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Another kid tarred for ‘blackface,’ this time by anti-white, anti-trans sports writer

Where’s the LGBTQ community? Writer said men in drag ‘pretend,’ are ‘not women’

One of the big scuttlebutts on social media this past week was a sports writer from Deadspin going after a nine-year-old boy in attendance at Sunday’s Chiefs-Raiders game who wore a Native American headdress and face paint.

Carron Phillips (pictured), who used to write for my local paper (now known as Delaware Online), pulled a Principal Jeff Luna of San Diego’s Muirlands Middle School: In this case, he accused the young Chiefs fan of “disrespect[ing] two groups of people at once.”

That’d be Native Americans and black Americans.

“It was as if Jon Gruden’s emails had come to life,” wrote Phillips of the youth. “Why did the camera person give this fan the attention? Why did the producer allow that camera angle to be aired at all? Is that fan a kid/teenager or a young adult? Despite their age, who taught that person that what they were wearing was appropriate?”

For Phillips, the issue isn’t just “poor” parenting, it’s what happens when you allow those dastardly right-wingers to “ban” books and criticize critical race theory. Naturally.

He concludes in part by claiming the photo of the boy on the internet “is beyond a bad look for a league, while simultaneously being what should be expected from the NFL.”

Yeah, sorry pal, but the only “bad look” here is a journalist putting a national spotlight on a little boy who was just there cheering on his team. Deadspin even chose to highlight the kid with only the black side of his face (pictured).

In response to those calling him out on his nonsense, Phillips tweeted “For the idiots in my mentions who are treating this as some harmless act because the other side of his face was painted red, I could make the argument that it makes it even worse. Y’all are the ones who hate Mexicans but wear sombreros on Cinco.”

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Of course, he didn’t allow comments on the now-deleted thread, brave guy that he is.

Phillips doubled down even further after it was revealed the boy has a Native American background, retweeting a statement from the Native band with whom the boy apparently is associated: it “does not endorse wearing regalia as part of a costume or participating in any other type of cultural appropriation.”

Hilarious. How can it be cultural appropriation if the person is the culture?

Twitterites soon after dug up some of Phillips’ anti-white demagoguery; after the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY in 2022, a Phillips Deadspin article was titled “White fans were entertained by Black athletes a day after a racist killed Black people in Buffalo — this is what white supremacy looks like.”

In 2016, Phillips tweeted he’s from Michigan and has “spent a LOT of time in Flint.” He then added that the increased number of white people in the town was “concerning.”

During his tenure at Delaware Online, Phillips mainly covered the local sports scene but occasionally branched out into the op-ed realm. In 2015, he wrote about “transracial” Rachel Dolezal in an article titled “Using black face to help black people only hurts.”

Longtime College Fix readers are familiar with Dolezal, but the interesting thing about Phillips’ piece isn’t this particular white woman who identifies as black — it’s what he uses to chastise Dolezal:

Using blackface to help black people doesn’t help. It only hurts.

For instance, if a smart and wealthy man wanted to use his resources to become an advocate for pro-choice, there are plenty of women who would welcome his help for the cause.

But, if that same man disguised himself in drag, and pretended to be a woman by living out stereotypes, his work would be discredited once the truth came out.


Because he isn’t a woman. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be one. He can’t carry the burden that women have had to deal with since the beginning of time. He doesn’t have that right.

We’ve know progressives won’t call out Phillips for his anti-whiteness because in their ideological world there can be no racism against whites. Power differentials, past oppression, blah blah blah.

But what about his blatant transphobia? “Pretended to be a woman”? “He isn’t a woman”?? 

How often have liberals lost their marbles over such pronouncements? Prominent evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins was accused of such just for saying “sex is binary.” A domestic violence fundraiser at Columbia was canceled due to perceived transphobia. And the University of British Columbia was banned from a gay pride parade because it allowed alleged transphobic speakers a forum on its campus.

At any rate, look on the bright side, Carron — maybe Deadspin can do a cheesy fashion photo spread about you like your old First State gig once did.

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IMAGES: Carron Phillips, End Wokeness/X

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