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Terror against Israel reveals the critical-theory Left’s true colors


How many times have we heard such statements from the far/critical-theory Left on college campuses when a speaker dares to even slightly challenge their belief system?

This is what conservative pundit Ann Coulter encountered when she showed up at her alma mater Cornell last year. Also last year, a shrink at Yale declared that jokes — jokes! — “can be just as detrimental as physical violence.”

In 2017, a Columbia student said that freedoms enjoyed by Western countries are a “different, yet equally appalling, form of violence” akin to the homophobia extant in less politically enlightened countries.

And four years ago when two professors — one white, one Asian — got into an argument at Williams College, students who witnessed the verbal tryst accused the former of “violence.”

The last example demonstrates how critical theory, intersectionality and grievance have so warped the minds of the last couple  generations: The white professor has “privilege” and thus automatically is an “oppressor.” As such, he’s at fault by default.

This is precisely why no one should take the critical-theory Left seriously. It doesn’t matter if that white professor was totally in the right (because whiteness). It doesn’t matter if Western political systems have given human beings more freedom than ever before (because colonialism).

It doesn’t matter that Jews are among the most persecuted people in history, or that they’ve lived in the area now known as Israel for centuries, or that there was no sovereign nation of “Palestine” prior to Israel’s creation in 1948, or that the Palestinians could finally have had their own nation that same year if they didn’t hate Jews so much.

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And most hilariously (in a macabre sort of way), it doesn’t matter that members of the LGBTQ community would be arrested, beaten and probably killed in an Arab country — they’ll support terror groups that slaughter and butcher women and children because “apartheid” and “colonialism.”


If anything can be considered a positive (for lack of a better term) from this latest radical Islamist slaughter, your average joe has at last been alerted to the utter moral vacuity and insanity of this critical-theory Left. The intellectual pygmies of this group will harangue conservatives about repudiating a peer who’s made an allegedly offensive remark, but they’ll refuse to condemn the heinous, barbaric slaughter of over a thousand innocent people because [insert critical theory word/phrase].

People are waking up, finally. May it continue.

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IMAGES: YouTube; Babylon Bee, Ginny Mobley/X

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