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Not even 15% of Duke freshmen are conservative

Few Duke University freshmen consider themselves conservatives.

The Chronicle’s survey of the class of 2027 found 9.64 percent say they are “somewhat conservative” and 4.64 percent call themselves “very conservative.”

By contrast, “22.50% of respondents identified as very liberal [and] 35.71% as somewhat liberal,” the student newspaper reported.

There is also a gender imbalance, with females making up about 61 percent of the freshmen class.

LGBT identification is relatively low among Duke’s freshmen, where 75 percent say they are heterosexual. About 15 percent say they are bisexual, gay, or asexual.

Students are roughly split between considering themselves religious or not religious.

The liberal imbalance mirrors other similar results at elite universities.

-The Princeton University student newspaper has more asexual students than “very right wing” members

-Less than 10 percent of law professors are conservative

Numerous analyses by The College Fix found conservative professors are few and far between on many campuses

-A survey of Yale students found conservative views are not welcome

The Harvard Crimson, the elite university’s student newspaper, said the lack of conservative professors on campus is not a problem.

While just one percent of professors are conservative, this is not concerning to the editorial board, according to a 2022 opinion piece. The editorial board wrote, despite numerous examples to the contrary, that there was “little evidence” conservative views were being suppressed.

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