in which he or she now lives

    illegal adjective (ˌ)i(l)-ˈlē-gəl
    : not allowed by the law : not legal
    : not allowed by the rules in a game

  • mikemoair2

    id like to hear them called murder victims

  • DiscustedONE

    “UC Berkeley Student Government Bans Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’” OK, How about
    “Wet Back” “Illegal Invader”, “Illegal Alien”. How about closing down this school? National security is non- existent.

  • mikemoair2

    America, the most foolish nation on the earth

  • 88th infantry

    Lord have mercy !!! In a way, you have to feel sorry for these “students”. Can you imagine yourself living in an America run by these Oblowme protoges. Orwell’s ministry of truth will be the dominant force and my grand kids and great grand kids will have to live under this tyranny.

  • JJnTX

    This is the pinnacle of reasoned debate. Instead of publishing a well thought out article or positions paper defending an amnesty policy, they spew the race card.
    This, from a college. It’s federal funding should be yanked this afternoon, as it is clear the kids there aren’t being taught anything about thinking or forming valid, civil arguments.

  • Disgruntled2012

    No doubt,these fools still like to think of themselves as open-minded free thinkers and claim to support free speech and free expression.

    You could find more intelligence in a homeless shelter than in the halls of this “academic” institution.


    • 88th infantry

      Well said Disgruntled.

  • IceStar

    Illegals go home……problem solved.

  • mikemoair2

    loel, go to school, learn something

  • JMorcan

    Absolute BS. That fact that undocumented aliens are deported rather than being fed and housed in jail doesn’t mean this is a civil offense. They are indeed present illegally, and therefore illegal. One need only read the immigration laws to know this.

  • zooed

    Why don’t we send them a case of panties, so they don’t go to waste?

  • mikemoair2

    there is not a country south of mexico that wants Mexicans, mexico doesn’t want mexicans

  • Clem Hooten

    So much for free speech at a liberal campus.

  • franz182

    Armando Padilla, ” Illegal immigrants ? We don’t have no illegal immigrants ! We
    don’t have to show you any illegal immigrants ! ” Just give us your guns and we’ll
    go away !!!!

  • Spadecat

    Interesting how the offensive attribution of “illegal” can be applied to Christopher Columbus and his European brethren but not to the ragged hordes spilling over (or tunneling under) our borders every day, taxing an overburdened welfare state and committing crime disproportionate to their numbers.

    When the 18th and 19th Century poor sought refuge in this great country of ours, they did it through Ellis Island where the bad apples were sorted out. If our ancestors played by the rules and entered legally, is it too much to require the current influx to do so?

    Not so with Berkeley. In the “world of Berkeley”, there are no bad apples, save for white Christian men and their time has run out.

    Berkeley is a silly place, more a cult than an institution of higher education.

  • Freeland_Dave

    Illegal immigrant, illegal alien, illegal governmental body passing laws that are against the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America. Tell me, just what part of the word illegal do we not comprehend?

    If you break laws to enter the United States, regardless of your citizenship, US or not, you are doing so ILLEGALLY..

    Let’s start prettying up our speech and start calling pedophiles as youth fornicators.

    Tell me, just how stupid do we have to become before we start putting our foot down and telling people like the Berkley Student Government to politely piss off?

    Yes, piss is a legitimate word and used correctly in context. Don’t believe me, look it up in the Bible. Oh, so sorry, many of you don’t apparently own one and many more who do don’t actually know what it says. So much for the 78% of us who claim a Christian belief/following and the 90% or so who think that they will go to heaven when they die.

  • BusProf

    UC Berkeley campus is where I grew up. It used to be a place where all rules were challenged just for the sake of it. The administration was fearful of protest and accommodation was the best policy for fear of riots (Vietnam ring a bell). So this is nothing new – just a different kind of accommodation. Every time there is special treatment for one group, the rest must pay the price.

  • DirtyDamon

    Racist? Against what race?

  • Carl Mayo

    here’s a better term:
    undocumented democrat

    • Ned

      Misplaced foreign voter.
      You said the U word. Not PC.

  • waitaminutedoggy

    Doublegood Newspeak

  • Scott Dailey

    You have to love newspeak. Well done Berkley, the Ministry of Truth is very proud.

  • mikemoair2

    well, no terrorist will ever fly a 767 into berkeley

    • mikemoair2

      what a shame

  • TxSon

    meh. . I prefer the term Criminal Immigrant anyway.

  • Burbank Burner

    I have always liked “wetbacks” because of the days when the illegals used to cross the Rio Grande river to get here illegally. I worked in Bizerkley for about a year in 1972. The city and campus is run by leftist lunatics. It is dirty and full of low life, commie crime. Who cares what a bunch of commie dirt bags say, anyway?

  • JohnQP

    F** California and these mush head morons. I love how these anti-American scumbags love to throw labels around like candy. Racist? How so? An illegal could be someone of a thousand different backgrounds, ethnic or otherwise. Then there is this comical moniker, “communities of color”, sounds like a Disney production…California is sinking fast into the abyss socially, politically and economically. Who gives a rats turd what they do out there. I for one say, let the Mexicans have it back.

  • OracleJones

    If this emotional, ignorant little twit actually believes that “no human being is illegal” them I invite her to get caught while in Mexico illegally. She will see what the inside of a Mexican prison looks like and will find out how much it wiil cost to buy her way out, if she survives. But then her having the surname Pacheco implies that she already knows all this so she is also a self-serving hypocrite.

  • VillageViking

    Hey Berkeley faculty and students, it must be nice to wake up to rainbows and unicorns every morning.

  • Cora Stone

    Stop pretending —-Southern California is a suburb of Mexico. Cut our loses, sell it back to Mexico and stop dumping money into a anti american country.

    • Ned

      By the end of the Obama regime the flow will be reversed as all those illegals try to get back to a place where they have some hope of employment.
      The US will be third world backwater by 2016.

  • Chuhyona

    The Communist Manifesto is one of those documents I was aware of, but had never taken the time to actually read. As a woefully undereducated product of the public education system, I somehow managed to slip by the class that required reading of the old Marx and Engels classic. So, in the course of continuing liberty self-education, I found a translation on the web in order to better understand this failed canon of anti-freedom. My reaction: wow. The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, looks a lot like the Democratic Party Positions, written in 2000.

  • John Smith

    Nice to see college students limiting expression while claiming to be a place where people are free to express themselves.

  • mikemoair2

    but, my plan/idea for Detroit WOULD transform it back into a great city!!! have you ever heard a plan from OUR leaders?

  • Cogito

    How do they enforce the ban,,,,keep you after school?
    Just replace it with illegal alien.
    Communists always employ the race strategy.
    After Joseph Stalin died a research group called Memorial was created to research the madman, his gulags, and the slaughter of over 58,000,000 Russian citizens. In 2008 Putin closed it down contending some of their research publication contained racist hate speech.
    What ever works for the Left regardless of truth.
    Saul Alynski claimed lying was not only O.K., but mandatory if it would advance the Marxist agenda.

  • naman512

    We’ll just call them “law-breakers” because that’s what they are.
    I see the progressives are successfully teaching the next generation their fascist methods of dealing with the opposition.

  • Markie Mark

    Okay, just call them Mexican Citizens.

  • undergraduate

    Something’s in the water….

  • sea ray

    Liberals are always looking for ways to strip you of your rights

  • patriot639

    When you try to be everything for everyone,
    you become nothing to anyone.

  • ffidaj

    I wish California would vote to secede

    • candys

      To where? Mexico…..

      • ffidaj

        That would be absolutely fine. Anywhere they take their craziness is fine with me, I’m just tired of it.

  • Well I guess illegal criminal or wetback might be taboo.

  • mikemoair2

    remember naked guy/student at Berkeley?

  • Ziggy Stardust

    The student should have read Cesar Chavez’s 1979 testimony to the United States Senate regarding farm workers. The main content is about Mr. Chavez’s fight against “illegal aliens” over three decades and the unwillingness of the government to do anything about it hurting workers. Based upon the standards of liberals today, Cesar Chavez was a hater, bigot and racist who dehumanized people.

  • What happened to the spirit of the Free Speech Movement? The student body has turned away from its history, allowing only “authorized” speech. Mario Svaio must be turning in his grave, may he RIP.

    • candys

      Those now running the country, from the 60’s generation that “talked” about freedom, were the very ones who have done the most to limit liberty and free speech. They took over the universities and all public schools so the young people don’t have a clue what liberty is or what principles this country was founded upon.

  • mikemoair2

    just call them mexico’s trans fats

  • Morgan Sokol

    The “I” word? hahah…here we go again, much like the N word I am sure Ilegals will be able to say it and no one else will or they will be racists

  • ckirmser

    “The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”

    Well, it should be banned. It is inaccurate.

    The proper term is, “illegal alien.”

    Using the word, “immigrant,” connotes a connection to propriety as “immigration” is a legal procedure.

    However, as these scum are in the country illegally, they have no connection to legality – or, “immigrant” – in the least.

    So, “illegal immigrant” is incorrect and should be replaced with, “illegal alien.”

    • PapaUmMaoMao

      I liked just about everything you posted… except for the derogative “scum”…

      • ckirmser

        That is your prerogative.

        However, I consider criminals to be scum.

  • Ruckweiler

    Obviously, a precise definition of words is NOT a priority at Cal/Berkley. And for this their parents are paying a bloomin’ fortune?

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    UC Berkeley? Let’s move on, ladies and gentlemen… and, please… no rubber-necking.

  • phantomwriter

    Hey UC…..how about teaching these kids what “ILLEGAL” means !!! A criminal is a criminal…..Looks like a criminal, acts like a criminal, does criminal actions…changes the definition is CRIMINAL….Start teaching these kids instead of keeping them stupid.

