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‘Anti-racism’ should be called ‘retributive justice’

Why are ‘anti-racist’ leaders such jerks?

It seems Down Under has the same problem as us Yanks in North America: alleged “anti-racism” scholars who in reality peddle racial hate.

An anti-Israel social justice activist who runs the “anti-racist” consulting firm Hue — and has a contract with Australia’s Human Rights Commission — was discovered to have doxxed some 600 Jewish individuals.

Those targeted got death threats, had their families harassed, and were sent swastikas, among other things.

Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg, who’s Jewish, allegedly had posted “leaked transcripts and names, professions and photographs” to an Instagram tab titled “Zio Receipts” (get it?).

“To her 8000 followers, [Tuet-Rosenberg] ­disseminated links to the leaked transcripts and members, which included teachers, librarians and university professionals” urging them to “let these f..king Zionists know no f..king peace,” The Australian reported.

Tuet-Rosenberg had written “’Zimbos’ maintained their positions due to other Zionists ‘in management’, calling them ‘genocidal fascists’ who had moved ‘too deep into fascism’ to reason with.”

Hilariously, Hue’s program for the Australian Human Rights Commission “is ­designed to ‘increase awareness of racism and give Australians the tools to address it.’”

According to its website, Hue was created “in response to a desperate need for training that challenged systems of oppression and the underlying issues that detrimentally impact people of colour in Australia.”

Tuet-Rosenberg (pictured) is featured prominently on the site.

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Hue’s workshops include “101: Understanding Race & Racism,” “POC: Power & Resilience,” “Deconstructing Whiteness,” and “Navigating Whiteness in the Workplace.” Its high school “Anti-Racism Kit” begins with an “Acknowledgment of Country” which says Australia “was stolen” and its sovereignty “never ceded.”

The question is, and remains: Why are alleged “experts” of “anti-racism” such jerks?

Recall last summer when the head of a Canadian “anti-racist” group allegedly racially bullied a school principal into committing suicide? And the advisor to the University of Michigan’s Anti-Racism Commission who said white people were “colonizing” and “oppressing” a campus multicultural center?

Remember the University of Tennessee-Knoxville College of Social Work training which referred to person-of-color “affinity” groups as “magical” — because white people weren’t in attendance? And the Princeton Theological Seminary’s mandatory “anti-racism” training which said whiteness is a “structural sin”?

And what about the U. Kentucky “anti-racism” session which “taught” assorted school officials to accept their “white inferiority”?

Most recently, teachers in a Tennessee school district had to endure a DEI training in which white participants “had to say they were ‘aware’ of their ‘white privilege.'” An outfit called Arrowhead Consulting got $3,000 of taxpayer funds to peddle this stuff.

All this doesn’t even touch the racial lunacy of people like Ibram Kendi, Robin DiAngelo and Glenn Singleton. Kendi, arguably the most popular, denounced Second Amendment rights as the “freedom to enslave,” worried that his daughter’s blue-eyed doll meant she had already succumbed to “white superiority,” and referred to whites who adopt black children as “colonizers.”

Also, remember what happened to a school administrator who took issue with Singleton’s program (and don’t forget yours truly).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Tuet-Rosenbergs, Kendis, DiAngelos, et. al. are not really interested in racial and social justice but retributive justice — vengeance, if you will. As long as people — mainly white and black far-leftists — keep taking them seriously, true racial progress will remain elusive.

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