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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When Megan Andelloux comes to campus, no object is off-limits for being sexualized – including a genitalia-themed puppet.

ohmeganThe clinical sexologist and former Planned Parenthood educator, known professionally as “Oh Megan” and a self-described “Sex Ed Warrior Queen,” encouraged Vanderbilt University students to masturbate in their seats even as she spoke during an interactive sex workshop Tuesday on campus.

“Want to Be Brilliant in Bed?” was sponsored by the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center, though Director Rory Dicker emphasized that Andelloux’s views didn’t represent the university’s. It handed out free condoms before the workshop, however.

Andelloux gave Vanderbilt students a female anatomy lesson with “Veronica,” her vagina puppet. She passed around a bottle of lube and encouraged students to taste it, and even instructed them to put their phones on vibrate and stick them between their legs during the presentation.

After opening her presentation with a very sexual video collage, Andelloux offered free condoms and sex toys to those who engaged with her during the workshop.

“Society generally has negative associations with sex. We focus on the disasters,” she told students.

“That’s why I always thought masturbation was so awesome: You’re not going to get an STI [sexually transmitted infection] or get in trouble unless you’re doing it in public,” Andelloux said.

Andelloux makes similar presentations about sexuality on campuses nationwide and is accredited by the American College of Sexologists and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

She led a workshop at the University of Tennessee last year that described an orgasm as a “political act,” as The College Fix reported.

In her Vanderbilt workshop, Andelloux described how she “lives and breathes sexuality.” The presentation covered “lube and masturbation,” “orgasms and ejaculations,” “sexual journey’s [sic],” “consent,” and her self-described personal favorite, “anal play.”


Andelloux did not shy away from graphic details or descriptions of “sexual adventures” throughout her workshop.

She gave a detailed description of berating her “partner” for masturbating in the shower. While a student in the crowd held the “Veronica” puppet, Andelloux showed students how to stimulate and pleasure different parts of the puppet.

Andelloux also expertly demonstrated how to put on a condom using only her mouth, according to a female student who stayed for the entire two-hour workshop and asked not to be named.

That same student said Andelloux, an adjunct instructor at Brown University, shared a story about a Brown female student who came to Andelloux because she had trouble reaching orgasm despite her vast sexual history with men.

According to the student who asked not to be named, Andelloux said she told the young woman at Brown to make a list of men and sexual activities she wanted to try and then reach out to one of them.

The young woman told the man she wanted to go on a “sexual adventure,” and they spent the next month trying activities on her list, after which the young woman reported back on her experiences to Andelloux. One of those was “sticking a pinky in the asshole.”

Andelloux said she’s a fan of such activities because “assholes make everybody equivalent.”


As she told the Vanderbilt Hustler before the workshop, Andelloux wants students to “go on sexual adventures” because they grow up hearing “negative” messages about sex. “Experiment. Try things out before you say, ‘no, that’s not for me.’”

Andelloux gave her raunchy presentation before a nearly full auditorium in the Student Life Center, which has capacity for more than 200 people. Though delayed by more than half an hour, Andelloux held students rapt for more than two hours after she arrived.

Andelloux isn’t just a sex educator or Planned Parenthood alumna. As The Fix has previously reported, she’s also a fan of the macabre.

Her Tumblr page includes photos of a skull, vertebrae and jars that have dead babies inside.

The caption on the post reads: “I love all things medical. Look at all the time that went into making these things so beautiful and well kept. It’s hard to choose the prettiest one.”

College Fix reporter JR Ridley is a student at Vanderbilt University.

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Disturbing details have emerged about that so-called SexEd Warrior Queen who travels the nation teaching college students how to masturbate and reach orgasm, and who also passes out vibrators and butt plugs at her student-fee sponsored speaking engagements.

Mary Lou Byrd at The Washington Free Beacon reports at length on Megan Andelloux, the college sex-ed educator in question, who apparently also is known to screen pornography at some of her sessions and writes some disgusting things on her personal website:

Andelloux’s most popular lectures include Orchestrating Orgasms, Fornication 101 and Get Wet: Understanding the Connection Between Sexual Plesure, Health and Advocacy. Other popular lectures at many colleges include Lube, Vibrators, Sex Toys-Oh My, How Many Licks Does It Take?, and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Orgasms. … She is a popular speaker and was hired for 70 speaking engagements at universities from 2012 to 2013. …

College newspaper reviews of Andelloux’s lectures have noted her inclusion of pornography in her lectures. The Daily Collegian, the student newspaper of the University of Massachusetts, wrote that she showed a “pornographic video” when she spoke there in April. The Scarlet, the college newspaper for Clark University, also reported that pornography was shown during her lecture.

