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The College Fix’s top 10 most read stories of 2023

It was another busy year at The College Fix. There is never a dull moment in higher education and trying to keep up with campus craziness often feels like drinking from a firehose.

Over the last 12 months, in addition to outrageous stories that made jaws drop, the recent spate of extreme antisemitism on colleges and universities, and the nearly 20 campus hate crime hoaxes we’ve covered, we also chronicled stories that struck a nerve with the masses for a variety of reasons.

Here are the most read articles on The Fix in 2023:

A debate on DEI will be held at MIT. The university’s DEI deans refuse to participate.
In March, we reported on a debate focused on DEI hosted by the MIT Adam Smith Society and MIT Free Speech Alliance. The organizers proposed the question “Should academic DEI programs be abolished” and asked nearly 100 MIT scholars to defend DEI publicly. None of them would. … Read more

Georgetown, oldest Catholic university in U.S., erects large mosque on campus
In May, we flagged the fact that one of the nation’s most revered Catholic universities in America is embracing Islam. Georgetown University didn’t just provide space for Muslims, the school built the Yarrow Mamout Masjid, “the first mosque with ablution stations, a spirituality and formation hall and a halal kitchen on a U.S. college campus.” … Read more

Heather Mac Donald challenges BLM student protesters in tense talk at Berkeley Law
No one can drop truth bombs quite like Heather Mac Donald. In a talk at UC Berkeley in September, the best-selling conservative author refused to mince words as she was aggressively questioned by protesters. “If I believe that blacks can never compete, I would say, yeah, we’ve got to lower standards, because that’s the only hope for getting diverse institutions. In fact, I believe that if we held … high expectations that blacks would successfully compete,” Mac Donald told the hostile crowd. … Read more

I told my peers men cannot have babies. They’ve threatened to kill me because of it.
With the death threats, doxxing, and vitriol thrown at every turn, it’s tough being a pro-life conservative on campus these days. In March, William & Mary university student Skylar Culbertson shared her story with College Fix readers. “I’ve been censored from showing pictures of the reality of abortion at on-campus events. Our student pro-life group has seen our flyers routinely torn down and vandalized and even had urine thrown at us.” … Read more

The Bidens want ‘all books’ available to students, so I got the D.C. library to buy Tara Reade’s memoir
This was a fun one for The College Fix and Associate Editor Matt Lamb. It’s calling the left’s bluff. Lamb personally took up First Lady Jill Biden’s statement that “all books” belong in libraries. So Lamb agreed, including a book by Tara Reade, who accused the president of sexually assaulting her in “Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In.” … Read more

Black Marxist scholar who supports reparations finds out she descends from slave owner
Oh, the irony. Professor Angela Davis is an avowed communist and supporter of reparations. A member of the Black Panthers, she is best known for her support for prison abolition and other leftist agenda items. So it came as quite the shock to Davis that she is a descendant of a slave owner. … Read more

Canceled: Washington & Lee University removes plaque honoring Robert E. Lee’s horse
This is a case of a picture is worth 1,000 words. We had the before-and-after receipts of this Washington & Lee University decision to strip a memorial … to a horse. The story quickly went viral, complete with puns, like the school not only canceled General Lee — but the horse he rode on in. … Read more

Home appraiser countersues professors who accused him of racism
As The College Fix reported in February, a white home appraiser accused of racism by two black Johns Hopkins University professors hit back at the allegations with a countersuit. “Dr. Connolly and Dr. Mott’s ill-conceived ‘experiment’ involving different appraisers, a seven-month gap, and intervening changes in market conditions would not withstand even basic scrutiny in the serious academic environment in which they work.” … Read more

Adjunct who failed student for using term ‘biological women’ confirms story, plays the victim
Remember the University of Cincinnati student who was given a zero for using the term “biological women” on a paper about trans athletes competing in women’s sports? Yep, it’s that story. … Read more

Black students call white people ‘maggots’ and ‘vermin’ in multi-university group chat
If the roles were reversed, this would have been a national story. Thanks to The College Fix, it still was. … Read more

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