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University dorm offers ‘pet floor’ for dogs, birds, reptiles

Pit bulls are not allowed

A public university recently opened one of its dorm room floors to pets, allowing students to bring furry and feathered friends to live with them on campus.

Edinboro University permits students to bring dogs, cats and rodents to campus if they request it, The Erie Times-News reports. The school’s Lawrence Towers dormitory allows students to bring pets to live in the dorm, so long as they weigh less than 40 pounds and are vaccinated.

“Protective” breeds, such as pit bulls, are not permitted; nor are birds or reptiles. Pets can also be tossed out if they make too much noise.

The school installed “pet-washing stations” in the dorm, The Times-News reports.

The pet option has been moderately popular in its first year, the paper says, although many students did not follow through with the service despite initial interest:

A cat and a pair of rats also number among the six pets so far in residence in Lawrence Towers. Edinboro University launched the pet-friendly floor without much fanfare this fall…The university this year will inform prospective students of the pet-friendly housing option during campus visits and open houses, Wolbert said.

The university expects more furry tenants next semester.

“We had a lot more applications for the floor this fall, but most of the students didn’t follow through with the required paperwork,” [Vice President for Student Affairs Stacie] Wolbert said. “We expect more pets in spring.”

Wolbert also estimates that “about 40 service dogs and emotional support animals also live in university housing.”

“Emotional support” and therapy animals have increased in popularity at some schools in recent years. At Yale, the number of support animals there skyrocketed last year. “Therapy” animals such as horses and llamas are often brought to campus to help students cope with stress during exam times.

Read the Times-News report here.

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