“One of the more shocking moments of the night was when Andelloux presented a video of Betty Dodson, ‘the grandmother of masturbation,’ holding a workshop with a group of middle-aged women who were exploring their genitalia together. The audience was also shocked by an amateur pornography scene in which the female player ejaculates,” the paper reported. …

Andelloux, also known as OHMegan, states that her past work included a stint at Planned Parenthood. However, her Facebook page states she is still affiliated with Planned Parenthood. It says, “Works at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and Planned Parenthood Action.” Her Tumblr page includes photos of a skull, vertebrae and jars that have dead babies.

A caption below reads, “I love all things medical. Look at all the time that went into making these things so beautiful and well kept. It’s hard to choose the prettiest one.”

If that last line doesn’t make your jaw drop, we are not sure what will. This is the same lady who is teaching college students across the nation about sex – with taxpayer dollars and student fees!

There is something really wrong when OhMegan is heralded as the ideal source of information about human sexuality at college campuses nowadays. Some of her upcoming gigs include at Tufts University, Skidmore College, New College of Florida,Wesleyan University, Connecticut College and Barnard College. Perhaps college administrators deserve a few concerned emails regarding this speaker.

Click here to read The Washington Free Beacon’s entire report.

IMAGE: Facebook/Megan Andelloux

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Pop music star Miley Cyrus recently set the nation abuzz with her performance at the MTV music video awards. Apparently the country was aghast to see a scantily clad Millennial thrusting her hips sexually, as if that were a big deal.

The cover of this week’s People magazine includes a picture of Cyrus with her tongue sticking out and the headline: “Miley’s Mayhem: Taking Things Too Far?”

It’s clear from the reaction that average folks have not kept up with the news coming out of college campuses nowadays, because Cyrus’ hip thrusts pale in comparison to today’s university-based antics.

In the last school year alone there’s a parade of examples on which The College Fix has reported that makes Cyrus’ act look like a kiddie-ride at Disneyland:

1. Butt-Chugging 101: The time a bunch of frat boys thought it would be funny to get drunk by ingesting alcohol through their anuses. University of Tennessee, Oct. 2012.

2.‘Incest-fest': The time a bunch of Ivy Leaguers thought it’d be cool to engage in “incest” and host a dorm orgy of sorts in which they’d all make out with their roommates. Harvard University, Nov. 2012

3. Professor Gone Wild: The time a science professor stripped to his underwear in front of his class and then had two ninjas come on stage and behead stuffed-animal lambs while war videos played in the background. Columbia University, Feb. 2013.

4. Masturbation Peek-A-Boo: The time a bunch of college students came up with a creative way to watch each other get off. Swarthmore College, Feb. 2013.

5. College Sex: The time female college students across the nation bragged in campus newspapers about how they like to be spanked, ejaculated on, watch porn and have sex in the school library. 2012-13 school year

6. Tranny Time: The time a devoutly catholic university hosted a drag show that featured an “Asian Glamasaurus” who strut his/her stuff while students nearby prayed the rosary. University of San Diego, May 2013.

7. Prostitution? No Biggie: The time nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Yale University, March 2013.

8. Nudist Colony on Campus: The time college students hosted naked yoga, naked Shakespeare and naked body painting – all in front of a captive audience. Brown University, Sept. 2012.

9. Masturbation in a Church: The time a university hosted a masturbation tutorial for students on the same altar where the holy Eucharist is served. Allegheny College, Feb. 2013.

10. Full-Frontal Vagina: The time a university hosted billboard-sized pictures of vaginas in its quad. University of Cincinnati, March 2013.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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The College Fix presents a roundup of the top scandals, screw-ups, and stupid decisions involving college campuses. February has been a banner month for bad decisions. Let’s jump right in:

3. HEDONISM 101: A student group at Swarthmore College recently formed, for all intents and purposes, to promote group masturbation. The student organizer of the group says it’s not a “masturbation club,” but adds he wouldn’t stop its members from masturbating in front of each other if they’re comfortable with it.

Let’s be real. The “American Masturbatory Theater Company” is what its title implies. One need look no further than the wording of its fliers, posted across campus, which states its goal is to create “a space for creation, exploration, and understanding of intimacy. … To share ourselves and rejoice in the sharing … to cast our names into the fire, to destroy barriers … to experiment towards a sensation of unmediated intimacy, because it is good and beautiful and worthwhile.” In effect, a call to hedonism.

What’s worse is that this club doesn’t seem to be raising any concerns, if a general lack of mainstream media coverage on the group is any indication. But this shouldn’t be a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge – college students will be college students” situation. It’s morally offensive. Not the masturbation part per se – but the student orgy undertone and whatever-feels-good-do-it mantra is off the charts.

CLICK HERE to read more about the “American Masturbatory Theater Company.”