  • candys

    Wow for “college” educated people they sure are ignorant. I’d like to know what “race” is being derided, what is “unfair” about the words and just who does it offend? They are accurate and descriptive words used in a country founded on liberty and free speech. If one does not agree with that principle, maybe they should consider other options for their living arrangements.

  • winstons

    “There are no longer any crimes….except for one: ThoughtCrime”…”1984”

  • mikemoair2

    call them the frito bandito

  • Harlowe

    I assume this extends to the football field for “illegal” procedure, “illegal” block, “illegal” substitution, etc. Better make sure the referees know about this.

  • johnleehooker

    this is what “education” has become – control the LANGUAGE as a means of controlling “students”…as a student of the 60’s this would have been a humiliating intrusion into the freedom and liberty of a US citizen.

    These tools will not stop here…they will continue to find “bad words” that must be purged from the bovine brains…Lenny Bruce and George Carlin – imagine that this has happened to the “land of the free” in about 50 years…these “children” are now the people that Bruce and Carlin skewered for their intolerance and closed mindedness

  • Marcus Washingtonus

    Fine, call them “Citizens of Mexico/etc.”. It is accurate and true. These migrants, who disrespect international borders, already have full citizenship- in the nations they have infiltrated our land from. These citizens of foreign nations, who are documented and legal in their own nations,have derided the laws and conventions we American citizens are bound to respect in our country- while demanding we fundamentally transform ourselves from a “nation of immigrants” into a “nation of migration”. You cannot have a nation of immigrants in the progressive era of entitlement, which Genuine Immigrants from all lands, in our pre-entitlement past, had not expecation of and made no arrogant, insulting proggie demands for.
    Citizens of Mexico: no amnesty for your extended stays here. We have nothing to apologize for and absolutely no reason to feel guilty about telling you the simple truth: you are documented in your homeland, you have full citizenship in your homeland with all the benefits thereof, now return to your homeland and make it better if you want more benefits. Or, naturally, you may become a Genuine Imimigrant following the established and settled Immigration and Naturalization Laws of our Land, the United States. That is that.

  • Sulla Felix

    Bloody idiots. They ban those words, what will be next? These morons that are coming out of our colleges don’t have ANY clue whatsoever. ‘No Human Being is illegal’? Uh, Let’s see how fast that changes when one of them is mugged. Or raped. Being human may not be illegal but BREAKING THE LAW IS. Period.

    I weep for this country. But, at least I know my kids will have plenty of liberal plebs on hand to take their fast food orders.

  • Republiker1

    What these mental midget children don’t realize is that we don’t care what they think. If you entered this country illegally you are an illegal alien.

  • lowprofilenerd

    “I word?” Wtf? Idiots… that explains why they are enrolled at Berkeley.

  • Glen3

    Berkley is a breeding ground for traitors. We need a new generation of anti-Communist McCarthy types to go and clean out the universities. Especially places like Berkeley.

  • mikemoair2

    what difference does it make hillary

  • Republiker1

    The term illegal alien is more accurate.

  • rambo jones

    lol, you can try and ban the name… But they will still be Illegal immigrants!! idiot libtards… all one can say.

  • TigerJohn

    If they are in the country, undocumented, then they are committing a crime and thus are here illegally. God help us if we ever have a crisis like WWII. The universities in this country have turned some of our brightest minds to mush with their political correctness and feminization of the young men.

  • mikemoair2

    take a stand join the?

  • remoteswitch

    *Students against Free Speech [*useful idiots]… These are the children of 1984 and their hate is crystallized. The U.S. Constitution is their enemy and they will not rest until it’s completely destroyed.

  • SuperCandyMan

    Colleges are just brainwashing factories of the Jews now.

  • mikemoair2

    Tulsa 1921

  • cwon1

    Always good to have the Communist opinion at hand as a reference.

  • SuperCandyMan

    Jews agitate for “diversity” here in America, but in Israel they send Blacks back to Africa – or sterilize them.

    • PapaUmMaoMao

      Do they really sterilize blacks over there?

    • Hendrik Vaandrager


      • SuperCandyMan

        Just search for what I mentioned, Hendrik. You’ll find plenty of proof.

  • Swartzy

    A rose is a rose is a rose. No matter what you want to call them, they are immigrants and they are not here legally. So they are illegal immigrants. If it makes you feel better then use what ever you want, but it doesn’t change what they are. Get over it. Oh, my ancestors did it the right way, they applied, came with papers and fulfilled the requirements to be here legally. That is what needs to happen to all of them. So I hope you feel better calling a rose a petunia.

  • ocean

    Illegal aliens are Foreign Nationals. These
    Foreign Nationals are criminals because they
    have entered the USA illegally.

  • PortaJohn

    You. Stupid. Fucking. Morons.

  • mikemoair2

    this aint no laser focus on job creation

  • Cut The Crap

    I agree. The term actually is deceptive to who these people are…

    Legal Citizens…of a foreign country.

    40% of them said F-U to OUR countries guest pass (ie VISA) and never went home.

    The rest said F-U to our countries VERY GENEROUS existing Path to Citizenship by sneaking over the border ignoring it all together.

    Now we find them in our streets demanding that our country changes it’s laws to accommodate them?

    Any of our representatives, who should be representing their own citizens, but are instead trying to represent foreign citizens by pushing amnesty…have violated their oath of office and should be recalled from ‘representing’ citizens of the US.

    And to the legal citizens of another country who say “F-U” to our countries laws: Be happy we only send you back to your home country (ie deport) instead of arresting you and putting you in jail.

    You’re not even “undocumented workers” because you HAVE documents…IN MEXICO your country where you are a legal citizen!

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Berkeley or UC Berkeley are the litmus test of what to do. Whatever they ban is exactly what we should not and whatever they approve is exactly what we should ban.

  • ocean

    California is a 3rd World State.
    A real dump.
    California is a place where you must get out
    of if you can.

  • mikemoair2

    illegal to Mexicans is like not winning is to danica

  • koedo

    How about terming Berkley students and professors as ‘unfit Americans’? Another choice would be ‘willfully ignorant and complicit”.

  • IntellectOne

    That is because they smoke marijuana and rely on the illegals to bring in their supply needs. It would be embarrassing and hypocritical to call them ‘Illegal immigrants’.

  • AngryBlonde

    “illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant”! Stupid, mindless “leaders” of our youth. Drop out, go to trade school. Use YOUR mind to decide, don’t swallow the Kool-aid everyone is force-feeding you!

  • Chuhyona

    Next US citizens will be reclassified as illegal occupiers, rounded up and put in nice little internment reeducation camps. All property will be redistributed to the real owners. It has worked so well in South Africa.

    • Archer

      The Dems™ did it once in 1941 and it much easier to do something like a 2nd time because now there is precedence. Doesn’t matter if the underlying motive is heinous or not.

  • Stick

    Are they okay with Metizo Interloper?

  • David Ruiz


  • SandMan00

    Thank goodness! That term was double plus un-good.

  • Stick

    How about Yucatan Parasite?

  • mikemoair2

    Berkeley is a great place to stop and have a bowel movement

  • phantomwriter

    Thank goodness people with more than two brain cells know what “Illegal” means….!!!

  • ocean

    Illegal aliens in California will take the jobs
    away from all these liberal Democrats.
    This is good.

  • Lord ,I hope they don’t ban the word ,lunatic, because then there will only be one other word to describe them and that is, indolent.

  • Thomas Paine

    Apparently, the First Amendment is not in their copies of the U.S. Constitution.

  • mikemoair2

    can we still call hitler a Nazi?

  • sea ray

    Doctors say Deadly Diseases Like Measles And Mumps Make Frightening Comeback.. Can you say “Illegal Aliens” now

  • Stick

    So we are back to Wetbacks? Thanks Berkley.

  • vtxphantom

    Well then, I guess the term wetback or river jumper is ok then.

  • Frankie D

    I suggest that the “Senators” of the UC Berkeley Student Government read the US statute regarding immigration. The penalty for violating the statute includes a fine or IMPRISONMENT for not more than 6 months. Imprisonment is a criminal penalty not a civil penalty, and therefore a violation of the statute is a criminal offense and ILLEGAL, and the term, “Illegal Alien” is therefore correct. Even more correct would be the term, “Criminal Alien”.
    (8 U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code – Section 1325: Improper entry by alien)
    (a) Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection; misrepresentation and concealment of facts Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.

    (b) Improper time or place; civil penalties Any alien who is apprehended while entering (or attempting to enter) the United States at a time or place other than as designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil penalty of – (1) at least $50 and not more than $250 for each such entry (or attempted entry); or (2) twice the amount specified in paragraph (1) in the case of an alien who has been previously subject to a civil penalty under this subsection.

    Civil penalties under this subsection are in addition to, and not in lieu of, any criminal or other civil penalties that may be imposed. –


  • dfdSfsda

    “Its approval marks at least the second time this semester that a public university’s student government has voted to eradicate the phrase.”

    You can’t have a country without borders, and you can’t define borders unless you control them. The immigration law of the United States clearly defines unauthorized entry as “illegal”. This student government vote marks at least the 2nd time this semester that students at a public university have voted for no borders to United States, and in doing so, have effectively voted for the end of the existence of the United States altogether.

  • ocean

    Jobs for illegal aliens.
    No jobs for liberal Democrats.
    I like this.

  • watchtheborders

    The “UC” in UC Berkely stands for Universal Communism.

    • 0321ReConUSMC

      Not to mention Success , Capitalism is called Greed and our Constitution and Bill of
      Rights are ridiculed .

  • JJnTX

    Illegal immigrant, criminal immigrant, undocumented liberals, etc. How can anyone determine a skin color from any of those terms?

  • watchtheborders

    btw .. In Mexico, the folks that illegally cross the southern Mexican border are called “Illegal Immigrants” by the government.

