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After student hangs Kate Steinle posters, university’s bias response office launches probe

A student at the University of California San Diego has been contacted to report to its Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination after hanging pro-Kate Steinle posters across the campus.

On the evening of Dec. 7, Gregory Lu hung 150 posters of Steinle’s smiling face with the words “She had dreams too” in highly traversed areas across campus that other students typically hang items on, such as bulletin boards and the free speech area.

Four days later, an investigator with the Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination emailed Lu asking to meet with him.

“Our office received an online incident report and I would like to schedule a time to speak with you about it. Are you free this week by phone or in person,” the investigator asked in his email, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.

Lu (pictured) said he replied seeking more information about the meeting, which has yet to take place, and has been in contact with an attorney.

Lu added he feels certain the bias complaint stems from the Steinle posters, noting as he put them up a couple students followed him around and watched his every move. The day after Lu hung the posters, all of them had been taken down, he added.

The same day Lu was contacted by the bias office, the UC San Diego College Democrats had also called the posters “racist propaganda” targeting the “undocumented community” in a statement posted on their Facebook page. It went on to describe the posters as “displays of hate.”

UC San Diego’s spokesman and the investigator from the bias office did not respond to College Fix requests for comment Monday and Tuesday.

Lu, in a telephone interview with The College Fix, said he feels being contacted by a bias investigator is a way in which campus leaders can try to clamp down on his free speech rights.

“This is definitely an intimidation attempt in trying to get students to make sure they never do this again,” said Lu, who put up the vast majority of the posters but did have help from two peers toward the end of his effort.

“It’s a threat [the bias office’s probe] because conservatives on this campus already have a hard time,” Lu said. “For this to happen — it’s almost a violation of our free speech rights.”

“We have had a bunch of left-wing posters go up all the time,” Lu added. “So the argument they might make is, ‘This is a political poster, we don’t want you to put it up’ is a nonsensical argument because leftists put up posters all the time.”

While Lu is a member of the College Republicans, he said the poster effort was not done on that group’s behalf. Instead, it was the project of a newly formed Right Wing West.

Right Wing West does include students who are members of College Republican chapters, but a representative of the budding organization told The College Fix that its members want to remain unnamed because they are concerned they will be targeted by progressive peers or overzealous administrators.

Lu’s case may be a perfect example of that.

As for the Steinle posters, it was the group’s first foray into activism, and according to a video posted on its Facebook page its members hung the same “She had dreams too” images on campuses across the West Coast, and they were “ripped down” at: University of Washington, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UCLA, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Eastern Washington University, Washington State and San Diego State.

The video includes a snippet of two women taking down the posters at the University of Washington, calling the images “racist” because of the wording.

A student at San Diego State confirmed to The College Fix that the Steinle posters were taken down there. Berkeley students also posted photos showing that a large Steinle poster they had left up in memoriam had been ripped up and thrown away by unknown assailants.

“The media and our politicians want to erase Kate’s name and story from history,” the group stated on Facebook. “It’s on us to speak the name of America’s lost daughter: Kate Steinle. #EndSanctuaryCities.”

Lu said he was glad to take part in the operation.

“I wanted to do this because I wanted to put forth the alternative narrative,” he said. “On a college campus the narrative is pretty leftwing. We wanted to put something up that said, ‘We denounce the verdict, we want to shine light upon this issue.'”

MORE: At UC Berkeley, vandals trash vigil poster honoring Kate Steinle

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Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter and columnist for a decade in Southern California, and prior to that held editorial positions at The Weekly Standard, Washington Times and FrontPageMagazine. She is also a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship recipient and has contributed to National Review.

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  • KoreanKat

    Lu’s actions should be celebrated as a testament to our common bonds as citizens. Instead he’s threated by the left authoritarians who want people divided by race and sex to serve the ‘social justice’, i.e. Neo-Marxist agenda.

  • Steve

    Students need to keep putting them up daily to keep the two history sweepers busy. Clearly they don’t have any classes to attend or assignments to complete.

    • bobfairlane

      GLUE them out of reach and leave them a faulty ladder.

    • Ted Kennedy Memorial Fund

      Their professors might be giving them “extra credit” in lieu of actual academic work, because that might require actual independent thought, not a soviet-style response

      Ironically, the “students” fascist response has brought much more attention than if they had simply been left alone

      But “progressives” never really think about these things, do they?


  • stillkicking

    California’s governor Jerry Brown has the blood of Kate Steinle on his hands.

