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Higher ed’s hypocrisy fully exposed for refusal to condemn calls to eradicate Jews

In this past Tuesday’s shocking testimonies before lawmakers, the presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT hemmed and hawed over whether advocating the genocide of Jews constituted bullying or harassment under their campus policies.

While Presidents Claudine Gay, Liz Magill and Sally Kornbluth do have a point about the nitty gritty of the First Amendment regarding “incitement,” that really isn’t the issue. The point is these presidents’ — and their universities’ — brazen hypocrisy.

Over the years, The College Fix has chronicled dozens of examples of people at Harvard, Penn and MIT who have been canceled for far lesser offenses than screaming “death to Israel.”

Human rights lawyer Hillel Neuer put it in a nutshell: “On Ivy League campuses today, if you cried out ‘All blacks must die,’ you’d be suspended & canceled. If you cried out ‘All LGBTQ people must die,’ you’d be suspended & canceled. If you cried out ‘All Jews must die,’ the university presidents will need to know about the context.”

For instance, Harvard canceled an appearance by philosopher Devin Buckley due to her opinions on transgenderism. And she wasn’t even going to speak about that — her discussion topic was British romanticism.

How about the black Harvard professor who challenged claims regarding racial bias by police in the use of force? Or the Harvard law professor who chose to defend Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein? Both canceled.

Ditto Harvard instructor David Kane who dared to invite Charles Murray to speak to his class and challenged racial progressive conventional wisdom. He was driven off the Kremlin on the Charles.

Over at MIT, a recent “LGBTQ training” declared someone who uses a transgender person’s birth name instead of their new name has committed a “violent act.” That’s right, using someone’s birth name is “violence,” but advocating an actual violent act — the annihilation of an entire people — well, that depends on the “context.”

Also a MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research Board of Directors member resigned after being accused of racism merely for expressing concerns about Chinese government spying. An MIT chaplain was also forced to resign for bringing up George Floyd’s criminal record.

One of MIT’s most infamous cancelations is when the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences canceled a professor’s lecture because he had dared to criticize campus DEI.


There are many similar instances in Penn’s case, but one really need go no further than how it has treated Professor Amy Wax. Last year, the dean of its law school called for a “major sanction,” including possible termination, against Wax for her alleged “incessant racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic actions and statements.”

Most recently, black Penn law students repeated their demand that the university fire Wax. They said that Wax’s second invitation of white nationalist Jared Taylor to speak to her class amounted to the law school “normaliz[ing] a culture of white supremacy.”

Given Penn President Magill’s performance in front of lawmakers, can we similarly conclude Penn is normalizing a culture of antisemitism?

The bottom line is that Gay, Magill and Kornbluth are phonies, as are the campus far-leftists who now are concerned about free speech to protect one of their precious “oppressed” groups, Palestinians.

For many more examples beyond Harvard, Penn, and MIT, check out The College Fix’s Campus Cancel Culture Database.

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