  • John

    Call the rose any name you want…it’s still a rose! If you don’t have proper documentation to be in this country, you’re an illegal immigrant and should be promptly deported!

  • SSMcDonald

    There’s a solution that makes real sense !! 1. Ban the 1st Amendment. 2. Don’t use the term “illegal immigrant” so the term will go away. No wonder California is the land of the fruits and nuts, the left coast.

  • Terry Johnson

    Try sneaking into another country…(in fact try coming into Mexico from their southern border and see how “dehumanized” you become) what a bunch of idiots in the college system….

  • Soka Sema

    It’s true , they aren’t immigrants, They are aliens, Illegal aliens
    They do have full rights of citizenship tho’……in their own countries

  • Sonora Sniper

    The correct term is criminal alien. They may feel safer but let them know that they are being hunted. If caught, justice shall be dealt immediately. Once the criminal aliens in this country are taught to live in fear for their safety maybe they will leave.

  • givemeliberty

    So, the epicenter of free speech in the 60’s has now decided that speech can no longer be free. Idiots!

  • mikemoair2

    remember when the earthquake caused the upper deck of the highway to collapse? man that was a great day

  • watchtheborders

    If it was Al Qaida coming across the Mexican border (and yes they have been caught in great numbers), what would you call them?

    ULM’s (Undocumented Lost Moderates) perhaps?

    • mikemoair2

      Obama’s main man baby

  • darryl2009

    I would expect nothing less from the retarded student senate at Berkeley.

  • whoodoo

    Berkeley students don’t need to know the law, because they make up their own.
    They don’t need to know the definitions of words, because they make up their own definitions.
    A. None of the students of interest are “immigrants”. Immigrants are defined in the U.S. law as persons who have applied for and been approved for naturalization. Every immigrant carries an “immigrant visa”. One cannot wish oneself into immigrant status.

    B. If they don’t like the word “illegal” as an adjective, as in “illegal migrants”, then “aliens, illegally resident” should satisfy their itch as well as proper designation in standard English of foreign nationals illegally resident – unless that itch is to ignore all immigration law and allow the U.C. system, CA, and the U.S. with hoards of more aliens, illegally resident.

  • WillVMI68

    Illegal Immigrants are Illegal Immigrants. Berkeley students are idiotic lemmings.

  • golfguy65

    Just go back to what we used to call them when I was growing up, “wet backs”

  • phantomwriter

    Illegal criminal aliens need to be hunted down, track down and extract them out of the United States….”Operation Wetback II” bring in trains this time instead of boats….All on board !!!

  • Stick

    So its okay to go with Mexican Invaders? Damn Berkley Student Senate is sh*t hot.

  • DeadWhiteMan

    That’s fine. How about “invader” instead?


    I’m guessing they did not ban the term liberal idiot for it’s obvious redundancy.

  • Mobynowak

    I wonder how they feel about the TEA Party? I suspect their tolerance for that point of view is somewhat lower.

  • mikemoair2

    in honor of mick jagger, I call the Obama children “the brown sugars”

  • Mobynowak


  • Robert Kiensler

    Who gave these brainwashed post teens the authority to decide what is offensive in a publicly owned institution? Calling illegal aliens and illegal immigrants lowers their self inflated sense of selfie esteem. Brings the gate crashers back to earth and forces them to faces the consequences of why they claim privilege.

  • watchtheborders

    Illegal immigrant is not a valid term for them. They are not immigrants. By international law, a large mass of armed insurgents, entering another country illegally, and in violation of their soverignity and laws is termed invasion. By definition an invading force is illegal within the framework of the Hague Convention.

    So I agree, drop the illegal, and lets just call them invaders. That includes the gangs, the terrorists that hide amongst them, the drug cartels and their mules, cohorts and all of the others who come here with them, yet never turn them in, and continue to look the other way.

    Invaders .. roll it over your tongue, and while you’re at it, make La Raza legally responsible for all they advocate for, who while here in limbo commit murder or other felonys. After all, parents can now be found guilty for a minorchild’s felony and charged, why not La Raza?

  • mikemoair2

    I miss the DC snipers

  • tb

    Just call them criminal immigrants then. And if they ban that, call them tresspessing immigrants. And if they ban that call them law-breaking immigrants.

  • White Bear

    Great, now if they’d just ban the “illegal immigrants” themselves they’d be getting somewhere. Criminals belong in jail, not on college campuses.

  • TeaPartyPatriotTD

    I have banned the words UC Berkley in my house, so we’re even…a s s holes

  • eckris

    How about Crimalien?

  • bcspace

    Breaking laws, civil or criminal, is not legal. Hence illegal.

    1.Having its basis in the law.
    2.Being allowed or prescribed by law.

  • tb

    Unlawful entrants. Tresspassers. Sponges. There are a lot of other words you can use to describe someone here illegally.

  • phantomwriter

    How many of these students are illegal aliens and apart of Obama’s “Dream (nightmare) Act?

  • Phillip Rose

    Free speech abounds in universities; as long as it’s liberal/progressive free speech. Witness these asshats as well as the clowns at Brown.

  • Adam Sternberg

    I just love it when the same libtards who scream for freedom of speech are the first ones to prohibit speech they don’t like. It should come as no shock though, look at the source, it’s the home of Political Correctness.

  • Evan Dickinson

    Oh thats strange. All those items they list as acceptable are ones that do not in any way imply that they are not permitted to be here.

  • Bruce Gregory

    I bet these students wouldn’t have any problem declaring TEA Party followers illegal if given the chance.

  • phantomwriter

    Instead of these Mexican invading California and the USA…Perhaps we should treat them like we do Afghanistan…bring in armed drones and send these illegals back home….

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Ok, how about unauthorized entrant? Or, perhaps Line Jumper, or maybe trespasser? Liberals hate the truth.

  • FA_GUY

    Personally I’m glad they banned it. Immigrant implies that they legally came to this country so illegal immigrant doesn’t make sense to me in the first place. They shouldn’t be teaching people to sound ignorant by using contradicting words to describe someone. Illegal alien or stowaway or something along those lines are more descriptive and grammatically correct.

  • Mickey

    Yes, lets redefine everything to make it right for what you want.. Morons.

  • Edward

    How long is this crap going to go on? ‘Illegal’ means racism?? No. It just so happens that the ILLEGAL ALIENS are mostly from Mexico and happen to be Hispanic. I’m sick of this disgusting sympathy for people of whatever race who think they can violate US law with impunity. The influx of the illegals is helping, slow but sure, to drag our economy into the same dump they left in Mexico. There is a reason ‘undocumented immigrants’ are not allowed to be here. They are breaking the law. That’s what ILLEGAL means. Get it?

  • Willie0

    Criminal Entrant

    • IntellectOne

      Yes, that would be a better description!.

  • jpk

    Banning words, are we? The thought police has arrived.

  • ironcimmerian

    You can use that term (ON CAMPUS) “ANYTIME” you want! There’s nothing these un-American leftist pukes can do about it. illegal “aliens” don’t belong here and they sure as SH*T don’t deserve our kids money!

  • BronxBomber911

    How’s about calling them “Criminal Invaders” or “Uninvited Aliens”. You see Berkley we can come up with inoffensive options.

  • Pegleg Pinelli

    Berkley is right. A person cannot be “illegal”…but they can be “criminal”. I vote to change the term to CRIMINAL INVADER.

  • Al Shaw

    What took them so-so long to ban the term? The children at Berkley should be very-very proud of themselves, promulgating an entire vocabulary to appease the law breakers. While no human is deemed as being illegal, human behavior certainly is. For the sake of the Nation, please stay in school for at least another 10 years and change your diapers daily.

    • West_Coast

      Great comment!

  • West_Coast

    I wonder when they’ll pass a resolution repealing the law of gravity?

  • Brett the Brit

    Just use foreign criminal instead.

  • JackCarter01

    What would these students prefer? Illegal resident? Illegal visitor? Illegal employee? All of these terms fit and are likely to be equally accurate. I’m really sorry that people’s feelings are hurt by the term illegal immigrant but the fact is that they are here illegally and it isn’t our fault that they neglected to do the paperwork.

    My son wanted to marry an illegal immigrant about 10 years ago and I insisted that at the very least she obtain a (Mexican) passport so that she would not also be undocumented. She did, they married, she applied for a visa, had to move back to Mexico for a year, and subsequently received her visa for her and her children. Now she is a legal immigrant complete with Green Card.

    I sympathize with the problem of being stigmatized by the term “illegal immigrant” but the term is both self explanatory and accurate. If they don’t want to be called that then they would have to go through the same nightmare that my daughter in law went through in order to become a legal immigrant.

    One reason we call students students is because they are still learning. In the current case somebody hasn’t figured that out yet so when the children make a profound statement about labels we can safely ignore them.

  • gerry d welder

    Idiots making their own bed

  • Stick

    Everyone okay with racist parasites?

  • Rotorwash

    OK, I am convinced. Time to change their title.

    Uninvited Spreaders of Tuberculosis.

    Or simply UST’s

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion into a bizarre alternate universe where observance of immigration law is a vice, criminal behavior is a virtue and, someday, it may very well be illegal to say ‘I’m proud to be an American’. We’re heading north along a highway not found on any map, passing one sign with the words ‘Adiós, México’ and approaching another that reads ‘INTERNATIONAL BORDER – Welcome to the United States of The Twilight Zone’.”

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    So lawless , convict , criminal , Fellon , law braker are no longer excepted words
    as well ?
    The bigger and more expensive college ? The dumber the air head students they are sadly turning out . Hence 31.9 don’t have jobs who have graduated in the past 5 years .
    Have you noticed there is a radial socialist war in America on anything traditional in America is scorned , shammed ,castigated ,belittled and hated .
    The normal behavior ,respected ethical ,Moral ,established , principled Vitreous of 250 years is no longer considered “Normal” as well .
    Dead beats ,Morales s , Chronic addicts , Those who live on welfare and entitlements for life while refusing to get a education are now respected and hailed … and said to have fallen though the safety net .
    Now there is no reason to wonder why 82 % of men don’t support their own born … duh !

