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No, YOU please don’t teach!

What is it with contemporary teachers and their goofy videos?

A month ago some of them apparently thought they’d get sympathy for not wanting to return to the classroom until it was COVID “safe” (which is eerily said throughout the recording) by doing interpretive dances.

This past week, an equally wacky video made the social media circuit. It features what appears to be an elementary educator advising prospective teachers via song (to the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It”) not to go into the profession … if they do not believe in white privilege and systemic racism:



Yours truly consulted The College Fix Alternative Lyrics Library (and fellow editor Greg Piper) and came up with some substitute verses better suited for our readership:

If you clap for Ibram Kendi please don’t teach,
If you believe in white fragility please don’t teach,
If anti-racism supplants knowledge, and that’s why you went to college,
Don’t step anywhere near a school and please don’t teach.

If you’re pushing your agenda please don’t teach,
If you’re trashing half your students please don’t teach,
If your number’s 1619, then get away from the Zoom screen,
Keep your CRT to yourself and please don’t teach.

If you think that math is racist please don’t teach,
If you claim that words are violence please don’t teach,
If you want an “honest conversations” but balk at varying reactions,
Don’t dare lead any inservices and please don’t teach.

If the union is your god then please don’t teach,
If your “science” picks and chooses please don’t teach,
If you like to mock kids’ parents, and you foster big resentments,
Then find something else to do and PLEASE DON’T TEACH.

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IMAGE & VIDEO: Jesse Kelly / Twitter

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