    • Dixie

      Not to mention 30 years of pizza sauce

  • wizardprang

    If Kate had been black, would it still be be “Racism”?

    • Yes, it would. Black is last century’s favored race. The left has now moved on – though it would prefer to hide this fact from blacks for as along as possible.

      • Cary O’Keigh

        What if she was a Muslim?

        • kaffir geoff

          Even if Kate (may your beautiful soul rest In eternal peace) was a black Muslim illegal that would still be considered racist by the insane left.

        • surjit kaila

          Cary O’Keigh ”What is she was a Muslims ”?? There would be out cry from Liberal/lefties and Muslims too . Now see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

    • Gmama

      Or a white-Hispanic like George Zimmerman.

    • dixiereb

      no it wouldn’t just like B L M a bunch of thugs i keep hoping they will try to block a street i’m on my truck has a big bush bar like they do in Alaska for moose

    • Jerry3130

      The problem is she did nothing wrong. The left doesn’t like that, doesn’t matter her race.
      The left like criminals.

  • limn

    What the hell is Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination’ ? It doesn’t sound like the type of organization that can be anything but hostile to the first amendment, snowflakes notwithstanding. Any sane person would tell that invstigator to f*** off and get a real job.

    • astrojohn

      They provide the Play-Doh and coloring books…

    • Roberto31

      1984… Orwell.

    • DM1499

      They wanted to name it the “Ministry of Truth”, but they thought it sounded too Orwellian.

    • dixiereb

      i would hate to think if there was another war like W W 2 & these things to defend us like the 18, 19 & 20 yr olds did then

    • Cancel_NPR

      Was this an act of ” Harassment ” for which the Office of PH & D should act ?
      NO… WHO did Mr. Lu ” harass ” ?
      WHO ???
      Was this an act of ” Discrimination ” for which the Office of PH & should act ?
      NO… Who did Mr. Lu ” discriminate ” against ?
      ANSWER me, you fcku-ing liberal pieces o’ shlt…

    • Jerry3130

      That’s why the tuition is skyrocketing and they still don’t have enough money.

  • sniffles09

    RAcism against white CITIZENS is fully encouraged by the left wing extremists

    • Noodies Man

      We will have reached maximum diversity only when all the white people are dead. That’s what “diversity” means.

  • FMarion

    Perhaps the idea that Kate Steinle had dreams too is ipso facto racist because . . . um . . . probably “white supremacy?” Or perhaps, not being an illegal alien or a “person of color” her life shouldn’t count? The persons attacking Lu have no real answers to these questions because there are no real answers to these questions.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Lu seems to be an impressive young man, who unlike his supposedly caring peers has both the intelligence and the empathy to understand that it isn’t enough to mouth empty slogans but instead we need to take into account the real-life consequences of the policies we demand.

    The proponents of unlimited immigration and DACA have for a long time denied that there is any downside to unlimited immigration and DACA, and refuse to count the toll in bodies and wrecked lives. They claim empathy, but in fact show by their actions that they only care about virtue signaling and/or power, and not about what is best for our country, its citizens, or even for illegal immigrants they purport to care about.

    • Stuart Hurlbert

      The only national scientist-run, population stabilization/immigration reduction organization, Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization (http://www.populationstabilization.org) is based just 5 miles north of UCSD. Check it out. Join!

      The biggest national, teeny bopper-run, race-card-playing, population DEstabilization, pro-illegal immigration, pseudo-environmental organization is the Sierra Club, just 400 miles north of UCSD. Check out its STATEMENT ON IMMIGRATION at https://www.sierraclub.org/policy/immigration

  • AnnieCarmel

    Mario Savio must be turning over in his grave. I can only weep for the robotic children of today’s political Left.

  • Jessie Boeson

    The logic at work here is nothing more than:

    1. The posters represent a totally arbitrary viewpoint which happens to be currently on the conservative side.

    2. Anything conservative is automatically racist/bigoted/bias/fake/propaganda/whatever.

    Therefore even milk is a hate crime.

    • astrojohn

      …unless it’s chocolate milk…wait, does that mean its transracial?

  • Richard Beltzhoover

    If your “kids” are really listening and acting on those inane (students??) with a perverted philosophy as this….God help their future!!! I sure am glad I won’t be here to see it.

  • Wastrel Way

    “[C]onservatives on this campus already have a hard time.”

    It is not “conservative” to protest against criminals who are allowed to enter the USA at will.

    • On the contrary, liberals have always been soft on crime. They think criminals are all victims of social forces beyond their control. In the context of our progressive 21st-century society, personal responsibility for one’s actions has become a controversial – and conservative – position.