  • RobC2010

    Even though a student ‘government’ is meaningless, especially at that school, seeing this validated my decision years ago once when I was accepted to UC Berkeley along with another University. My decision NOT to attend Berkeley as a 18 year old was based on my belief that having a degree from there would be an embarrassment later in life. Boy, was I right!!!!

    • Rotorwash

      You must be one wise cat.
      Good call.

    • soononbluray

      You are right–it has been an embarassment for me during the past 20 years. Wish I had gone to ANY other university.

  • Stick

    We could conquer Mexico and thus make them all subjects and future citizens. Anybody got a problem with this idea?

  • ElChapo

    all you nasty haters instead of writing rants, racist, xenophobic comments why don’t you all gather together and bring it to Washington?? I challenge you…instead of hiding behind your computers. lazy racist fuks

    • Rotorwash

      I already have… repeatedly.

      Happy to set you straight on that one.

    • Camera3

      You write like a four year old …

      • Jan

        that’s their liberal education.

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      Hey, maricon, why don’t you be a man instead of a puta for a change, go back to your sh*t-hole country and GET A JOB.

  • Camera3

    Invasoristas …

  • Me1976

    Um….if you are here illegally, even if you’re white, that means you are an illegal alien.

  • Camera3

    Chinga La Raza …

  • magic_beans

    What a bunch of idiots. Illegal, illegal, illegal!!! They are here illegally that makes them illegals.

  • FredCG

    The UC Berkeley is the most radical, extreme university in US. They just propagate socialists, America haters, unpatriotic morons and now infringe on my rights of free speech. Hey, UC Berkeley, they are ILLEGAL and they always will be Illegal no matter what you say. Did Obama ordered you to lick his….., I thought so.

  • artvet2

    May we ban the term “UC Berkeley Stupid…er, Student” from all half-way intelligent discourse?

  • typhoonmcgoon

    ILLEGAL ALIEN! (Say it with me now!)

  • GI Joe

    Union controlled education system churning out mindless Obama zombies who loyally do whatever the great leader dictates. Illegal aliens are now a protected category and we can NOT violate their civil rights. What a crock of shite!

    Those of us who can still think on our own will always call them law breaking illegal aliens that need to be booted out on their arse, instead of being a parasitic leech sucking on Uncle Sam’s teet.

  • xExekut3x

    …………………,?………………………………. ……………..,
    ………………./………………………………………………….., }
    ……………../………………………………………………,:`^`. .}
    ……………/……………………………………………,:”…… …/
    …………..?…..__……………………………….. …:`………../
    …,,,___.`~,……“~.,………………..`…..}……… …../
    …………………………..`:,,…………………… …`…………..__

  • phantomwriter

    “We shall raise the Mexican flag over your soil; we share mate like rabbits by the thousands; we’ll suck and drain you dry; we’ll bring down the Red, White and Blue.”
    La Raza

  • Yodan

    These kids on the student council are idiots. They clearly do not understand the meaning of the 1st amendment to the constitution when it states “Shall Not Be Infringed”. This is nothing more than Leftist bigotry and hatred made manifest. these kids would be totalitarian tyrants if they were to get real power. Leftists are not more moral. They are the opposite of that.

    • Rotorwash

      They are ignorant by choice.

  • Rotorwash

    If the US were being infiltrated by millions of Norwegian, Swedish and Belgian undocumented immigrants.

    And they only wanted to do the jobs “Americans won’t do”, but were very likely to vote Republican and not go on welfare…

    You dumbass-liberals would be screaming about deporting those blonde-haired illegal aliens.

  • Blahblahblah Noah

    “Student Government”…meaning “nobody cares what you think”.

    Berkeley campus would make a great location for a semiconductor factory, or a landfill. God knows they haven’t produced an educated soul in 100 years.

  • Jan

    They are here ILLEGALLY, they are not citizens – ALIENS. HENCE – ILLEGAL ALIENS. Stop the spin. They are what they are. They are the ones that came here ILLEGALLY and it’s not up to the citizens of this country to right their WRONGS. How much are your parents’ paying for that liberal brainwashing institute?

  • Bart Allonyou

    All this banning of words, thoughts, and speech is not a good thing.

  • Tang

    Mahroh Jahangiri must have been in his cave the last 12 years.


    There are legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Nothing makes either of these terms racist, unfair, offensive or derogatory. Why do the opinions of few create word black lists? Just silly.

    BTW, there are people that enter this country both legally and illegally, regardless of the reason they enter.

    • Rotorwash

      It is all an effort to shut you up.
      The end goal is to import millions of democrat voters.

      Nothing else.


      I really hate the try-to-be-offended’s.

  • CheKerouac

    1984 finally arrived at Berkley

    • Al Shaw

      Feel free to add Animal Farm to that as well. What I once regarded as fiction is now coming to pass.

  • mychildsfuture

    How about simply calling them “Invaders?” They have no legal status in the U.S. therefore their status is in reality illegal. An immigrant however is someone who intends to permanently relocate. Since we do not know their intentions, it is unfair to call them immigrants. “Invader” on the other hand is factually correct as defined as, “a person or group that invades a country, region, or other place.”

  • dphorstick

    UCB can also ban the use of the words higher education.

  • Beca

    Liberal progressives are absolute f-ing idiots. They should sneak into Mexico illegally and find out what will happen when they demand free everything. Entering a sovereign nation illegally is illegal, PERIOD!

  • soononbluray

    I graduated from UC Berkeley, but I always say I graduated from UC Davis since people laugh and smirk when they hear UC Berkeley. Berkeley students, faculty, and local residents are nothing but a bunch of anti-White anti-America mentally ill clowns.

  • wroka

    The end game of liberalism is cultural suicide of the majority. I bet these kids clapped at their victory of tyranny over banning a word.

  • Marcus Antonius

    Illegal Invaders is much more Appropriate ! They are here illegally and because of the number, they have invaded our nation. There should be a $1000 bounty on each one, dead or alive.

  • OscarWilde

    And, when will they announce which books they will ban? Will the banned books, like words, be placed on a pyre in the center of campus and burned? Will they move on from this to placing the authors of these books on the pyre? Will they place the people who use these words on a pyre and burn them as well?

    And people castigate those centuries earlier(17th c) who burned women they believed were demons from hell….and they had great fears and little knowledge at the time. But, I suspect many would happily place individuals on a pyre if they uttered a derogatory word against a ‘protected’ person.

  • mallen717

    It’s just like homosexual marriage. Redefine it in the attempt that no one has enough common sense to realize the oxymoron it contains.

  • gramma_d

    I don’t get it. California is in financial ruin because they have allowed the illegal immigrants to take over their state. They have run their hospitals in the ground with free health care for years. Now they want to give free tuition to illegals. Forget it if you are a born and raised Californian because you lose. You don’t get the free stuff. This really makes me sick to think that it’s okay to break all kinds of US laws and then be rewarded with free things. And we are suppose to be sensitive to their feelings. Give me a break!!! This world is now up-side down! What was once right is now wrong and what was once wrong is now right!

  • Rotorwash

    The end goal is to import millions of democrat voters.

    Nothing else.

  • MissyT111

    We’d also like to band the terms Illegal pharmacist (drug dealer), Illegal doctor, illegal welfare recipient but alas there are so many frauds in our country who could name them all?

  • phantomwriter

    Defend against enemies foreign and domestic….I guess this is what that part of the oath means…..The enemy of the United States is from Mexico and not Afghanistan.

  • Liliana Rawks

    How can anyone, any institution, ban any term from public discourse? We DO have a constitution, do we not? I know it’s a bit tattered and crapped on, but it does still apply for the most part.

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      “We DO have a constitution, do we not?”
      Until these fools try to negate and/or annul it, yes! That’s probably their next move.

  • Dewreck

    Chumps, intellectually completely void, these fools couldn’t think. Themselves out of a paper bag.

  • WhoCanYouTrust

    So what do you plan to call a person that migrates from their country of origin and does so against the law of the country they’re entering? The term is “punitive” to people violating the law. Just like it’s “illegal” to steal cars, it’s “illegal” to burglarize homes, it’s “illegal” to commit murder. If you don’t understand that, there’s is no amount of college that is going to increase your intellegence.

    • wroka

      A potential voter for the liberal party.

  • Derin Coates

    They can change words all they want, but it still doesn’t change the facts that we have IMMIGRANTS living in the U.S. ILLEGALLY. Euphemistic language solves nothing, it just buries problems under a shiny veneer of politically correct B.S.


    Criminal immigrant would be much better.

  • Stan

    It is funny how our members of Congress, the President, and now the colleges support ILLEGAL anything. Ask a cop, the law is not a pick and choose it is the friggin LAW. The term ILLEGAL means that in a modern society designed on laws that at least the Law Makers would support the LAW. They give ILLEGAL guns to people that sell ILLEGAL drugs and it is only ok if they break the laws not us. Americans are damn fools for following these crooks! Selective Laws with Selective Enforcement!

  • Chuck Armstrong

    I have protested the term “illegal alien” since the term was used in the US Code. Only actions can be deemed unlawful or illegal. A person can’t be deemed unlawful or illegal. However, and before you think I’m a libtard, which I’m not, the term unlawfully present (UP (pronounced You Pee) has a nice ring to it, and that’s what I call anyone who is in the US unlawfully.

    • Liliana Rawks

      Illegally present works. Illegal immigration works too.

  • sdafsd

    The radical left has their shit together. Group think is rewarded, stepping one foot off the reservation results in serious consequences.

    They hate America and do not recognize themselves as being American.