2. NUTTY  PROFESSORS: Two examples emerged this month that exposed how extreme and bizarre professors can be. Remember folks, the following are just two examples caught on film. It’s the only way we are truly able to peek into major college campuses and get a raw and honest glimpse of what is often going on therein.

Exhibit A: An Ohio State professor likens Republicans to apes and advises students that in order for females to achieve gender equality they need to start killing more people. Seriously.

Exhibit B: A science professor at Columbia University began a lecture by stripping into his boxers and eating a banana while rap music played in the background. As the professor sat in the fetal position, two “actors” dressed in ninja costumes walked onstage and placed white stuffed animals – lambs – on stools before the audience. The ninjas blindfolded the lambs, then a ninja impaled one of the stuffed animals with a long sword and banged it against the stool – right as an image of a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers on 9/11 started rolling on a large screen behind the performance. It was the start of a long and graphic series of disturbing war images played on screen.

Post a comment to weigh in on who gets top Nutty Professor billing.

1. PORN ON CAMPUS: On Feb. 8, Washington University in St. Louis hosted a panel of porn stars who talked to students about what it’s like to work in the industry, and spoke on their most interesting sexual experiences, among other topics. The event was designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the pornography business, or for those who just wanted to see their favorite porn stars up close and personal.

In mid-February, as part of the University of Chicago’s inaugural “sex week,” the school flew in Axel Braun, the director of more than 400 pornographic films, for a Q-and-A. The school also screened one of his films, “Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody.”

To borrow a phrase, “The Porning of America” is alive and well at college campuses. The sad thing is: pornography is highly insulting and degrading to women; it ruins the sanctity and specialness of sexual intercourse; it desensitizes couples’ intimate experiences; it creates unrealistic expectations; it causes people to seek more and more sexual extremes in the bedroom; it has millions of men and women in an addictive vice grip; it’s filth passed off as normal.

Truly, the list goes on and on. Administrators at Washington University in St. Louis and University of Chicago should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for normalizing and promoting such smut.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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MEADVILLE – Allegheny College’s Ford Memorial Chapel was transformed into a boudoir of sorts Wednesday night, as professional sex educators advised students in attendance how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm in what was billed as an educational seminar.

The chapel, built and dedicated in 1902, is where Catholic mass and non-denominational services are conducted every week at the private liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania. But all that took a back pew to Wednesday’s festivities, dubbed “I Heart the Female Orgasm” and hosted by a variety of student groups on campus.

The two sex educators, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, talked students through a variety of masturbation techniques during the event.

“Sometimes it can be difficult finding your G spot by yourself, because it involves inserting a finger or fingers inside the vagina into the front wall of the body, and that kind of results in an awkward, kind of clawlike hand position,” Weinberg said, demonstrating with a pawing motion as the audience giggled. “Obviously, there are better ways you can position your body. Or if you’ve got a partner, you can get your partner to insert their finger or fingers inside your vagina in the front wall of your body in a sort of a J curve.”

Miller also weighed in, noting “some (women) find that if they change the angle or position, they can find some way of rubbing against their partner’s body, against the base of his penis or pubic bone, and with rubbing to have enough stimulation to orgasm in intercourse.”

In statements to The College Fix, the college’s chaplain defended the event’s location, calling its theme “responsible,” and a campus spokesperson said it offered a “great message.”

While the chapel is hosting services in conjunction with Lent, on Wednesday the building turned into a sexual marketplace of sorts, as student groups sold buttons, t-shirts and hats bearing the program’s name inside the chapel itself after the event concluded. They also sold the book written by program coordinators Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot titled “I Heart Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide.”

Meanwhile, the sex educators had also told students masturbation is not a sin.

“Some people figure out masturbation and orgasm as teenagers, some people figure it out later than that,” said Weinberg, describing her lifelong fascination with pleasuring herself. “And some people figure it out earlier than that. Like preschool age. I was part of that last category.”

Weinberg also weighed in on a portion of the Book of Genesis in regard to masturbation.

“So this primary anti-masturbation story is about this guy, Onan. … And Onan refused to sleep with his brother’s wife, so he spilled his seed on the ground — that’s how it’s defined — and for that, God struck him dead,” she said.

But Weinberg said she believes that because Biblical scholars debate the exact meanings of many portions of the Bible, it permits a wide variety of sexual activity.

“A lot of Bible scholars say that’s the primary anti-masturbation story, but I don’t really see it,” she continued. “Onan wasn’t struck dead for masturbating. He was struck down for not sleeping with his brother’s wife. So the masturbation wasn’t the sin. So obviously, you know, the Bible is something that is interpreted in a lot of different ways.”

During the event, Weinberg and Miller played the famous fake orgasm scene from “When Harry Met Sally” on a projected screen, and also displayed different anatomical diagrams depicting women’s genitals.