      • CalvinPi

        “They think criminals are all victims of social forces beyond their control.” It might be useful to point out to such that their being correct in explaining why criminals are criminals does not excuse their criminal behavior. Lefties wouldn’t dream of excusing Donald Trump, John D. Rockefeller, the slave-owning Founders, or any fracker as “victims of social forces beyond their control”, so why should they get to excuse Pol Pot, Mao, the Castros, or any illegal immigrants, much less those who commit violent crimes? Donald Trump is just a victim of Society. Right?

        • Donald Trump is successfully waging revenge against the society that victimized him! But I suppose one could say the same of many criminals.

    • MERRY CHRISTMAS Charles Neely

      Honestly, the debate is over. No one cares anymore. It’s time to start digging ditches and dropping these shitlibs where they belong.

      • MERRY CHRISTMAS Charles Neely

        I’m simply stating the obvious. A crew of a dozen would clean out this entire campus with no mercy and we all know it. Nothing of value would be lost.

  • nicholasstix

    “Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination.”

    Paging George Orwell!

    The very existence of such an office on a public university campus is both illegal and unconstitutional. Someone like Gregory Lu needs to sue to have such offices eliminated, while seeking big bucks in damages.

    • Gadfly156

      Exactly. Mr. Lu should exploit his non-whiteness to demand damages from this office while simultaneously working to shut them down. It’s not Obamaland anymore, can we go back to normal yet please?

    • Stuart Hurlbert

      Nicholas, Did Jennifer ever forward the materials on preferences in hiring at SDSU that I sent her? If not, you know how to contact me.

  • gmartinz

    Was there a single word he posted which was wrong?

  • astrojohn

    “She had dreams, too” is racist? Wow. Maybe those CA fires really are a message…

  • Anonymous Bastard

    The dreams of white people are racism and exploitation of black and brown bodies.

    According to the left.

  • cattyfan

    Since when did “having dreams” become applicable to only one race or only to immigrants?

    • Since 2001, when Senators Durbin and Hatch first introduced the DREAM Act. They failed to trademark the term, but leftists always try to assert hegemony over the language.

  • Diana Maras

    Pointing out that she had dreams too is racist? Wow.

    • henrybowman_az

      Simply pointing out that “it’s OK to be white” is now racist, so that line has already been drawn pretty clearly.

  • Dixie

    Cool, you guys use the same comment program as The Washington Times! Makes things a lot easier

    • Gadfly156

      Disqus is the bomb.

      • Dixie

        It’s pretty fantastic, unlike twitter your comments are directly related to a real news story. Just wondering, are you one of those monotheistic satanists I hear so much about or are you just a pagan with a fashion sense? I like your ring but I’ve spent a lot of time of conspiracy websites so I haven’t seen a pentagram used in a positive way for awhile. No offense, just curious.

  • Gadfly156

    We are literally “not allowed” to acknowledge that anyone white has any rights, hopes, dreams, feelings, or even humanity, at all, anymore. This is utter b/s. Any “racism” and “hate” is strictly in the minds of these vile totalitarian social thugs. Mr. Lu, you’re a hero just for telling the truth.

  • Rob

    Hey that was a great piece . I was really proud as an american for a few minutes reading this piece even though I am so disgusted with all the awful left-wingers who tear these pictures down and try to deny free speech. Unfortunately we all have to be more political now. I have had to become more of an activist even though I don’t want to be because things are so bad. I wish I could reach out to Lu and tell him how great he is and to keep standing up to the cowards of the Left. Please keep fighting the fight and don’t stop. Remember that they are the “snowflakes” not us. No one should be afraid of the Left because they are just a bunch of spoiled babies who would get their asses kicked in a real fight.

  • Shari Nicole

    Racist propaganda??????? Out of control BS. Makes me want to put some posters up myself. The poor girl is dead, killed by an illegal immigrant but it’s racist to say so???

    • BobB59

      A five time deported criminal. The illegal immigrant part was his most endearing quality.

  • markmesposito

    The Lus of the world remain; the facists who oppose him and his free speech always fade and blow away.

  • Miguel526

    The racist ba_tards of my former party are hard at work trying to resurrect the National Socialist German Workers Party of the 1930’s on the UC San Diego campus, as they mimic those NAZI’s by exercising their racist hatred for Kate Steinle, and their racist support for her Illegal Alien murderer!!!