    • let’s not even get into how they feel about Jews – it is after all a civil comment section,.

  • Ken

    How about border crawler or citizenship thief? How about plain thief or scumbag.

  • phantomwriter

    Let these stupid students spend sometime fight the “Border Ways” for a week….teach them about human trafficking, massive drugs that kills by the thousands of Americans…the gangs, the violence…..and tell me that there isn’t anything wrong in calling these criminal illegal aliens what they are!

  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Instead of “illegal immigrant”, how’s about “law-breaking waste of humanity being abetted in their crimes by Democrat haters of America in soaking up billions of taxpayer-$$s”?
    Or maybe “imported Democrat Party voter-drones and net loss of American GDP”?

  • Rickvid_in_Seattle

    The free speech movement at Berkeley has, for 40 years, been utterly about repressing speech they disagree with. The total contempt they have for personal liberty is astounding. No choice but what they allow. No freedom but what they approve. No opinions but what they accept. No truth, period.

  • Eric Freeman

    Idiocracy… it really was a documentary.

  • Tbone

    So much for the Free Speech Movement. LOL. Looks like the Fascists have finally won. Turns out its the Leftists who are the fascists.

  • Kathleen

    Wow, now it’s called the “I” word. Scary to think these same people will be running the country some day. By then I’m sure they’ll have succeeded in banning the “USA” words because they make some people in the world “feel” powerless.

  • gerry d welder

    When things really turn to crap, watch them blame conservatives, Christians and capitalists.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    That’s fine, I have always preferred the more accurate “criminal border jumpers, stealing from American’s” anyway.

    “Undocumented democrat voters”, is a close second.

  • MrSottobanco

    Thought Control University. Illegal aliens are criminals.

  • Ron Paulyes

    so let me get this correct – “censorship” is actually encouraged on this college campus.

  • ThomDees

    Really, then what do you call felons..”serially, emotionally, and financially disadvantaged persons…Berkeley is a joke and so are the leftists that attend there. Most from wealthy homes.. Illegally entering the United States without Inspection, is a violation of Title 8 U.S.C. Section 1325. It is not an administrative violation of the law, it is a felony! They are illegal aliens. Also for you drooling dipsticks, We allow more immigrants legally into our country each year than the rest of the world combined! These people are largely coming for nothing more than economic reasons and yes, to obtain the free low-hanging fruit hanging from the trees in our Obamaland, the land of milk and honey. Why should you work hard here, when you can live better for almost free here than in Mexico or most countries in Asia. This is just plain ignorant. A decision made by a bunch of whimpy and baby-like leftist nerds, most of whom have absolutely zero, no, zip,nada experience in the world. It’s their stupid actions which help to misinform and influence others and make most of us pay for their stupidity and ignorance. They should just shut up, study, and get jobs in the real world, not the land of fruits and nuts!
    By the way, Mexico and most Latin American countries are hypocrites. They shoot at those persons, that run from their officers when making an illegal entry into their country… By the way, I actually grew up in rural town in southern Mexico, so don’t give me your BS.

  • ravitchn

    How about CALLING THIS SCHOOL university OF Marxism BERKELEY?

  • tonycoza

    without papers….are you calling me a WOP!!! How dare you!!! Now vote to ban that word too. Ah yes, the future leaders of our country. Please keep me posted….I don’t want to come to Berkeley, call someone “illegal”, which would be…….well, illegal.

  • steve90806

    I can live with that. Besides criminal alien is a much better description of who they are. So arrest and deport all criminal aliens.

  • gary allan

    Back in the 60’s Berkley would not allow anything to be banned.


    It’s funny about 10 years ago I banned the use of the phrase
    “UC Berkley” in my home.

    I found it represents intolerance, denial, and the childish
    ignorance of blind liberal ideology that elevates the rights of criminals above
    the law abiding.

  • country_hick

    I agree totally! The term is ILLEGAL ALIEN. Immigrants come into this country following the rules. Illegal Aliens violate the Rule of Law then demand their “Rights”. Let’s see them pull that with any other country in the world. Perhaps we should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws? Would that make them happy? If you want to come to this country come on in, LEGALLY. If you sneak in you are here ILLEGALLY.

  • Ron Paulyes

    always wanted to go to a skool which actually encourages censorship

  • h2k

    Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal

    That should be enough to ruin a liberal wordsmith’s day.

  • crabby

    Actually, I prefer to call the illegals “Illegal foreign invaders”, since they entered the country illegally.

    Next up UC Berkeley student government will ban people from saying “The sky is blue”.
    Politically correct speech is what these leftards decide is politically correct, to force their marxist agenda onto the rest of us.To a leftard, another person only has freedom of speech if what they say meets the approval of the former.

    What do college students (age group 18-25) know about the way the world works? The answer is not very much. What do college students know about the US constitution? The answer is even less. They have just recently emerged from their cocoon, and are even still covered by their parent’s health insurance policy.

  • How does UC Berkeley student government feel about the term “Tea Baggers” and “craka”

  • Robert Hugopian

    These students have no idea that they will reap what they sow when they try to find a job. Obamacare is all yours, my friends. Rot in California; you deserve it.

  • Jay Clark

    What about felon. Sneaking into a sovereign nation is a criminal act, not a civil one.

  • Jake UMBC 2003

    Make you wonder what other words are “illegal”. What is the penalty for using the words “illegal immegrant”. Does it count if your on the net? Is it only on campus? If a book contains those words together, should it be burned?

  • John

    I think the term, “Affirmative Action” (as well as its practice), is racist and unfair and offensive. Ban that Berkeley Student Gov.


    WOP and WETBACK making a comeback.

  • Stan

    It is pretty screwed up when members of Congress, the President, and now the Colleges support anything considered ILLEGAL!
    Our lawmakers attend ILLEGAL gathering to protest Laws they are sworn to protect and uphold!
    Try this, do something ILLEGAL in front of a cop then try to debate the right and wrong of the law with them. The law is not design to be an option, it is the friggin LAW! In America the very people we hire to write, pass, and enforce laws are the very ones that break them. For some reason our leaders see the laws of our country as loose guideline that they are allowed to cross over without question. They give ILLEGAL guns to people that sell ILLEGAL drugs and it is suppose to be ok. Americans are damn fools for following these crooks!

  • HubertCumberdale99

    Racist? Unfair? How is this so?

    Also, how ironic that they are making this term illegal. So breaking the law isn’t a basis for being deemed “illegal” – what happens when someone uses this term? Will the user be engaging in illegal activity or will some other rule be put in place to protect the user from being accused of being “illegal”.

    When is black black and white white? When is an apple an apple and an orange an orange?

    • Rupert Hugopian

      Hubert, your usage of racist terms like black and white offended me.

      • HubertCumberdale99


  • Ron Paulyes

    all the students from all the rich wealthy familys don’t want to be stigmatized by being associated with the word illegal because they hire maids, gardners, etc… who happen to be “illegally” employed by them.

  • 3rdjerseyman

    I guess they don’t read Orwell anymore.

  • Howzah123

    Berzerkely Obaggers make the word “illegal” illegal

    Comical and Embarrassing

  • atkoa

    How about Illegal Thugs, the word liberal,progressive, are a joke. Communist is more inline. The Democratic/leftist deny freedom of speech.

  • GuitarMan

    When jobs and money in America are scarce – due to outsourcing capital and manufacturing, does the USA need millions more willing to work for less? Further, I vote to take away UC Berkely’s government funding, due to students turning their backs on free speech. Let racists pay full fare!!

  • Stan

    Corporations work Illegal Immigrants at low wages and pay no taxes or health bennies. Our Government is full aware of this. It is nothing more than slave labor. For them it is a thing of beauty. The Law makers are turning a blind eye to this pratice and the American people pick up the tab!.

  • K.J. Pierson

    Pretty sure they are violating federal laws by being here, that doesn’t make it a civil matter. Then again, UC never was the bastion of rational thought and discourse.


    Mario Savio is screaming out from the grave!

  • Dave

    Great; so “without papers” is acceptable, a term to many Americans translates to WOP. As an Italian American I am offended but adult enough to go on with life and worry about and address the real issues facing a nation in crisis.

  • WakeUpPPlz

    What makes me want to puke even more is that these nitwits are the wonder children who will be running what is left of this country in 15 to 20 years. If we try to say something on behalf of what is right, good and decent in society we are labeled haters, racists and now the lefty fav jihadists. This metal disease has to stop right were it starts and thats in public schools with liberal rejects teaching your children that their way is the right way. Being a socialist/communist is good and living off of the government is not shameful in any way. For people who need welfare as a temporary lifeline thats one thing but these ppl living 3 and 4 generations off of the system is just wrong. So when the ILLEGAL THATS RIGHT ILLEGAL ALIENS COME WALTZING OVER THE BORDER FOR THERE AMNESTY OUR BELOVES UNITED STATES WILL BE NOTHING MORE THAN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Sickens me and it should sicken you.

  • slave2liberty

    Thanks for the suggestions you self-important doe-eyed, do-gooders, but I think that the term ILLEGAL aliens is totally acceptable in describing an individual’s residency status. They are according to legal definitions, “aliens” and their residency status is based on non-legal, or ILLEGAL conditions.

    ILLEGAL Alien, noun;

    a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.

  • welovetheUSA

    How about illegal Mexican…………or illegal wetback……..hum that will work.

  • TioDon

    it ain’t gonna make them go away just because you quit calling a spade a spade…

  • Rationalist

    Immigrants are those who come here legally, abiding by the legal system and wishing to assimilate into our culture, and to make a home as new American citizens..

    Illegal aliens are those who come here illegally bypassing a system of laws, wishing to change our culture to match their failed expectations, with no expectation of assimilating into society as American citizens.

    Illegal invaders might be a more accurate term…

  • OK, then it’s criminal immigrant or unlawful immigrant.