“If you’ve got a vagina, your genitals are tucked pretty neatly inside your body. It’s a pretty handy place to keep one’s genitals, really. But because of this, many heterosexual women have never seen another woman’s vagina or vulva,” Weinberg said. “If you’ve got cool dangly parts down there, if you’re voluptuous, if one side’s longer than the other, if your va-jay-jay’s got some character, some personality, it’s not a sign that you’re abnormal and deformed. It’s a sign that you’re a healthy adult woman.”

Weinberg later held up two books titled I’ll Show You Mine and Petals, encouraging students to flip through them after the program: “We’ve got two amazing books up here with pages and pages of art photographs of vaginas and vulvas.”

The event was hosted by Allegheny’s student government and Allegheny College’s Reproductive Health Coalition, along with Young Feminists and Queers and Allies. It was funded by student activities fees.

Student reaction to the seminar was mixed.

One Christian student, Shannon McAvinchey, 20, said the school’s student government supported Christian groups on campus and were not trying to intentionally offend Christian students by hosting the event in the chapel. At the same time, however, she said some students’ attitudes towards Christians troubled her.

“I guess what frustrates me most is when you say you’re a Christian, your views are automatically not so much disrespected as dismissed,” McAvinchey said.

Other students, however, were excited on their way to the chapel, chatting and laughing happily.

“I have needs!” one girl said.

“I have condoms! Jesus!” her friend shrieked.

Officials at the college took a blasé attitude toward the event.

Chaplain Jane Ellen Nickel, who conducts non-denominational Christian services each Sunday and manages the office of Spiritual and Religious Life, said in an email to The College Fix that she saw nothing wrong with the event, and hoped students would feel comfortable attending a religious service there later.

“I don’t have a problem with it being held in the chapel. The program advocates responsible, respectful decision-making regarding sexual behavior, and includes the option waiting for marriage, a message that resonates with many students of faith. While the name may have some shock value, the event itself is consistent with our policy of opening the building to campus groups. We would love it if students at such an event experience the chapel as a welcoming space, and then feel encouraged to attend a religious service or program.”

Another campus administrator told The College Fix he had no problem with the event’s location.

“They have a great message about caring relationships,” said Dean of Students Joe DiChristina in an e-mail. “I appreciated their approach.”

Fix contributor Katie McHugh is a student at Allegheny College.

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IMAGE: Allegheny College Ford Memorial Chapel

Field trips to the local safe sex store, dental dam demonstrations, watching BDSM documentaries and discussions on sexual fetishes are some of the ways students involved in the University of Michigan’s eclectic Residential College’s Sexual Health forum can earn academic credit.

The Residential College is an undergraduate program within the university’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Billed as an on-campus “living learning community,” the Residential College offers small classes sizes, emphasizes student participation, and touts hands-on learning opportunities.

Its student forums are meant to offer a venue to “connect over topics of interest while contributing to the various communities that surround them,” the campus website states. Students in the sex health forum, as well as the other forums the college offers, can earn credit toward graduation, it adds.

The sexual health forum promises a “safe environment to dialogue about topics ranging from basic anatomy to sexual taboos,” its official description on the University of Michigan’s website states.

“Our forum seeks to promote the importance of sexual health and wellbeing in the Residential College community,” it states. “In the past, we have put on variety shows, has movie screenings, hosted guest speakers and the popular ‘gender panel.’ If there are any questions about sex that you’ve always wanted answered, there has never been a more comfortable and fun space to ask.”

But more specific details about exactly what goes on during the 7-year-old forum’s weekly one-hour gatherings came to light this week in an article published in The Michigan Daily student newspaper.

Students call it the Sex Forum, sans the health adjective. It’s led by a sophomore and discussions on masturbation, BDSM and sexual fetishes are not uncommon, the paper reported.

“The group educates its members on contraceptives and safe sex practices, often using demonstrative condoms and dental dams,” the article states. “There are also occasional field trips to Ann Arbor’s Safe Sex Store. … An upcoming meeting will discuss rape, hook-up and college sex cultures. In the past, the group has watched documentaries on various topics including BDSM as well as videos in the media that portray gender roles unfairly.”

In another activity the group engages in, called a gender panel, male students ask female students personal questions about sex anonymously, and vice-versa.

“(It included) a bunch of very sexual questions that I feel like a lot people — especially young people — think about but have essentially no outlet to find an answer and then have educated peers to receive the opinions of,” the group’s sophomore student leader told the newspaper.

And then there’s the condoms. Lots and lots of condoms.

“With less-somber topics, it’s common to keep the environment light — cue decorative condoms,” the Michigan Daily notes. “Last semester, the group made pins out of condoms decorated with magazine pictures for backpack decoration.”

Additional Residential College student forums, all of which earn students credit, include ones that are focused on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer community and community organizing and social injustice. Forums on poetry, art, music, books and music are also offered.

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