  • alwaystruth

    There is zero free speech on college campuses. If your not a liberal don’t bother talking. Conservatives are not permitted to speak.

    • snakeplisken

      And WHITE!!

  • Deserttrek

    the uc system is 100% pro illegal alien and anti Semitic
    remember janet napalitano runs it and has been caught lining her and her cronies pockets

  • johnmorrissey

    Thank you for your efforts Mr Lu Wars are won by those like you who stand the night watch against the barbarians
    The barbarians are no longer at the gates they must be fought every day Thank You

  • Rick Burger

    Does anyone know anything about this Right Wing West group? I would be interested in learning more about them and possibly even donating if they seem worthy. As a UCSD alum that would never consider sending any of my hard earned money into the UC system directly, this could be an interesting workaround.

  • mnemonicmike

    The real Nazis have come back: the Left Wing. More and more it is obvious that people who do not conform to leftwing/Democrat groupthink will be persecuted.

  • flowerplough

    Whites aren’t allowed to have dreams at many of today’s American colleges.

  • yourhypocrisyisshowing

    I hope he has the presence of mind to record whatever conversations they have, or report that they barred him from doing so.

  • Ankylus

    Yeah, the California schools were already off the lists my high school seniors had put together. Not even applications. For we want them to get educations, not indoctrination.

    • SmokeyBehr

      If you don’t mind them getting a little religious education, any of the universities with “Pacific” in the name (and not UoP) are a good choice, as they are run by the Mennonites. Beyond that, all the State-run universities suck in the General Ed department.

      • Ankylus

        Thank you for the suggestion. There are two religious schools on their list already, to which both of them have been admitted. The applications are in now, we are in the waiting period. But if they mention wanting to look at new schools, we will look into that. Again, thank you.

  • Stable Max

    Good for you, Mr Lu. Well done sir.

  • henrybowman_az

    Silly boy. He thought the progressive administration called it a “Free Speech Area” because people could actually engage in free speech there.

  • CalvinPi

    ‘Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination’ or the ‘Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice’? Really now, what is the difference? One is US, the other Saudi. Pretty much the same thing, so far as I can see.

    • Stuart Hurlbert

      Touche! (imagine the accent mark!)

  • LABigDave

    1984 in real life!

  • FiscalCon

    Some leftist showing faux outrage at some fake news…that’s so courageous.

    The student standing up for a real victim…racist!!!

    That’s leftism.

  • creativeusernamehere

    If you support sanctuary city policies, stand behind them. Explain to Kate’s family why a policy that let a five time deportee go free is good for community trust and public safety.

  • James M

    When they say “Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination” they forgot to add ‘by whites’ to their title.

    That’s what they mean, right ? Or have I missed the harassment of whites decisions or the harassment by blacks, hispanics, immigrants, and muslims. ?

  • Tracksuit Al

    Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.


  • carmenva

    I wonder about this horses ass, if this had been his sister, that was shot in the back by a pos that should of not been in our country.

  • realDEEBEE

    Lu, make sure you use your ethnicity to argue that you cannot be a racist. Personal experience as a brownie, white privilege just goes berserk at the sight of a non white saying things that in their minds on Spencer could utter. Then tell them they are calling you a racist, and take cover as their heads explode

  • bobfairlane

    “Undocumented” = ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS

  • Ted Kennedy Memorial Fund

    UC San Diego
    Universidad Communinista

    “In another ‘diversity-related’ incident…”

  • Jerry S

    Hanging a picture of a white American citizen is “Racist”.
    Because this white American citizen was murdered in cold blood by a Latino illegal from mexico who was previously deported 5 times, only to be freed thanks to Demorat “sanctuary city” policies.
    The message?
    1. If you’re a white American, you deserve to die.
    2. If you protest and demand the right not to be murdered by foreign Latino criminals, you are labeled a “Racist”.

  • Cundy Wilson

    Well the putrid stench of California is leaking out to other states now…The mental disorder and “Progressive and Statist” nature of our elected drones for socialism have corrupted the power structure and many voter’s here. The Lib-progressives are a stain on this country period. Until we embrace the principals of our Constitution not only California well be lost but America and her ideals as well. This new “Romantic nipple pinching slow blinking” logic that big daddy Government will take care of you , should take a look around the world maybe start with the history of socialism and the modern world and move towards the future…Progress is regress.

  • Stuart Hurlbert

    Kudos to Gregory Lu for having the spine to stand up for his beliefs and against the censors and fascists. Those students are well to the left of “leftwing” and certainly not classical liberals by any stretch of the imagination. From what I can see here, Lu himself is indeed a classical liberal (a good thing!) regardless of what he chooses to call himself.