  • Bill Adams

    In the 60s, Berkeley was the hears of the Free Speech Movement. Some would say it has changed. But even then the only free speech that being fought for there was Left Wing Free Speech. So, nothing really has changed.

  • Rationalist

    Immigrants are those who come here legally, abiding by the legal system and wishing to assimilate into our culture, and to make a home as new American citizens..

    Illegal aliens are those who come here illegally bypassing a system of laws, wishing to change our culture to match their failed
    expectations, with no expectation of assimilating into society as American citizens.

    Illegal invaders might be a more accurate term…..

  • Arius1071

    Yea, try to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico and see how they treat you, and they are not afraid to call it what it is. Stupidity knows no bounds at UC Berkeley.

  • And then: UC Berkeley is a white spot on the map.

  • RICK

    “a rose by any other name is still a rose’

  • John

    If they are here illegally how in the world are the registered students?

  • commonesnes

    UC Berkley is correct. The proper term for these people is “illegal alien.” They are both illegally in the U.S. and they are aliens, i.e., neither citizens nor legal residents.

    • Ken Valley

      How about Criminal? That is more appropriate! They violated our laws by sneaking into this country illegally! They should be arrested and prosecuted like a typical criminals!

  • Ken Valley

    How about instead of Illegal Immigrant, we go with “Slimeball Criminal Invaders?” Leave it to fleabaggers and left-wing losers to tout this Communist garbage! Now we know why Janet Napolitano took the Head of UC job–to further indoctrinate our kids with Socialism, Communism and Marxism! Illegal Criminal is the correct label! If they’d come to the USA legally, then we would call them Legal Immigrants! Get it, loser Liberals?

    • rjm2238

      How do you make the leap it takes to associate the Tea Party with this type of thinking? You seem like a liberal/leftist troll with nothing to say, so you throw this nonsense out there. Pitiful.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      • Liliana Rawks

        He didn’t even mention the tea party. READ.

  • John

    “No human being is illegal.” And killing an 8 month old baby is not murder. What has gone so wrong?

    • Ken Valley

      Kathleen Sebelius should know everything about killing babies! She was the one granted baby-muder factories like Planned Parenthood ability to abort babies in Mother’s 3rd trimester! This woman is a barbarian!

    • rjm2238

      If no human being is illegal the jails would have to be completely emptied. Doesn’t make a lot of sense now, does it.
      Perhaps if we were to do such a thing we could provide transport for all these newly freed human beings to liberal enclaves all across the nation and then simply sit back and enjoy the show.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • MC_VMI_95

    The “illegal” qualification of the word immigrant is based upon one’s actions and has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin.

    I weep for these idiots and pity their parents for the money they wasted on what is supposed to be an education not indoctrination.

  • Emmanuelle Goldstein

    How about we ban the descriptor ‘intelligent” when describing a Berkeley student?

    • Ken Valley

      Or, a DemoRAT!

  • Twoiron

    Why do Progressive Liberals (aka “Democrats”) care so much what people and things are called?

    For example:

    1) Pro-choice instead of “pro-abortion” or “baby killers.”
    2) Feminists instead of “man-haters.”
    3) Bullying victims instead of “wimps” and “nerds.”
    4) Same-sex marriage instead of “fornicating sodomites.”
    5) Occupy Wall-Streeters instead of “street urchins.”
    6) SNAP instead of “food stamps.”
    7) Teabaggers instead of “principled, Constitutional conservatives.”
    8) Fundamental transformation of America instead of “targeted destruction of the American middle class and the US Constitution.”

    And so on…

    • rjm2238

      Great thoughts my friend. I assume they feel if they can dictate the terminology it will give them the edge they so sorely need as facts and logic have deserted their thinking decades ago.
      These people could never win a reasoned debate so they resort to tricks and samantic deviancy.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      • Twoiron

        Deceptive use of oxymoronic terms like “Affordable Care Act” and “healthcare system navigators” make low-information voters feel really cozy while they are being raped by the federal government.

        • Liliana Rawks

          It’s the progressive narrative and nobody is forced to buy into it. Call it what it is. These people are illegal aliens. The ACA is Obamacare and our president doesn’t mis-speak, he lies.

    • Hotshot111

      Well said!!!

    • Rationalist

      Teabagger definition…

      Derogatory term used by low information self absorbed single issue socialist solipsists to describe those with American
      patriotic ideals, higher thought processes and morals.

      Used as a noun when the solipsist can find no reasonable argument to engage with. …

      Used over and over and over by those who apparently incapable of independently forming new thoughts…

      • Twoiron

        Excellent exposition. You are hired. Why can’t we get rhetoric like this out of the conservatives in Washington? I know there aren’t many of them, but…

  • Steve

    I’m actually okay with this. Now we can just use the same term they use in Mexico … felon.

  • rjm2238

    I realize that these so-called people are leftists but one would hope they realize they do not possess any authority what so ever to ban any forms of free speech. Perhaps they have been deluded by the minstrations of their messiah, what with his getting away with stating who does and who does not have to obey the laws of the land, as witnessed by his allowing his donors and cronies to disobey the healthcare laws and many others, but those are just further illegal precedents that will be corrected when the reign of law returns to the country, and it will. I only hope we do not have to go through the wholesale slaughter of another civil war to make it so, but whatever it takes. I and millions of others have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and wasn’t joking when I did.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • David English

    Since when is breaking the law not illegal?
    Every American wants a strong immigrant influx; it is our nation’s lifeblood. Immigrants whose first act on our soil is to break the law are NOT wanted.

    • Hotshot111

      Agreed. My mother was an immigrant and was very proud of earning her citizenship and living the American Dream. And, boy, did she ever.

  • Rodney S

    I agree. The term should be “criminal border-jumper.”

  • motertrucker

    undocumented democrats.

  • JRjr

    The way to deal with this is to simply ignore it and continue to say “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” whichever you prefer. Then sue them when they try to sanction you.

  • Dallas_Guy

    Whether a criminal or civil infraction, they are still acting unlawfully and, thus, here illegally. Why, exactly, are they so concerned about protecting the feelings of those who are illegal because they or their parents put them in the situation? If they cannot bear the stresses of being here illegally, there is an easy remedy. The illegal students probably have enough student aid to get a nonstop flight to where they are citizens. Trains and buses work, too. Since the rhetoric is illogical, the only conclusion is that, as usual, the left is obscuring its real motivations.

  • MC_VMI_95

    I wonder how these morons would react if their classrooms were full of people who didn’t pay tutition and the professors had to address each person’s question, grade tests and papers, etc in order regardless if they were a registered student or not?

  • Rotorwash

    Note to college students:

    We, the actual producers of the US are not interested in your “wisdom”.
    For you possess none of it.

    Get a job, pay a mortgage, pay taxes and get away from the pot and the college-orgies and in about 10 years we may be interested.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    Perhaps ‘criminal’ would be more to their liking?

  • Cahal the Mad™

    LMFAO Liberals are such losers, such reality-hating losers. “Derp… duh if I don’t CALL an illegal alien an ‘illegal’ than that makes them a legal, legitimate U.S. citizen. duh because it’s ‘racist’ to tell the truth. Derp.” – every liberal on Earth

  • Reed Smith

    So…if you don’t like the language, you change or outlaw it…how very leftist of them and oh so typical; Orwell must be turning in his grave…doublethink and doublespeak were once the domain of fictional literature, but now we are seeing it live and in person. These kids are imbeciles…and they only had to spend $30,000 to get that way…well done!

  • MC_VMI_95

    “There are an estimated 900 students in the country illegally who are currently enrolled in the 10-campus, University of California system”

    I hope there is a class action law suit by 900 applicants that were not accepted by these schools.

  • odumo

    illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant,illegal immigrant. your here illegally, and your from another country. GUESS WHAT YOU ARE!!!

  • chwk2w

    Hmmm… let’s see. These elitists won’t use the word “illegal” to describe someone who has broken the law, but wouldn’t think twice about referring to someone as a “teabagger”.

  • Bob Parkman

    that’s insane. illegal alien is the correct legal term.

  • Hotshot111

    It’s intended to be racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory. The fact that they’re almost all Mexicans and offend me and my country and are unfair to our laws deems them to be referred to in a derogatory manner. Why don’t they take the time to assess Mexico’s handling of the illegal immigrant problem and emulate them. Seems to work there.

  • Ricardo Queso

    Ah yes, that liberal bastion of “free speech”, Berkeley.
    Per usual, it’s only protected free speech if it doesn’t contradict Leftist doctrine. Everything else is only “hate speech”…

  • MrGreggo

    What if some one on ILLEGAL drugs, used a ILLEGAL gun to commit a ILLEGAL crime against these IDIOTS families? Or should we just refer to them as criminals, that is what a ILLEGAL “someone not in the United Stats legally” person called then SKIPPY????

  • Humidifier

    Yeah I like illegal felons better. A more appropriate term.

    • Ricardo Queso

      I like your sentiment, but “illegal felons” is sort of redundant. Felons are, by definition, illegal, regardless of their immigration status. May I respectfully suggest, “undocumented felons”?…

      • Humidifier

        No I still like illegal felons because these people are redundant and they multiply like rabbits. Thanks anyway.

  • sam256

    OK, what are they?
    Skinny immigrants.
    Fat immigrants.
    Stupid immigrants.
    Hungry immigrants.
    Lonely immigrants.
    Bored immigrants.
    Student immigrants.
    Senator immigrants
    Stuck-up immigrants.
    Alien immigrants.

    It’s too bad these stupid college kids (and I do mean kids) will someday be in positions of power running the country. Think things are bad now?

    But then this is Berkeley in the fruit and nut country of California.

  • Who cares? It is not like the place is a college or anything, just a group of mindless progressive retarded rodents looking for their next free handout.

