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Rutgers U. prof: Trump supporters have ‘desire for power’ at the expense of black people

Rutgers University Women’s, Gender, and Africana Studies Professor Brittney Cooper is back spewing deranged rantings, most recently on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” show.

As reported by Newsbusters, guest host Zerlina Maxwell had on Cooper along with historian Jon Meacham to denounce President Trump for, as Maxwell put it, “violating the Hatch Act all over the place” and “encouraging brutal treatment of black people by police officers.”

Cooper, who in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown this spring said efforts to reopen the country were a “gross necropolitical calculation” against black lives, didn’t need much prodding:

Look, President Trump is a lawless person. We knew he was lawless before he got into office. We had very good indicators that he had sexually assaulted women. So many people around him have been – taken hits and gone to jail because they committed crimes on his behalf. The President is a criminal. He has no respect for the rule of law. He understands this job as basically a money grab to support the Trump organization and his own individual pockets. And part of the challenge we have as a nation is that a significant swath of Americans still support Donald Trump. They support his vision of America. And that is rooted in racism. It is rooted in a desire for power at the expense of everyone who is black and brown. And so what we have in this problem is – is a – is a spiritual kind of tyranny of the worst impulses — you know Dr. Meacham said you know narcissism – you know sort of weaponizing narcissism. That’s a spiritual problem. It’s a – it’s a problem of our own kind of — sort of moral crumbling that’s happening in our faces.

Professor Crunk” went on to use the recent death of actor Chadwick Boseman to assert the film Black Panther was a rebuttal to “a cultural project that denies the black humanity every step of the way, when black people are being shot down in the streets, when we’re being told that we are criminals and that our lives are unworthy of protection or care.”

Cooper’s wackiest theory, however, comes from last year — that the concept of time itself is racist. She says people are taught that time is linear, but for black people it “doesn’t exactly work that way.” Or something.

Read the Newsbusters article.

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