    My advice to him is not to show up for the requested meeting until he is given a document laying out the specific complaints or charges that have been levied against him, as well as the specific questions he will be asked. If the UCSD administration is so foolish as to side with the snowflake censors, it should know how much bad publicity it is going to get, and not just from College Fix.

    I encountered similar wannabe censors from the UCSD far left when I was invited to give a talk last February at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography 9a branch of UCSD on “Sustainability, Population, Censorship, and Unholy Left-Right Alliances .” A couple of hours before my talk, a SIO scientist, Jennifer Haase, sent out an email to the entire SIO campus calling me and Californians for Population Stabilization “haters” and “anti-immigrant.” A multi-chapter tale unfolded over the following week that created a major embarrassment for SIO and $600 (as I recall) in donations to Californians for Population Stabilization by several SIO staff members. My talk went very smoothly and was well received — though perhaps only because SIO is located about a mile from the main UCSD campus and all the ethnic studies departments.

    A ten-page document with all the juicy chapters of the “tale” ,including the attack memos, was prepared. Interested persons can get a copy by emailing me at [email protected]

    So, Gregory, the lesson is that, in “lemon-incoming country”, you always need to have at hand the metaphorical equivalents of: a catchers mitt, a pitcher, ice, water and sugar. Good Luck!

    THIS MESSAGE ALSO POSTED AT TOWNHALL.COM’s article on the caper.

  • dixiereb

    our only threat to edgeucation is the people who run the colleges now

  • N=1

    A commendable young man.

  • Chi Huavara

    Putting aside the deep stupidity of the concept of a bias response office, the people occupying this office are despicable creatures not worthy of any kind of respect.

    Their blatant pea-brained idiocy should be openly defied at every turn.

  • echschmidt

    But its fine to tear them down as libs have on other campuses!

  • richard schultz

    mao tse tung would be proud……..exterminate all leftists

  • cvmagreek

    Liberalism a wolf in sheep’s clothing, wants to seem loving, but winds up destroying everything devouring it with hate!
    In this story isn’t it amazing that the actual innocent person whose life was taken is less important as if her dreams which will never be didn’t matter. The liberals who followed Mr. Lu around as well as the liberal university administration will stand up for the actual criminal, illegal, unauthorized and as the story states “undocumented community”. American citizens better wake up or you will find yourself without a country, don’t think for one minute that the liberals do not want open borders, they will be just like a frog in lukewarm water that won’t realize until it’s too late that the water has turn scorching hot and they will die!

  • Ceara

    In this case, “racist” is code word for, “Unpleasant truth that we don’t want to acknowledge.”

    Bleeding-hearts don’t want to accept that Katie would still be alive if it weren’t for how little our immigration laws are respected and how poorly they are upheld.

  • ClydeX

    Leftist putting their politics over of the lives of their fellow citizens. Just like their predecessors in the USSR, Nazi Germany, Mao’s China and other leftist he’ll holes. History repeating itself.


    The Colleges of America are nothing more than centers for Marxist ,Globalist, and Multiculturalism Indoctrination.
    They’re also way Overpriced for the “services” they provide.

  • TLYG

    There is no such thing as the “undocumented” community, but we do have a problem in this country with illegal aliens.

  • Ann Matulin

    We all need to keep Kate’s memory in the forefront. Thank you for keeping the spotlight on the bias reactions of the left. I would speculate the left is afraid the Kate tragedy will spark more opposition to DACA, failed immigration policies and the illegal millions.

  • Russell Chevrier

    what does one expect from a school that censors their own Aztec mascots? Liberal infestation ruins another educational institution.

  • UtIdArWa

    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro – All communists have one thing in common. They will, without any compassion or regret, destroy anybody that stands in the way of their quest for power. All these little snowflakes will be goose stepping their way to the gulags if the progressive liberal achieve their end goals.

  • Death to collectivism

    What the campus is essentially saying without saying is that Kate Deserved to die.

    I want to know who was responsible for this probe.

  • Death to collectivism

    Gregory Lu is a hero standing up against the thuggish, totalitarian Left, and their self-imposed stranglehold on language, race, and identity.

    Support Gregory!

  • SansJeux

    Hang her murderer from a light pole on Fisherman’s Wharf.

  • harleyone

    The invective of hate and racism are are all the fascist left has. Sad, those little morons are going to some of the best schools in the country yet all they can do is tear down, spew hate and leftist memes.