    • Rotorwash

      Most US colleges are not much more than great places to get pot and partake in orgies.

  • Jeff

    “Unregistered Democrat authorized to vote” is the legal term.

  • Rotorwash

    Change the language, not the behavior.

    THAT is the way of the Socialist / Stateist.

  • Andrew

    Hahaha Liberals running from facts. If I go to Canada right now with out a passport, I am illegally in the country. No wonder the Pentagon still considers liberalism as a mental disorder.

  • bizmaroon

    What say we call them libertarian wetbacks?

  • lewpubco

    They are “illegal”, since they did not come here legally, and they are “aliens” because they are not citizens. That is an accurate description. They are certainly not immigrants because they did not follow the law to come here as an immigrant. Get off your high horse Berkeley, we’ll call them what we want.

  • chwk2w

    It’s Rome all over again. An apathetic populace demanding more support from government while the borders are overrun.

    • Twoiron

      “An apathetic populace demanding more support from government while the borders are overrun.”

      How about “a pathetic multitude of ne’er-do-wells demanding more and more ‘free stuff’ from an out-of-control federal government that has come to see itself as elitist Santa Clauses passing out goodies in exchange for votes and campaign donations”?

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    leftists, making awesome authoritarians and totalitarians since ‘the communist manifesto’ 🙂 clearly we have dumbed down the education system.

  • annon.

    How about we banish this cesspool to a deserted island?

  • Jim

    Yes, ban the phrase ‘illegal immigrant’ … they are not immigrants, they are criminal aliens … illegal aliens, I might add, and no amount of twisting the truth on the part of addled brained, immoral upstarts is going to change the truth, so stop expecting people to go along with you as you lemmings head for the cliff of politically correct stupidity.

  • Walter Festoon

    What about my Free Speach rights?????

  • Mike Harmon

    “Illegal immigrant” is an oxymoron anyway. But what is inaccurate about calling someone who is here illegally and “illegal”?

    • Liliana Rawks

      It’s not inaccurate, it just doesn’t fit the progressive narrative.

  • Scott Siemsen

    How cute. Our country’s future banning undesirable speech.

  • steelers01

    How are you liking liberalism?

  • Sean McMahon

    lib idiots at berkley

  • YeahBut

    WE get to chose who are our immigrants. So they are right……”immigrant” should be out. Foreign Illegal Trespasser.

  • John

    How about we ban this term: UC Berkeley

  • Bob in VA

    This isn’t a news article—it is an affirmation of how far California has fallen and will continue to fall. Who doesn’t expect this level of mushy-headed liberalism from UC Berkeley? After all, it’s been the bastion of collegiate idiocy since the 1960’s. Having lived in and escaped the Bay Area, I can tell you that things will get MUCH worse for that state. The people vote for social programs with no notion of where funding will come from. And when the system totally collapses, they’ll come crawling to the federal government for a bailout—and you know as sure as God made little green apples that we’ll be left holding the bag. We know it and the vile little trolls currently enrolled at UC Berkeley definitely know it. California Über Alles!

  • staff office

    1St amendment violation= big law suite. UC Berkley has always been a school for liberals,socialist,Marxist, and comunist. F Them!!

  • Citizenright

    LOL, a cry for relevancy. See? See how relevant we are?

    Pathetic 😉

    Oh, and BTW, my marginally intelligent children, you have banned nothing. Nothing.

    Illegal alien. Illegal immigrant.

    See geniuses? Nothing banned.


  • Jeff

    “Their minds are so open… their brains have fallen out”

  • JDasien

    No problem. I’ll go back to using “wet back”.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Remember when Berkeley was at the heart of the Free Speech Movement?

  • Major Infidel

    Wow, our universities are overrun by simpletons – at every level.

  • Joe Smith

    “The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil
    rather than criminal infraction,” states the resolution, which notes
    some journalists have stopped using the term.

    Fine…. make it what it always should have been, a criminal offense to in the country illegally.

  • Jeff

    What really is the value of a college education any more ? And Berkeley ? What can you learn at Berkeley (other than liberal idiocy) that you can’t learn anywhere else ? I read somewhere that Google is now open to hiring engineers who have never gone to college, and I am sure others will follow.

  • Dave Edmonds

    OMG and these are some of the possible leaders of our nation? Stop the planet I want off.

  • BubbasBBQ

    I just have one thing to say to the little kiddies at UC Berkeley “Learn to Swim”
    Look it up.

  • TruthInSpending

    Okay. Let’s call them criminal immigrants, or criminal aliens. Take your pick.

  • Spryte

    I prefer “enemy invaders” anyway.

  • Guy Sines

    As if we needed any more proof that our alleged centers of “higher learning” are nothing more than statist indoctrination camps.

  • Carlos_Danger

    I agree, illegal alien should be dropped and they also should be relocated to the wealthiest area of CA.

    • Liliana Rawks

      Every member of congress that votes for amnesty should have to have illegals living on both sides and in front and back of their homes.

  • Carlos_Danger

    Hmmm, maybe if these students get mugged or raped by one of these illegals they’ll change their mind. Nah, they are too disillusioned by their own warped ideology.

  • eramthgin

    Absolutely they should ban the term because it is inaccurate. The LEGAL term is ILLEGAL ALIEN. I know how to solve people moving across the border. Build watch towers 100 feet tall 2 miles from the border every 2000 yards. Declare the first five miles a prohibited zone. Farmers and ranchers who need to enter the area can check in with the ARMY and be given GPS tracking devices. Then man every tower with a army, navy or air force sniper and kill every, non-gps tracked human that enters that area! Either that or bury a ribbon of radioactive material that will guarantee that whoever crosses that ribbon will die or radiation poison quickly. I don’t favor that one because of the cattle and indigenous animals that live there. EITHER ONE WOULD WORK

    • Liliana Rawks

      It is so much easier than that. Make E-Verify mandatory NOW. This removes the incentive to come here and sends those that are here packing.

    • ezlife4me

      Sounds like the DMZ between N Korea and S Korea…………and that works just fine.

  • MA Jack

    Which race exactly does the term offend? Are there not ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS of ALL races. Oh, and it’s unfair? When did truth lend itself to a judgment of fairness?
    Parents of U of CA Berkeley students, I’d reconsider to whom you choose to write your tuition checks.
    What a bunch of morons. The descent of America accelerates.

    • eramthgin

      What they expect us to do is stop telling the truth. First it will be illegal immigrants to undocumented immigrants soon we will change the name of pedophile rapists to undocumented children therapists or convicted bank robbers to undocumented withdrawal customers.

  • IRI33T

    How about banning censorship and fascists next?

  • nw_traveller

    What should be call someone who enters the country illegally, a boy scout? It doesn’t dehumanize. It calls a spade a spade. How about “outlaw” since they are operating outside the law?

  • fred1724

    Gee! Illegal isca banned word. Immigrants is too. What’s next/ Conservative? free man? Bill of Rights? Why don’t these idiots EVER grow up?

    • Joe Smith

      Outlaw immigrants…. I like it.

  • sanity_in_florida

    Shut the place down.

  • Cruz is right

    The true nature of our PC Nation will be its own undoing given enough time, won’t it?

  • TEN

    It is time to officially change the name of this “school” to Karl Marx University and change the mascot to the “Neo-Com”.

  • Jay

    What’s next? Perhaps we should be referring to illegal drug dealers as “unlicensed pharmacists.

  • evoval

    At this point what difference does it make when CA has a Governor giving illegals in state tuition, drivers licenses and allowing them to practice law.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    and the cancer, that is killing America, continues to grow and metastasize


      Nice picture. Question is would this half-a-sissy do this to someone face to face?

  • Toby Black

    How about “criminal alien”? Crossing the border illegally makes one a criminal (admitedly in violation of a misdemeanor, not a felony). The civil infraction argument is a red herring, using the civil infraction of overstaying visas to deflect attention from illegal border crossing. Regardless, speaking plainly about violations of the law should be encouraged, not regulated. Yet another example of how those who seek to control thought first seek to control speech.

  • James Jordan

    I don’t know, I’ve always been partial to “Unconvicted Felons” or “Illegal River Jumpers”


    And the problem magically goes away. These are the same people who Obama has surrounded himself with at the WH. Do nothing, know-nothing tenured college professors. And the progressives wonder why Obamacare fell on it’s face.

  • BunkerHillPatroit

    This school will ban the word “the” if they did not like what came after it. Nut jobs getting to much money and a lot time on their hands. Shut up and teach without bias starting now.

  • MacDaddy12345

    How about calling them what they really are – Law breaking invaders! After calling them that, let’s use the NSA’s much vaunted monitoring system and identify and arrest them and then deport them back to their own countries with the warning that returning will result in a 25 year sentence to a desert work camp at hard labor!

  • Elliot Foley

    Everyone should go over to the UC Berkeley school newspaper which is also pushing for Amnesty for ILLEGALS and let them know what you think….


    Funny thing is, the Prof. uses the term ILLEGAL immigrants quite freely. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • 7thFleetVet

    ILLEGAL ALIEN: Parasites, Peasants and Third-Worlders.

  • trojanguy

    I’d like to ban the entire UC system and close it down….it’s nothing more than a propaganda training ground for America Hating Leftists. F These People!!

  • pat roberts

    You stupid leftist students. An illegal is an illegal, no matter how much you censor free speech. Illegals should be deported immediately. If you are an illegal immigrant in Uruguay, and you are caught, you will spend months in a jail, the most horrific experience in your life. then you’ll be kicked out. In the US we are tolerant, so you don’t go to jail and wallow in your own filth. but you still deserve to be deported like a rat.

  • What do you expect, it’s Berkeley … a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Pretty much one hundred percent of the people there are America-hating liberals.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    OK wet back it is!

  • mikemoair2

    man, Berkeley misses the Vietnam war. I feel sorry for them

  • First things first, we should immediately deport the illegal immigrant residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • bobsr

    And what is it do you suppose they don’t understand on the Left Coast about an immigrant who is here illegally?

  • mikemoair2

    man, Berkeley misses nixon

  • mikemoair2

    man, Berkeley misses abortion being illegal

  • mikemoair2

    can’t the zodiac make a comeback and move across the bay?

  • Robert Parkhurst

    Racist: How? It doesn’t matter whether you’re white, black, hispanic, asian – if you’re illegal you’re illegal.
    Offensive: see above
    Unfair: see above
    Derogatory: see above

    Is this really the future of America? This pussy children don’t deserve the rights that great Americans fought and died for. When my feelings were hurt as a child my father told me to MAN UP, perhaps instead of these moronic kids being given everything they want for crying a little bit they should have had good parents that told them how the world works!

    • Juvenal

      These kids are the first of the “don’t keep score” and “everybody gets a trophy” generation. They’re young, they’re idealistic, and, most of them being raised in the peoples republic of California and being at Berkeley, they’re brain washed.

      • Robert Parkhurst

        A sad day.

  • sam860

    Breaking the law, doing what is NOT legal makes it illegal! Here we have the future leftist- socialists of America in training.

  • fedup

    Good job you commie little freaks …Thats cool why don’t we just turn UC Berkley into a housing project for illegal Mexicans…..Ya that would not go to far would it you FRAUDS…

  • mikemoair2

    hey that Altamont sure ended the 60’s, only the bay area can f up a free concert

  • FLFF

    ok then wetback gangster it is!

  • rockribbedrushy

    I suggest we start calling them:

    Unregistered Democrats!

  • grey_ghost1

    What BS!

  • LeetoniaWeeyums

    I guess “Wetback” didn’t make the approved list either.

  • getoffmylawn

    ha.. while the folks at UC Berkeley believe that they will make the world a better place by preventing the use of words they don’t like, there are thousands from South and Central American countries that find themselves deposited on the other side of Mexico’s southern border only after they have been raped, robbed and beaten by the authorities.

  • 111Alan

    No problem UC Berkeley illegal immigrant isn’t a correct term, it’s actually illegal ALIEN

  • MonarchPass


  • Richard

    So who are the true Fascists? Liberals of course who routinely undermine our Bill Of Rights. It is disgraceful that this is happening at a University which is supposed to be a bastion of free speech and free thinking.

  • stnicks

    lets march on their campus……oh…it’s California….we might get arrested in that country.

  • Bruce Goodmansen

    Okay Berkeley students, when you graduate, tell us all how you plane to make enough money to provided not only for your own needs, but for the educational, housing, healthcare, and the nutritional needs of 12 million illegals who cannot make it on their own in this country.

  • fedup

    A Republican with balls should make a law that says all illegal Mexicans should have to live with a Democrat in his or her home for one year to be able to vote….Ya that will stop this B.S…….over night….

    • revolutiontheonlysolution

      liberalism is directly related to it’s distance from the problem.

  • Sick an Tired

    Bunch of Fkn freaks!!!!!!

  • Jack

    I am so glad this has been addressed. These are undocumented illegal immigrants. no more of this illegal immigrant term.

    • revolutiontheonlysolution

      PC BS!

  • raydar

    They should also ban the term “pro-choice”, as it’s equally misleading.

  • Perfect Stanger

    Hey, UC Berkley…..FUCK YOU and the rest of you sandle wearing pussies. They ARE illegal….and you are fucking morons!

    • bobsr

      Nice to finally hear from the silent majority.
      Did you vote? For whom did you vote?
      Might want to give that sme thought in the future….

  • Sam Howe

    They are here illegally period you idiots.

  • jpct50

    Do they do book burnings too?

  • Obama_Dogeater

    LOL, useful idiots.

  • bobsr

    It’s even worse. Homeland Security Queen is now President out there, and Nepolitano recenty announced all kinds of scholarships are available for illegal aliens resulting in zero costs for you. Come on Down!

    How does that grab you. I guess when I grow up I will want to become an illegal alien. Free Everything, and no reason to work. Yes indeed, the land of the big PX!

  • Ed

    Non-citizen immigration violators? Call then N-CIVs for short.

  • cecil91

    Criminal trespassers, then. Or Suspects of a Third-World Kind.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Good move. I think wetback is more appropriate.

    • cecil91

      Now Frank,

  • somewhereoutwest

    how about “Foreign National (ie. non-US Citizen) who entered the United States or remains in the United States ILLEGALLY.”?

  • UC Berkeley is a full blown Marxist institution. I know some alumni from there and they are the most left wing, America hating, sick individuals I have ever met. Don’t expect anything good to ever come out of that place.

  • rmiller

    So molester, murderer, rapist would all be eliminated under this joke of a school? They to signify illegal people as well. For those wonderfully educated Nazi type there. They broke our laws. They are illegal. They are trying to steal citizenship. They deserve to be dehumanized. What will you call them when they go on welfare as millions of Hispanics are doing today. Oh right… you will call then comrade as you all stand in line for your government handout.

  • Karyn LaFayette

    Why? They are here illegally, hence, illegals. Move your campus to mexico and get out of my country, traitors.

  • revolutiontheonlysolution

    Might as well call them bird watchers just waiting for the Eagle to $hit.

  • Vexious

    Not unfair, not racist, only offensive to those that want to be and those that don’t matter.The leftists are always about attempts to control speech and lives, way more than the rightists.

  • kim

    when you’ve crossed the border illegally and have no documentation, like it or not, you are an illegal alien. This is an international term. It is most certainly used in Mexico where most of these aliens come from. The truth hurts. I find it offensive that illegal aliens get so much protection in a country that seems to dismiss the concerns of the broader society.

  • IanAndersonLOL

    This is absurd. The term illegal doesn’t imply criminal. Speeding tickets are still civil issues, but it’s still illegal to drive over the speed limit.

  • Illegalalien

    Hello..my name is Illegal Alien..I drive ILLEGALLY, get food stamps ILLEGALLY, have babies ILLEGALLY, rent ILLEGALLY, I cross the border ILLEGALLY, yes, I am an ILLEGAL ALIEN..and proud of it..I LOVE BEING ILLEGAL in the USA, I get everything I want, and I can bring all my relatives here for ILLEGAL stuff. Oh, yea, I love going to college, it’s all FREE for ILLEGALS. As the price is right would say..COME ON DOWN..signed ILLEGAL ALIEN..YOU FOOLS.

  • RayNAiken

    So instead of banning free speech how about renaming UC Berkeley to PC Berkeley and give the hierarchy no say in the decision just like they want to do with the word ILLEGAL.

    The problem is it is ILLEGAL because the law is still on the books. Repeal the law if it doesn’t suit your idea of nirvana.

  • Raymond Smith

    The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory. Really? How so? This should be good….


    Never underestimate the stupidity of liberals.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Are these college kids even thinking about finding a job after they graduate? Who will Burger King hire? An illegal for minimum wage or a college graduate who wants 50K/yr?

  • Gregory Walls

    How about criminal? Caught here twice? How about we use the correct term…Felon!!!

  • Demsreallysux Smith

    As long as they don’t ban liberal dip$hit

  • Paul__Revere

    Berkeley, leading the way in stupid.

  • crossbones

    If accuracy is the justification for their objection to “illegal”, then the word immigrant is equally inaccurate. Immigration is a legal process that these folks are not complying with when they enter this country sans documents. How about “undocumented taker”? Maybe we should show up in a USC class without documentation or evidence of a tuition payment and insist on being provided an education, although I have my doubts about the cost/benefit analysis even when the class is free.

  • peacesnail

    Any liberals existance offends me.

  • Juvenal

    Are they here legally, with the sanction of the USA government? No? Then they are here illegally. Did they break a law in entering the USA without authorization? Yes. Then they are criminals. They are criminal illegal aliens.
    I suggest these students run on down to Mexico without the proper authorization, and find out how the Mexican government refers to them. Part of the term would be “imprisoned”.

  • Mark III

    Meanwhile, bankrupt IL Governor Quinn is implementing “dream act” benefits and drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

    Aiding and abetting criminal behavior is in process.

    Quin won only 3 of 102 IL counties in the 2010 election.

    “The goal of socialism is communism” – Vladimir Lenin

  • Mike_E_V

    I won’t even go into the censorship or first amendment rights issues here as they are blatantly obvious. I suggest ban the term “higher learning” at UC Berkeley. Next we will be told the terms burglar, thief, liar and rapist will be banned as they are degrading and racist to suspects. My father and my grandmother immigrated here legally. My mother-in-law immigrated here legally. Even more interesting is the swollen head brainiacs at Berkley did not offer an alternative term…period.

  • Americaweeps

    According to UC Berkeley’s web page 28% of the school’s budget comes from California’s tax coffers and 19% of the same budget comes from the federal tax coffers. Simply put, you and I are paying for this nonsense.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    I’m sure these students pumped their chest after making this decision.. filling like the big “men” on campus.

    Wait to the real world slaps them on the back and they realize their little games are just that – games.

    Illegal Immigrants exist. Maybe not at college but where the rest of us live they do.

    • RightStuff

      They need a good mugging. Then they will come around.

  • physicsnut

    how about “unlawful immigrant”

  • fairtv

    UC Berkeley…..the Free Speech People.

  • Harry Bhaulsz

    I like “wetback” or “beaner” instead.

  • Teresa DeBerardinis Huggins

    It’s a pathetic day when a so called “institution of higher learning” tells people what they can and cannot say… I say B.S. to them….

  • D John

    How about Not legally allowed to live here.

  • RightStuff

    Yikes!!! Shades of old Soviet Russia!!! V.I. Lenin said that if he could control language, he could control people. Good going, progressives.

  • epuiribus

    Should be replaced with